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so before we get started with any of theside loading of retro arch onto our fire stick there’s a couple of things Isuggest that you pick up before you start this project that both make it alittle bit easier and a little aesthetically pleasing first thing isone of these OTG adapters they come in both left and right angles but theysimply plug into the micro USB port there where the power would normally goin the fire stick now this gives you USB expansion possibilities allowing you toput an external hard drive or USB stick that way you can load all the games youwant and not have to worry about filling up the fire sticks internal memoryanother thing that pairs exceptionally well with this is a very smallform-factor USB hard drive this is 128 gigabytes it’s about the size of a dimeplugs into that USB port right there and it doesn’t stick out a whole heck of alot very simple you still have your power and everythingthat you connect there and then you’re ready to go so highly recommend checkingout both of those products I’ll put product links down the videodescription box below but let’s go ahead and go to our computer and get startedon getting the retroarch application alright so there’s a couple things weneed to do on our computers whether it be a Mac or a PC first and foremostbefore we get started on the fire stick in the arcade cabinet so first thingsfirst we need to download retroarch and that’s very simple we just going to goto Russia larches website and come over here to the download tabscroll down to the bottom and see the android logo and you’re going to clickon this one that says download don’t worry about the 64 the 32-bit just clickon the download one I’ve already went ahead and downloaded it you see it downthere and then I’m going to put it on my USB stick now it is important that myUSB stick is formatted to fat32 as long as you’ve got that you should begood to utilize any USB stick you like we’re going to go ahead and put theretroarch onto my USB stick and also I’ve already pre-loaded the roms I wantto play on this USB stick because we all need to be accessing those gamesdirectly from the USB through the fire stick once that’s all up and runningwe’re ready to go we can go back over to the arcade and the fire stick nowalright here’s a quick summarization of everythingyou should have done up to this point it’s allow you to get started on this soyou need to have already went over to your settings your my fire TV yourdeveloper options and you should have turned these two on if they were notjust go ahead and flip them that allows you to download certain applicationsfrom the App Store that Amazon would normally block go back to our homescreen you also should have downloaded the downloader application if you needto find that just go to your spyglass type in downloader it’s the first thingthat pops up we also need to have have retroarch installed we did thatpreviously we but retroarch on a USB drive put the USB Drive on OTG adapterallowing us to expand the storage capabilities of our fire stick and thenwe’ve plugged that all in and I’ve already went ahead and paired viabluetooth to control deck with the fire stick if you need to know how to do thatagain please refer to a previous video I’ll put a link down that video in thedescription box below but let’s go ahead and get yes file manager one quirkything about this is if you try to do it normally and you go in here and yousearch for the file manager just ES File Explorer it pops up and normally you’dsay good great-grand I’ll just download this and be good to go well there’s onecaveat because this file manager and the people that run this company wellthey’ve got a little greedy lately they’ve been charging now a required$9.

99 to use this application and quite frankly I don’t think that’s fair to askyou guys to pay $9.

99 to use this application so I’m going to show you aworkaround to allow you to get this software for free of charge you’rewelcome in advance so when I go back back back and we’re going to go to ourdownloader application I’m going to open it up and you’re going to go to aspecific website and I’ll put it up here real quick and once you go to this website we’regonna come over here and we’re gonna hit go it’s gonna take us to the website andit’s gonna start to download the file that we need go ahead and speed throughthis process you don’t have to wait on the download all right so the downloadis done so now we just need to hit install and the app is installed sowe’re gonna go over to hit open so one thing I’m not the biggest fan on thissoftware application granted it’s free but when you’re trying to navigatethrough the menu and everything it’s a little bit hard to see what it’sselected because it doesn’t really do a good job of highlighting the icons butwe’re going to come down to local and we’re going to find our USB depending onwhat yours is called you’ll have to select it that way mine I know is thisnine to nine six I’m gonna select it and I’m going to come over and try tohighlight my retroarch this is again where I say it struggles to highlightthe icons very well there we go I’m gonna go to retroarch and select itagain you can select this with your joysticks and your control or yourremote however you see fit whatever is easiest for you to navigate openingretroarch I’m going to come over and click install again very hard to see butI’m on the install it’s like to install and it is ready so now we’re gonna hitopen it says yes yes this is allowing it to access the USB stick that we haveit’s going to go through its thing all right we are on the retroarch main menunow if you’ve ever played a Playstation this should look very familiar becauseit looks almost identical to the PlayStation home screen but go ahead andtweak some of the settings to get the most optimized experience from our firestick with the legends ultimate arcade camera so I’m gonna use my joystick oryou can still use the remote at this point they’re both paired but I’m goingto use my joystick preferably I’m gonna come over to the settings and I’m comedown to the user interface I’m going to come whoopsto appearance and I’m going to find the menu shader pipeline ribbon simplifiednow this is the nice little waving effect we have in the background I’mgoing to turn this off just so it frees up some GPU and CPU and allows the firestick to have a little more oomph when it’s running games so to turn it off I’mgonna hit left on the joystick and as you can see it turns it off so now I’mgonna hit back because I don’t need that anymore it back againand I’m gonna come up and I’m going to go to input so for input as you can tellit’s already kind of mapped some of my keys but specifically depending on whatconsoles and games and systems you’re trying to play you’ll want toreconfigure your inputs so one of the first things you’ll want to do is comedown here to hotkey binds and you’re gonna find menu toggle gamepad combo nowwhat this is is that commands you want to do when you want to back out of thegame or the system you’re playing so we’re gonna select this me personally Iwant the start and select to be the two buttons I’ve pushed to back out of mygame you can do this however you want there’s lots of options but this is whatI’m personally gonna go with is start and select now I’ve got that I’m gonnahit back and now for controller 1 I’m going to go to my port binds now you canpair Bluetooth controllers game pads with retroarch and the fire stick andplay games like that but again we’re going to focus on the legendin our cave cabinet and the control decks specifically so port one binds I’mgoing to select it hit a and I’m going to come down to my inputs now dependingon what consoles again you’re playing you will want to change this completelybut specifically we’re going to kind of play some retro games and PlayStationgames and for the most part all of them will be fine if I map it similar to thePlayStation button layout so B button I’m not gonna hit B I’m just gonna hit aand I’m gonna map my a and the bottom B on the right X on the left and Y on thetop and that’s really gonna be my button control but how I do this is I’m gonnahit the button and it’s gonna ask me to hold an input so I’m a it’s gonna ask mefor an input I’m gonna hit a again and now it’s taking my input for the Ybutton I’m gonna hit a to start my input and I’m gonna hit my X button becauseagain I’m kind of mapping them out similar to the PlayStation buttoncontrol scheme select button I’m gonna hit my rewind button because it’s closeto my Start button my Start button I’m gonna hit the player one start and so onand so forth for all my controls all right now that we have our controlsdialed in and set the way we want them to I’m going to go down to configurationfile and I’m going to save current configuration it’s also going to save itevery time I back out of retroarch so it should be good moving forward once thatbeen I’m now free to select my cores I’m going to go to load core and the core isessentially are the emulators themselves I’m going to go to downloaded core andas you can see we’ve got loads and loads of cores now not all of them are goingto be you know compatible with the fire stick the vast majority of these aremost of the retro systems will play flawlessly arcade games you’re going towant to use cores from MAME 2010 and under you don’t want to use 2015 or 2016because you’re gonna experience lots of gameplay issues final burn alpha isgonna work great for the most part said all these retro systems are gonna waitreally well Nintendo 64 is playable but it’s not thebest experience ideally if you want to play Nintendo 64 games yes you can do itthrough retroarch but there’s also some Android specific applications that youcan download to the fire stick they’re specific to Nintendo 64 something likemoopan and there’s also a Dreamcast one I believe called rheya cast that’sbetter suited for playing Dreamcast games than trying to play them throughretroarch just my opinion but you’re gonna find whatever core emulator youprefer to use for the systems of your choice and you’re going to select themand download them so all you do is highlight it downloads it really quickand you’re good to go hit back now we need to load our gamesand this is done in many ways you can do this all in one or you can do it one ata time all in one obviously is going to be most people’s preference so I’m comeover here I’m gonna go to scan directory select it going to go to storage andwe’re gonna find our USB stick whatever it’s named mine’s named weird I knowit’s this 9 numbered one so I’m gonna select it I’ve already got a file folderon my USB stick called roms and I’m going to find the applicable system thatI want to load games for so we’ll do gameboy color scan this directory thesame thing mega drive and you should do that one by one and once you’re doneyou’ll notice on your home screen it is found some of your games does this nicebeautifully I’m very impressed with it downloads boxartautomatically depending on how you’ve got your files named and labeled andstructured and you can also load games individually so we can go to loadcontent find our storage folder our USB stick whatever roms we’re looking for solet’s say I want to play a PlayStation 1 game let’s play rampage I’m going to usethe PlayStation rearmed core my emulator of choice for PlayStation 1 games andthere we have it we’re up and running good old Ruby probably the most evenkill turd statistics on this game and I don’t want to don’t want to see thescreen I already know the story we had a we got two free of the characters but noframes skip needed here this games running great playstation one titles aregoing to run for the most part obviously i haven’t played every single one ofthem but I really haven’t played any of that gave me too much of an issue withthis rearmed emulator core oh definitely it’s something I didn’tdidn’t like there and back out which closed the content all right so we have Tekken 6 up andrunning I’ll go ahead and show you what it looks likethis is one of those games that we will have to probably turn on frame skip justbecause it’s a pretty powerful game but a little too powerful for the fire stickas it is but with frame skip enabled it at least makes it playable so fareverything’s looking good but yeah there we go on the game starts you can reallykind of hear the sound sitting and the speed is off so how we can fix thatwe’re gonna hit our Select and start buttons come to our menu here and godown to options and we’re going to turn frame skip onto one frame skip type toone and then we’re going to it back and we’re going to resume and see if thatdoes any better we go well it’s not perfect at leastmakes the game playable and again depending on what games you’re reallytrying to play you may or may not have to do that entirely it just really kindof depends on how demanding a PlayStation Portable title you’re tryingto play and I just got speared by a robot and he’s gonna get me he’s gonnaget me okay finally that much health left roundhouse to the face for you andit gives me one back nice little retaliation and it’s gonnajuggle me and I miss my juggle this is just a back and forth here just tradingblows and there we have it it’s Tekken 6 PSPrunning on the Amazon fire stick but again all sorts of different systemsgames are available it’s just a matter of loading them on here very simpleprocess very powerful system I’m very impressed with it overall and this is agreat opportunity if you want to play loads and loads of games and you don’twant to go the Raspberry Pi or the Odroid route so and that does it fortoday’s tutorial if you found the content helpful make sure you give herthat orange cassadee thumbs up share the video with your friends help them outalso if you’re new to this channel make sure you subscribe hit that notificationbell so you’d be the first to know every time I upload more great content likethis and as always thanks for watching guys it really means a lot.



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