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Alexa play the flash okay what is upguys its Dapper Dop back with another video for you and today would beanswering the question is the amazon firetv cube really worth it let’s findout so giving it a once-over you’ve got a glossy finish around all foursides and then on the

top you’ve got a different type of plastic with the mostpointless four buttons that you could possibly have it doesn’t really make anysense since it’s a hands-free device and that’s the way they push it at least soyou use your voice to do all the commands and then also on

the remotethere’s a mic so yeah it doesn’t really make sense also you’ve got an LEDindicator just like all of the other Amazon echo devices if you own one thenyou’ll know it lights up blue and green so yeah that’s really nice also you’vegot eight microphones on the top that

actually worked fairly well when pickingup your voice you look at the bottom you’ve got a speaker which is a verystrange place to put it in the sound can come across muffled sometimes butoverall it’s definitely understandable and then it’s got four raised feet sothat it keeps it off of

the surface so that you can actually hear the speakerturning it around at the back you’ve got four inputs they are your power inputHDMI input your infrared extension input and your USB input so it’s pretty simplethe overall design is pretty nice I wouldn’t mind having it in my livingroom

it looks clean one thing that drove me crazy about the appearance though isthat it is so finger printing I mean it’s like a magnet for finger printsgetting glamour shots of this thing was a nightmare but now the answer that youall want to know is is it worth your

money and for the price of $100 itbetter be pretty premium now for $100 this is definitely a premium 4kstreaming device but where I found Amazon lacking is in their actual AI Ifeel like it could have just been better when listening to music I even subscribeto Amazon Music Unlimited

and a lot of times it couldn’t come up with the rightartists or it couldn’t hear the command properly and it just wasyou know what it’s like when you’re trying to use voice commands and it justdoesn’t go through it gets frustrating nobody wants to have to repeatthemselves so I

would definitely say that they need to improve upon that andto be quite frank honestly a lot of time I just went back to using the remote tobegin with so so overall it’s a pretty cool device but Amazon simply isn’tdoing enough to get it out of the gimmicky stages

it’s definitely notenough to drive you away from like say a Roku or anything like that but say youalready have an amazon firetv stick and you want to upgrade to something that isa little bit more substantial maybe for the living room or something like thatthis is the best way

that you can go so if you like again if you like Amazon’sUI then yeah this is definitely something that you want to upgrade tobut now in the rare chance that anybody from Amazon is actually watching thiswhat would make this better well if they were to a centralized say

Smart Hub orsomething that you could control your entire living room with including yourTV your soundbar every play a total package device that’s what would makethis better I don’t understand why they included thespeaker on the bottom of the device I feel like they really just kind ofslacked in certain

areas of this device it’d be so nice if they included a nicerobust speaker even if it’s just for Alexa to talk back to you it would bethere would be a lot better I mean there’s actually and there’s a lot thatthey could improve along with this we’ll save that

for another videowe’ll talk more about the fire TV cube coming up but anyways if you liked thevideo be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and then share with all ofyour friends that is like the best way that you can help the channel grow alongwith shopping through the Amazon

links that I leave in the description below soif you want the Amazon fire TV cube click on that link and buy it but if youwant something else buy that too and that will definitely help the channelhuge shout out to all the people that are doing that in contributing

to mychannel donating I love you all It’s been Dop thanks for watching



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