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hey guys firestick plasmon is here and i am going to attempt to do this add-on one more time live i see four people are already watching that’s awesome please hit me up say what’s up in the chat thanks thanks for punching alright so let’s check it out right so um main menu oh I think what we’re new we’re going to install and I’m going to show you guys add-on right that I’ve been working on just know that it is um new I’m new at making an add-on so you know be be nice it only has a couple of movies on it I would say around 75 or so movies but I’ll be adding more movies as we go I just need to find the good links for them okay so I tried this ere day and it failed epically and the reason why is because the website was using to get the links from is no I have like a 24 hour period why the movies work so I load them all up and we’re working great and so the next day I was like I’m going to live and then failed epically but we’re not going to do that today I’m ready test them these are good links so let’s dive into it what we’re going to do is we’re going to hop on to the file manager and we’re going to go to I just are going to show you guys here I’ll remove it and then I’ll show you anyway I go to add source and then right here in this field you’re gonna double click on that and you’re going to type out HTTP if I could type HTTP 12 them four times for size firing stick Plus man Cody calm and then we’re going to stick the @ symbol there because that’s why I like to call it cuz it puts it on top of the list and so then we’re going to click OK and then I’m gonna back out Oh lean to do that um go to your main menu system in you whatever it happens to be and I click that and we’re going to click on add ons and then we’re going to click to install from zip file I hope I’m still live the camera stopped going okay let’s do this so anyway just want to make sure I’m still alive anyway I go to the and what you called it and then we’re going to go down to fantastic HD movie zip and in the second you’re going to see the pop-up here there it is and then we’re going to go to my add-on so you can go down to video add-ons and then we’re going to go to fantastic movies just so you guys can see I am the author of the Adeline I am going to change the background to this logo I don’t like that background and I am going to put my these disclaimers in the description so there is some stuff that’s been changed with that in the next couple of days and let’s go ahead and open up the the the add-on alright so in here I am going to change this background in favor I kinda liked it but I have enough some stuff just going to change within the add-on itself I’m a and have more um a couple more categories because right now only have new movies family movies animations superhero sci-fi comedy action and 4k and what I may do is add like um see I may add like drama or for him or for her kind of category I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m gonna do but I will add some more in here and just so you guys know I got some work to do on the back end I think I copied and pasted the coding in the back end and just named him these categories and I actually think I actually copied over the file so I’m unchanged use directories pretty soon but here in about 10-15 minutes like it that make the video I’m gonna go near fix these but anyway if you go to superheroes right now it shows you there’s Babies in there but there really shouldn’t be me reason there it really should alone be it should be blank at the moment so there is going to be some overlaps let me show you so if we go into new movies and we go to so for dam for example Deadpool’s in the new movie list well obviously that’s going to go into the superhero so is Doctor Strange and so is Logan for example so a Suicide Squad these are going to go into the into the superhero so there is going to be some overlap in both of them but don’t worry um I just kind of helped sort it out and again I only got about a hundred movies but I’ve only been working on this for a couple days so I’m really working hard to make sure I get you guys the best links so let me show you what I’m talking about well I say the best links okay so we’re gonna click on Beauty the bees we’re going to start from the beginning and the links the minimum link I’m going to take is going to be a 720 stereo link the best lincolnland pic is going to be 4k obviously and I may be having some buffering problems I do I am uploading a live video and I’m trying to download a stream at the same time so it may comfort with my internet just a little bit I’ll have the best router in my house but trust me guys I’ve watched it plenty of times they’re working really well again maybe that’s so great on the demonstration just because of what I all I’ve got going on but as you see the picture is great 1.

5 1080 again check it out I know I’m going to have some problem buffering just because I am trying to upload a live stream and download a stream of the Zek same time so but if you guys will see I was going here and show you just play a clip of it and show you that there most of these or 1080 1080 5.

1 again there’s going to be some buffering problems because I’m trying to do too much on one computer but if you see the list here so for example King Kong a new movie for King Kong it doesn’t have it just says 1080p HD and as because it’s a stereo it’s in 2.

0 I try to put the full description if it’s full 1080p 5.

1 surround if it says that then it I’m gonna say every single time because I do make mistakes but it should definitely be what that says I’m gonna see love you again I’m gonna have some problems just because but you guys seen 5.

1 1080p please check out the download I check it out I know my demonstration isn’t going so well on as far as the movies playing but just trust me it’s because of the other resources I’m trying to pull on my computer and failing movies I have just a couple in there but in all of these all of these are our 1080p 5.

1 knavery one of those and I have this is PI the category I have the most movies in I have around over fifteen fifty or so movies in this category around the 50 and almost every single one of these are 10 18 5.

1 now again if it doesn’t say if it just says if we can look at trolls 5.

1 1080 and you guys seen their open up pretty quick I mean they’re really good links [Music] Llewelyn to me so I’m telling you guys really good links check him out tell me what you think I do have some 4k here I am going to be honest with you I am if I I’m not even attempt to play in 4k movies I mean I’m Mike I might be able to pull one up I know because you gotta have really good internet for 4k the files are so big there’s a lot of coding there we go 5.

1 4k it’s playing pretty good um there goes about this stock now again I’m just because my internet so these these work really good I actually Miami box is like two feet away from my router and I watched on my 4k TV amazing spider-man today and it didn’t buffer it at one time so again but you gotta have good internet and again I’ll Marla’s I’m using my computer wirelessly and a wireless card and my router aren’t the best so but uh I think that’s it really again race t-sections I want to build out and and start moving movies into right categories and I’m going to add more movies every I’m going to try to add movies every day there’s a good chance that you may just see like a Oh kids me invasion you may say this you may see this and then the movie because it does take me a long time if I had the link already which you know I had to search for links but let’s say I found the link of the movie I want to do it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes per link throughout the code to get the screen the artwork the the icon and the fan art and put it all in there and update it so it takes a lot of time these 50 movies took me 10 hours to do and so it’s not something that’s real quick and easy to do so just be patient with me I’ll do my best to make it look good and the link stops working just let me know but be nice about it you know people are shitty to me sometimes when it’s a link or an add-on that I can’t control like Oh X this isn’t working you suck and I’m like you know I’m not the developer of X this I don’t have any control over the add-on all I do is put it in a build and say hey this is a good add-on if it stops working I don’t have any control over that working now this add-on I do have control over so if a link isn’t working just let me know and if there is a movie that you just gotta have let me know what it is and if I if I can if I find it and I can get it and it’s a good quality I’ll add it to the list but that being said please don’t send me 800 movies that you needed to be added to it because I will be adding movies as I go no reason bringing to you now versus when I had a couple couple hundred or maybe five hundred two thousand movies is because there is a lot of good new movies I have on here um like the John Wick’s movie I have the Logan it’s simple a steam and I have fast and furious and so I have the walls so there’s some some new movies on here that I wanted to share with you guys and if I waited so I had you know a couple hundred or even a thousand movies these would be new movies anymore so I wanted to go ahead and then also why it’s in beta I want to see how it works I want to see how well it works with you guys and stress test a little bit so I really do appreciate you if you guys check it out please if you’re new to one channel like the video hit the subscribe button and hit me up on Facebook or Twitter firestick + van and let me know what you think if you liked the video or if you like the add-ons you think I got good quality or there’s something wrong with it you know like you know hey have really good and this movie buffers non-stop let me know and I’ll check it out and if it’s a bad link I’ll get rid of it chief we can’t replace with something else so or there’s a movie just like I said you’ve just gotta have on here you want to check it out just let me know again I will not put anything under 720p screener on my on here because the whole point of it is fantastic HD movies and obviously I want to put 1080p five-foot-one or 4k that’s really what I wanna put on here and so I don’t want to put a standard and stereo you know I could find those links all day but I really want to make sure I have good links in our HD there are one click and play so that’s my dedication to you guys so just know that I will I won’t put up a bad quality of a link that I want to put up quick links so if if I can’t get a movie right away this is because I’m looking for a good link for that movie ok if you guys have any questions please hit me up I hope you guys like the video thanks for watching and you guys have a great and awesome weekend okay.



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