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what’s your plan it’s my plan what’s upeverybody drop those fire sticks what you just saw was for K via YouTube movietrailers and all that on the m8 bro ale Android TV box and look at the claritythis is 4k showing you 2 frames per second for my technical heads out therethis is a really really good box and a way for you to drop firestick so many ofus jumped on the fire stick because it was just a cheap way to get into thestreaming but once you start playing around with it you guys know you got toget rid of that fire stick and move on to something better here’s what comes inthe box you’ve got the device itself you’ve gotthe remote and this is a pretty decent remote you’ve got the plug you’ve gotthe HDMI cord and you’ve got the manual that comes with it now we’re going totest it out internet speed and that’s what you get and that’s done without theVPN now I’m going to show you guys how it performs with a VPN and magicconnect my VP my la moving and moving and moving and you don’t lose that muchspeed once you connect to the VPN still great-great-great-great-great speeds ifyou’re gonna be doing a lot of 4k viewing which is where we’re going inthe future now for my game heads out there take a look at this and I want togive a special shout out to the families of the victims in FloridaI mean gaming was a place where youyou should not even have to worry about thatso will will wish those families but if you want to do some gaming this is whatit looks like and if you’re finding my channel for the first time please goahead subscribe to the channel click the notification bill so you’re down everytime we drop these life gains videos the next thing I’m going to show you is thetechnical specs for my tech heads out there this is what it provides in termsof memory ram and all that and last but not least my pros and my cons let’s jumpinto the rest of this video what’s up YouTube you’re in the buildingwith old uncle might wear black panther meets the Carolina Panther and you’veseen all the technical specs on the m8 s Pro L and now we’re going to get to seea real-life application on the screen but before we do that I gotta put on theplus sevens of sexes he’ll work on skilling up my craft give y’all a betterYouTube experience something better to look at always go down then that videodescription box click on some of those links there’s something in there to helpeverybody and always go check out shop life games.

com that’s where I keep allmy gear I promise to plus seven glasses of sexy as hell is coming and you mighteven see one of these boxes in there at a cheaper discount and this is theremote that comes with and y’all know I usually bast these remotes but this oneis really really good and it has an outstanding voice function matter offact let’s do it now I’m going to say find Lamont Tyson on YouTube there I amLamont Tyson on YouTube let’s do something elsefind music on YouTube oh shoot what y’all know about that old school boysdemand so fellas you want to impress them sweetie pie’s where y’all get themover there just whip out your remote and they ain’t talking about the filthyMcNasty remote this remote and sage little sweet nothings into it and watchwhat happens so let me get on up out of that and when you set this up it’s goingto allow you to connect with your phone to your Google Play option because thisis an Android box and this is it these are your function these are your appsit’s very very simple and when you drop down here that’s your settings that’syour internet those are your apps and take a look at this you notice itdoesn’t say Cody anywhere up here write their version of Cody is this thingcalled TV simmer I don’t know why they do it like thatI don’t care it’s an updated working version of Codyand will click in that’s what you guys can see that is updating and working youwill have to put your own add-ons apks and all that stuff into it but there itis a great working version of Cody and we’ll get on out of there if you want toget out of Cody all you would do is just press the home button and it’ll bringyou back to these icons that you recently used so I’m gonna go click onthe apps if you want to update your system there it is there’s a movieplayer there’s your mirror casting function incase you want to cast something from your phone to the TV it’s got prettymuch everything it’s got MX player already set in here for you Netflix ifyou got an account it’s got YouTube app toy TV it’s got your file browser thisis a great great little box for the price that they’re asking for I wouldencourage you to take a look at this box this is one where you will see all thelinks for it in the video description but compared to some of the ones I’vetested y’all not testing hundreds of them I’m gonna say difference probablyranks right around there in the top twenty it’s not that cheap but it’spretty powerful I like it and I would definitely get this over fire TV stickit’s definitely worth paying extra dollars to get that so guys take a lookat it go to shop life Gamescom you will see the same box in there for half theprice of what it’s listed for but you’re gonna have to take advantage of thatpretty quickly because y’all know people snatched these things up that’s gonna doit for this video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go getyourself a life game go down there and check out shop life Gamescom again likeI said go check out my wife’s new channel if you have kidney disorderhypertension diabetes whatever you might have going on in your family she’s doingvideos to help you cover that and until the next sexiest hell video I’ll see.



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