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hey techdoctor what’s the best way Ican optimize my fire stick or fire TV and make it run as fast and as cool aspossible well in this video today I’ll be showing you exactly how you can dothat and also make your device run as fast as possible so with all of thatbeing said let’s get started okay so the way we’re going to do this is we’regoing to do it into three different parts part one we’re going to basicallygo to the configuration on the fire stick and this will also apply to thefire TV or the fire TV cube and we’re going to treat the configuration thisconfiguration change will give us the best possible performance on our devicethen step two we can install an apk which will clear out all of thetemporary files remove some of the bloatware and also clear out the cachethis will definitely help us improve our performance and then lastly where youcan make a change to the physical device to make sure it runs as cool as possiblegiving it the best possible performance okay so let’s optimize our configurationso the first thing going to do on your device is go over to settings and thengo over to applications okay so the first you want to change in here is wego to the App Store let’s click on that now what we want to do here is we wantto turn off automatic updates so so this is a process that runs in the backgroundand it makes you all of your applications are currently up to date ifyou don’t really care about that because this is only for the standard Amazonapplications so if you are installing your own apks this doesn’t affect in anyway so I person would actually recommend turning this off because if you do turnit off that’s one less process running in the background one let’s processconsuming memory and it should allow your device to run faster so let’s clickon that now let’s turn that to off most of all the notifications I also turnthis off as well so you like any notifications regarded to the AmazonAppstore let’s back out of that let’s go to Prime photos so again I don’tactually use this so I’m just going to turn this off so the main thing tounderstand is if you’re not using these applications or these services theyshouldn’t be running in the background so the more things you can turn off thebetter will be for your device so let’s turn that to off and let’s turn now todisabled let’s back out there again game circles so I don’t really play that manygames or really any games at all on my fire stick so I’m going to turn this offso this is a process to sync your scores across your different Amazondevices again if you don’t really playing games or if you don’t reallycare about your scores being synced why is this running in the background let’sturn that off let us back out of that so this is one of the big points so peoplealways ask me why it’s my fight TV or my fire stick why is it was running out ofspace well the thing is because it’s very easy to install applications andsometimes we install them to test things out but then we forget to uninstall themso over time your space gets consumed lots of things running in the backgroundand all of these things running they can slow your device down so you definitelywant to go in here go through the big list and any application that you’re notusing anymore just uninstall it so for example let’s say I’m not using thisanymore I’m just going to click on that I’m gonna select full stop to make sureit’s not running in the background then I’m gonna click on uninstall uninstallagain and that’s now removed from our device so not only why she regained thatspace that the application was taking if there’s any service that application wasactually running in the background that’s now also been removed so it’sdefinitely a win-win and let’s just do one more for a test so let’s say I’m notusing this anymore so again when I click on that click on full stop and thenclick on uninstall and that’s now all gone let’s back out this again sodefinitely go to the big list guys definitely go through it and make sureany application that you’re not using make sure you fully remove it let’s backout there and it’s pressed back again ok let’s go over to preferences okay so inthe privacy settings you want to go in there and you want to make sure yourdevice usage data is actually set to OFF which means that the device is now notcollecting any information about what you’re doing on it so you definitely notturn that off make sure this is off and the interest-based ads also turn thatoff plus back after and then data more nutrients go into that and make surethis is set to off again so it’s not going to be monitoring anything thatyou’re doing on your device so once again I mean I don’t sound like a brokenrecord but the more applications you go on your device so whether they are shelike you know providing a service whether they’re monitoring how much datayou four stick is using whether the monitoring your applications you gotrunning all these things are consuming valuable resources so again the morethings we can close or disable or actually uninstall the better will befor your device goes back after notification settings so let’s go intothat now so yes you turn this to on which means now you don’t getinterrupted with any notification you can also go into the notifications soanything that you don’t want to be notified for you can actually go intothere and just say I don’t nice application to notify me I just click onthat and then turn that off so again just minimize notification so ideallyjust turn all the notifications off that can come up when your screen let’s backout of that lets back again okay so featured content so this is aninteresting one it’s going to that now so this basically means when you go tothe top of the menu you have the video that automatically plays we want to turnthat off because again that’s consuming these resources so click on that and setthat to off and also set this to off so now nothing will automatically play onyour Amazon home screen and that should be it for the Preferences let’s back outof that now in device you do have the big kill switch here so let’s say forexample you know you can’t be bothered to uninstall these applications orthere’s too many things for you to remove you could always just go to hereand this will basically wipe all of the data from your fire stick and I’ll resetit back to when you first got this so it is quite drastic thing to do but if youcan’t be bothered to remove things that you’re not currently using this could bea quick way for you to do that get us back out off there okay so we’re back tothe home screen now and see this would normally actually start a video butbecause we made those tweaks now no video will auto start okay so for stepto big and install an apk which will help us delete all of the temporaryfiles clear some of the junk left on our fire stick or fire TV or really any firedevice and the way we’re gonna do that is with a music application calleddownloader and in there let’s navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon fourslash four slash bit Doyle why for /fs speed let’s type thatin and click on go case when you get to this page this will basically give youthree apks now most of you or some of you at least will already have the mousetoggle and you’ll also already have the set orientation which is needed for thisapk so if you don’t have those you can install the set orientation from hereand you can store the mouse toggle here and especially the latest version whichis 1.

11 which will work on all five devices including the new fire cube butbecause I have this and this already installed the only thing I need to do isinstall this which is the clean master let’s click on that now and let’s clickon the green download button can we see this message press down a fewtimes and then press right to install and guys just while waiting if you areenjoying these videos then please do remember to Like share and subscribebecause the really does help me out thanks cutie see this message let’s openthat up okay so the first thing you want to do is bring up the virtual mouselet’s double press the play button there it is let’s click on antivirus it’s notthat we actually need to do this but this would actually give your device aquick scan to make sure you don’t have any viruses or malware or anything elseinstalled I shouldn’t be there we can see that we’re all safe and we can nowuse the virtual master click on the scan junk just click on that now this is nowgoing to scan your entire hard drive and find all of the junk that can be removedlet’s give that a second okay so where it’s actually found one point five sixgig of stuff that can be removed now the only thing to be a bit wary of is thesystem cache so in certain applications when you first launch them they willactually download some of the icons some of the artwork with the thumbnails intothe cache which means the next time you launch them it would have to downloadthem against they should give you a better performancenow if you clear out that cache obviously that means next time youlaunch the application it will take an extra minute or so just for it todownload the artwork in the thumbnails again but from that point forward itshould run a lot faster than before so let’s scroll down so how do we scrolldown with the virtual mouse you press the forward key let’s do that now maybewe can just see there’s stuff in all these different folders we got some adsin the adjunct folder because some stuff in the log files and then we have someAP case of hey they’ve been downloaded but just not installed so if you’veinstalled them you don’t need apks anymore and then further down youactually will see that it’s also going to close down some of these applicationsrunning in the background like I’m zan music or MX player pro so these thingsare running in the background and they are consuming memory first click on playjunk and that should now close all those applications down and remove Woollettjunk for us let’s click on that and they should definitely give you a big boostin performance okay so my device has rebooted at the end of that clean up andthat should have now freed up a lot more space and think she’d definitely berunning better than before okay so at last tips so we know that the fire stickis not very powerful so if you are running lots of apks or just doing lotsof things on device it can get quite hot now one of the big negatives is once itgets too hot it the device actually restarts so if youhave been using a device for a while and occasionally noticed that why is itrebooting one of the main causes of the device rebooting is when it overheatsthat this does seem to be a known issue on the amazon forum so you’ll see lotsof other people saying that you know when they are using the device for along time it does seem to restore so what’s the fix so some people have movedto five six away from back of the TV with an extension cable just to improvethe ventilation but so why did all my stick was like actually added theseventilation holes on the top and the bottom so when the device does heat upthere’s some holes for the heater she come out and I think this does actuallymake a big difference in the operation of the device now the way you do that ifyou wanted it on your device you just open up the device so you can either usea small screwdriver here and just wedge it in or if you got long nails not likeme but if you can just get your finger in here you should be able to just prythis open let me just see if I can get down the camera so you can see justclips off like that and we can see the snipes clips off on the back as well andthere we have it so this is actually your first excite actually have aheatsink on the top but does it seem to work overly world now so you do want toadd a ventilation holes on the top you can now just get a small drill and justdrill some holes along the side here and herealternate if you have seen other people just use a small paperclip but just heatit up a bit and that should allow you to paste this plastic and make these holesso you can make the holes in the top line in the bottom line if you also wantto make holes along the bottom you can basically just slide this out like soand you can now make the holes along the bottom here so make sure you don’tpierce this thing here but just drink up the holes on this side a few on thebottom and through the top and it should be good to go so that will cover theventilation on the bottom then you have all these on the top now to put thething back together just slide the HDMI port through this clip that in and then just get the top and I shouldnow just clip together like so and there we have it guys we now have a highlyimproved highly ventilated fire stake that’s why that backup that’s all forthis video guys many thanks for watching do leave me a comment below let me knowif this worked for you let me just take this opportunity to saya big shout out to all of my supporters you know who you are thank you so muchfor sticking with me and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soonthanks thanks again for watching guys oh and if you interested in a VPN if youclick on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discountif you are worried about your privacy and you want to say safe online I dorecommend you check out VPN thanks again guyssee you on the next one.



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