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a big fan of fire TV callers and let us know about it we are counting down the final presentation of the night Erin the reality is there’s just so much to enjoy for everybody in the family absolutely so let’s talk about what you can do what you’re going to enjoy on there so first of all if you’re a member of amazon prime did you know so many of us are at our members of amazon prime i have been for years I didn’t realize all of the movies and all of the music and all of the television shows that come along with that over a quarter million movies free on amazon prime or included on amazon prime over a million songs tons of apps the amazon underground which is tons of expanded app so all of that’s on amazon prime you’re not a member of amazon prime fine how about netflix you want to do netflix netflix is another feature thing so you can do all of your netflix movies if you’re not members of either one of those what about all the movies and music that you have on your computer at home you can stream all of those you can buy and download an application really simple cool media management application everything that’s on your computer will now stream to your television or if you don’t have anything on your television there’s always movies that you can buy movies that you can rent and Adam has mentioned several times that we’re including a year of its a year is that correct oh yeah I just wanted to make circuit it’s hard for me to believe that we’re a full year of this app called feelin this is this is a very very cool app so I’ve just went into it featured movies most popular Hallmark Hall of Fame you want to watch them Hallmark Hall of Fame movies how about we’ll go to the latest from Hallmark Hall of Fame so promise what’s a sweet nothing in my ear don’t get any ideas April morning remember Sunday I mean tons and tons and tons of really great movies and these again these are all included because we’ve included this subscription if you like HBO GO you can do HBO go here if you like the show time app you can have the Showtime app here if you like to play games I love that video we showed a minute ago and we’ll show it again of a lot of the games that you can play whether you’re using your remote that we include or whether you’re picking up whether you’re picking up the game controller which like Adam said will be gone in the morning let me show you guys one other thing real quick and then we’ll get an update because these are on fire but i’ll bump how about this you want to know about the news what’s going on you can say what’s the local news here’s your Flash so what it does is it pulled up a flash briefing it here the first thing it does is late at latest news from NPR and then it will go into a different thing you know sports or you name it here so here’s the latest from NPR news and you can actually fast forward to the next thing it’ll tell you the weather in your area these are all things that are from your Flash briefing on what’s going on locally as well as nationally and again these are things that no other media streamer does and that’s the beauty of Amazon they create products that do more that go the extra step everything that you’ve seen so far will be on your television all you’re gonna do is plug this little black box into your TV and will even send you the cable to do it it’s brilliant you know when you get home from a hard day at work you’ve got limited time you’re running after that the family everybody else you want to watch your favorite shows you want to watch them without the commercials you want to watch them whenever you desire and this will do it for you it’s perfect it’s brilliant in terms of a media streamer it is the ultimate easy simple low-cost electronic that brings you the kids the entire family so much joy you will truly enjoy it I wish we had more time the one thing that I want to stress is if you’re not good with technology this is the most user-friendly I mean since I was presented with fire TV last week even I fall in love with this an hour and I’ve seen all the media streamers I’ve used all the media so I’ve sold most of them and I’ve used them all and there’s some things about this that make it exceptional and different the first thing is because its quad-core it’s a lot faster yes you know when you talk to this I mean you are you are ready it’s ready to go it’s instant the other thing is the simplicity how do you set it up I wonder if we can maybe take sort of a close look at the back here and it’s super sleek I mean you can you know it just sits right under your television or wherever so adorable so very durable so here’s a place if you want to plug in a flash drive it’ll pull your photos and all those sort of things this is an expandable memory card slot so if you want to add tons of apps and tons of games and all of that other media streamers will run out of memory this doesn’t right you can just add memory just sort of like having an expandable tablet we’ve got a great fire tablet in a minute I love this as well some of us don’t have very good Wi-Fi signals in our house and they’re slow and so we have trouble streaming do you realize you can plug an ethernet cable into this most media streamers you can’t do that no so you can hardwire this if you want and I mean this puppy is fast this is your HDMI port so you just plug right from your and we include the hdmi cable it goes from your streamer into your television and this is where you plug in your power how do you set this up plug in your HDMI cord to your television plug in your power to your electricity and that’s it we’ve got a little video that we’re going to show you right here as well quad-core processor dual band Wi-Fi that means that it receives information more quickly we we also have a router it’s called the TP ring link router available something you might want to think about if you’re gonna be streaming a lot of 4k and that sort of thing you might need you might want a better faster most solid router I think we have before I came in here we had like 130 or something like that we have very very few of these this is very very cool it’s the google onhub dual band Wi-Fi AC router by tp-link enough took two things about it it’s faster it is the fastest router you’ve ever used you can be further away from it then you could be before and when guests come to your house you don’t have to tell them your password anymore there’s a different way that they’re able to get onto this will let you know when that’s officially gone it looks like you’ll be the only the only ones available to get it today are going to wish we have more of those one of the major things that we often get asked is why can’t you do more of these types of products from Amazon the reality is it’s very difficult to do because we won’t offer anything unless it’s a fabulous value we want to be the best value and that’s why tonight to be able to stand here with Aaron and tell you that we are beating amazon’s price we are a better value than amazon.

com is huge because this is the fire TV if you buy from us like two thousand people now have we’re going to send you at no extra charge the hdmi cable that is normally an extra purchase will send you a year subscription to feeling which is all those wonderful real life hallmark movies again all bonuses in fact we did all the adding up it basically the retail value is approaching three hundred dollars for something that you get for 9995 will send it to you plug it in and see what you think if you don’t fall out over heels in love with it send it back within 30 days but when we say hundreds of thousands of TV shows your soaps reality shows we talk about the news when we talk about kids programming when we talk about games it’s loaded I mean you’ll never run out of something to watch can I show you guys the speed again and how easy it is to use you press the little voice button Mozart in the jungle and there is Mozart in the jungle and then you go yeah that’s what I want to watch I want to watch Mozart in the jungle and it goes ok there’s Mozart in the jungle and you okay well let’s play let’s resume you see instant instant instant and I want to show you something else this has something called x-ray which only amazon has i’m going to press says down here well was up there min ago if you press up this is called x-ray technology and what it does it tells you what song is playing right now it tells you the actors and actresses that are actually in this they’re actually in the show so maybe you were watching Mozart in the jungle and you were like who is it that plays Joel burns it’s this guy right here and it’ll tell you about him movies that he’s been in his biography remember this is the smarter streamer this is the streamer that you know you can ask questions like how about when is the next full moon and notice there’s the next full moon notice I was in the middle of watching a movie and then I hopped over to learn more about the actors then I asked when the next full moon is and all of these things you know then I can go right back to learning more about the actor and then I can go right back to the movie and it’s all did you see that there was never any pausing never any waiting you can buy a thousand-dollar computer and try to remove through images that quickly you won’t do it any faster the number of people that have approached me and Aaron and said how much they love this is a gentleman that’s called Russell who works here is probably watching hello Russell he is obsessed with fire TV and he like me and like Aaron are able to try all the media streamers I’m a a fan of media streamers I use my media streamer more than I watched normal television and I think I’m not the only one to do that what Amazon have done with a fire is is astonishing not only does it have the voice search not only has it bluetooth capability so you can be listening to all the content through your bluetooth headphones but this has a lexar built-in so when Aaron does that when Aaron’s asking it questions is because you’ve got the power of a lexer and Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant digital assistant personal assistant built into this it’s a phenomenal thing oh they did controller if you want the control we have 200 left folks final 200 on the controller because you can play so many great games we did think this would happen actually you can beso kannamma CLE designed it special is of course an official amazon product Aaron this makes sense because what I wasn’t wanting to do was bring the whole family together again with TV and games absolutely and you have to understand actually what I was doing here you can use the controller in the same way like there’s there’s the voice the voice controller for example is on here as well so if I wanted to go let’s say I was going to go to a movie or so or if you wanted to know about an actor’s how about or actor Tom Hanks so actor Tom Hanks and then of course you can go into tom hanks and you can do all that kind of stuff or you can use your regular remote as well so as well as playing games it becomes another remote two things i haven’t mentioned that are really cool okay go for it this is bluetooth compatible yes so if you just picked up those Samsung headphones I have any bluetooth headphones you’re lying in bed at night you don’t want to disturb your spouse your partner or whomever if you’ve got bluetooth on your boots with headphones on this little guy right here this is going to send you beautiful bluetooth sound the other thing what if you ever lose your remote or your husband always has the remote or whatever there is watch I’m gonna press the home button right now did you see what I just did did you see look do you see that I’m moving around on the television using this is a samsung phone both iphone and android phones can be used to control this as well I don’t know why every home in America doesn’t have for less than a hundred dollars doesn’t have one on every single television because it elevates your TV to some entirely new but you remember when we first launched there was that the obstacle that barrier where you show all of this for somebody at home like me originally who had let’s say a TV that was six years old right you go seven years old ten years old you know you’re telling me I can have all of this on my TV without buying a new TV the answer is yes that old TV that you’ve got right now in your bedroom that old TV that you’ve got in your family room you plug this in and you’ve got all of that content hundreds of thousands of TV shows hundreds of thousands of movies so many games so many apps I think the excitement with this is the Amazon have created a media streamer that gives you all that good stuff and then goes a step further this becomes your new best friend you talk to it you asked eight questions and it gives you the answers i encourage you to buy it i know for an absolute fact i can stand here with confidence and tell you you’re gonna love this product you will love this product smallest pricey electronic you’ll buy biggest pleasure okay final quick rundown streaming movies TV shows ultra high-definition 4k quality the best of the best built an alexa capability over 800 games now don’t forget and this to me is really exciting Aaron’s going to show you now that you can use a lexer as truly your assistant yeah really it becomes your home Automator so you hook this up to your tp-link outlets which we have a couple left you can turn anything on and off and your house you can control your house so if I wanted to go see that light behind me turn light off that’s pretty snazzy isn’t it in the television if you’re ready to go to bed if you’re ready to just have a little nap right here on the couch and you’re like okay let me just turn everything on professor you can go turn television off yep there it goes and then later of course if you want to turn back on turn light on there it is turn television on now think about you could you could do this like with the spit if you have a space heater this is what I always think about because I hate waking up and being cold the morning put a space heater in your bathroom before you ever walk into the bathroom the space heaters on if you want to save you no electricity later in the night you want to turn turn on a wall conditioner air conditioner unit all those sort of thing you name it anything you can plug in your coffee machine times you’ll think of tons of different great ideas well we having a good time tonight or are we having a good time it’s fine you know there’s so many so many things that we could have picked up on and the speed the performance the fun the choice the variety last thing I’m gonna say based upon the results right now clearly this will be an early sellout I just want to very quickly tell you why we are beating amazon’s value you can buy fire TV from amazon right now for 9995 with the same price we’ve got the same free shipping of course will give you flexpay the reason why we’re attracting so much attention today is because we’re including the hdmi cable everybody everybody who buys this has to buy that we’re including it for free if you buy it from your smile it lasts okay one.



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