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So you never miss an update Hello guys, I’m kodi best build Adam back with you again with another video Oh, she all doing well having a great time with your friends with your family or anyone So I should enjoy your life and having a great New Year.

I wish it start with you with the best things and best wishes to be realized and you be successful in life and To do whatever you want and everything you dream for so don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and share It with your friends and family and thanks a lot for your support guys.

So here we’re gonna install a great beard today so to get it pressed right here on system or settings in the top and Then guys press on system right here Then scroll down to add-ons and here a low to install from unknown sources So press on.

Yes So this build is working until the 18 on Xbox one or any other device running Kodi 18 So right here press on file manager Then guys scroll down all the way and press on add source Press none and here just copy and paste the source.

Don’t forget to get it from my website So do not miss any word right here.

Just get it from my website copy it and paste it right here and Then press on ok so Here got it, then press and name it ripple or name it whatever you want So press on, okay It’s gonna be added to your Cody if you got a lot of fires though Doesn’t mind so just add the Diggs repo to your Cody So here it’s done It’s added to your Cody and now press back and back one more time to the home page and here scroll down all the way to add-ons click on add-ons and Here pressed on this little box in the top so here press on install from zip file and Then choose your repo file and here you got it.

So and then Press on repository digs so it’s gonna be added to your repositories right here as you can see it’s done and now Press on install from repository Scroll down here all the way So here you got Diggs ripple, press on it and here we got the program add-ons So if you are watching me from Cody 17 you got Cody 17 into your box choose the chief wizard the normal one So if you’re watching me from Xbox one Nvidia shield or Amazon first seek any device with Cody 18 Press on the chief laya wizard go click on it and you press on install.

Oh Is it it’s gonna win It’s really a great Jodi bill It’s updated with the best new Cobie add-ons and all the working ones So right here present on continued press on ignore and Here press on it and then open the wizard So as you can see right here We got maintenance you get bill to get restoring backup tools install apples and you got closed press on bills and here he got the decks Zenon Cody billed for Xbox one or hours on fire stick or any version or any device running? cody 18 So he’ll press on it It’s been updated.

It’s really working.

Well, I love this great bill.

So here press on fresh install They’ll press on yes You will get everything new for this Build if you got a previous build already install it to your box.

It got a lot of problems You got a lot of missing files.

You got a lot of Streaming problems.

Just do a fresh install So right you guys you get the download process going and do not press right here on this council or press on this empty space just let it go and wait until everything is done right then you can force close cody and Restart it again to get this build So here guys you got the download process almost done and all what you have to do is to wait until it’s installing your files into your xbox bond or Amazon fire stick or any other device do not press on castle right here or press on this empty space Just keep it going until Everything is done, right? Then you can force close Cody and restarted the game Enjoy movies and to enjoy TV shows as you can see right here in the screen You got a lot of sections you got library TV shows movies sports Kids, I got a lot of things so I’ll all what you have to do is to first close Cody Restart it again to enjoy this great build into your box So here guys you get everything done, right If you got one error two errors or three or five it doesn’t make sense doesn’t Doesn’t make any difference.

Just press on no tanks so here guys you get this message and now you have to press on okay, so Cody is gonna be closed and then you have to restart Cody again to get the build install it so if you have any and confusion any problem any thing any question just put it down in the comment section and I’m gonna replay So here guys after installing this great build.

You got a lot of sections You got a lot of things you got a great content on this build.

So here we got kungfu section if you are a big fan of Bruce Lee or any one you get Some audiobooks here.

We got crime gangster.

You got the commentary.

You got a lot of great things Got Fitness you got You got a lot of things.

This is the best build ever Ever had so far.

I really to be honest The Xenon build is the best built to ever had.

The other builds are great, but not that great as this build so Here we got movies section where you can enjoy and watch anything you want He got a lot of movies right here So down it got a lot of Kodi arrows where you can watch more movies and more content and more things and a lot of Amazing things so here in the top you got the widget so we can serve all movies You got a huge library of movies? You can choose anyone to watch it with your friends with your family With your wife kids or anyone so you got a lot of movies right here So enjoy them and here we got TV shows You got a great TV shows by the way right here also so I I watch it I’m watching the Vikings game Of Trance also and walking down This tree TV shows are my favorite right now, so I don’t got other TV shows got a lot of TV shelves you can choose anyone to watch it into your device just Press on any TV show you will get it and it will enjoy so here if you want to go to the next page So here we get a library.

We get your shows your favorite shows right here your movies You got a music library It got a lot of great things So guys right here we got kids Jean you got sports and TV quite as you can see right here, but right here were showing the Kids Zone It’s really a great section also for your kids Enjoy some Christmas Movies and some great amazing Shows for them from Disney from a lot of great Stuff so here got streams So, I got a youtube we got a lot of things and here we got music so if you want to listen to any song You wanted or radio? You got a lot of things right here So enjoy it and here we got the Xenon you got the weather Down you got the chief wizard began screensaver We got some advanced settings and fresh start if you want to do a fresh start and delete everything Just press on this Fresh start right here somehow you guys got the add-ons you get apk downloader you got video add-ons and program add-ons and Music add-ons and here got some Android apps So this is really a great build working Well without any problem if you got any issue just put it down in the comment section if you wanna ask me anything Just put your comment in the comment section Thanks a lot for watching Cody best build channel And for press for giving me that subscribe button and click on unsubscribe This is really nice from you.

Thanks a lot for your time and see you tomorrow for another cody bill.



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