present this because frankly I’m gonna learn about it just like you stay in the ordering process for today’s special we see you we know it’s just been crazy busy this morning but this is what you want to add into your order while you’re there because this is now going to take your TV turn it into a smart TV allow you to stream and the system that amazon firetv uses is in my opinion the best I have ever experienced because it is simple it is easy and these are some of the features that make it work yeah and it’s simple it’s easy and now it’s hands-free so now you can turn your television on you can turn your television off without ever touching it you can do it from across the room if you’ve got a baby if you’re lucky enough to have a little baby in your hands if you want to play your favorite movies there’s over 500, 000 movies and television shows available to you here you can pause you can start you can turn it up you can turn it down and you can ask all of your questions that you normally ask Alexa on your other devices on your echo devices and those sort of things so we’re gonna get started Alice you’re gonna have a freakout I’m just telling you telling me right now I actually get in a rut you just because my producers only since we introduced this we have sold over 35, 000 I believe we’re down to the final three thousand yeah for the year so for the year I don’t think that we can get any more of these these are I have one in my house and it is replaced several other devices I’m sorry go ahead with our value on it as a core value is the lowest price absolutely anywhere $69.

99 but it’s my understanding and again I’ve never seen this I’ve never seen this in in use okay I’ve never seen it demonstrated but it’s my understanding it’s like having your fire TV and your Alexa all wrapped in one package what would you pay just for the fire TV etc the fire TV cube streaming media player $119 okay three months a Pandora premium we’re including that three months of the grower fitness we’re including that of $44 value so you reach out value $174 we’re doing free shipping we’re doing 4 flex payments of 1750 and I’m trying to talk very quickly let me show you so this is like taking your Amazon echo and your fire TV 4k put them together and if they had a baby this is what it would look like it would look like this little guy right down here that is really really simple to use so it would it allows you to do is talk to your television talk to your Alexa device do all of that but also stream over five hundred thousand movies and television shows so let’s just start with with with sort of the echo part of it if I say um Alexa what’s the weather in st.

Petersburg it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit with partly sunny skies so she’s got all these forecast calls for more of the same with a high of 80 degrees in a low of 67 degrees she’s not only telling me the weather but she’s actually putting it on the big screen for me at the same time so and and the TV doesn’t have to be on in order to do this if the television was off she would speak through her own little speaker because she there’s a speaker that’s built-in this is the cube if you haven’t really seen it yet I’ll ask you another question I don’t know we were talking about cooking earlier so I’ll do how about Alexa banana muffin recipes okay for banana muffin I recommend the top recipe called banana muffins which takes 20 minutes to make you can ask for more information or for more recipes see next stop so we could have gone on we could’ve got recipes etc etc so that’s the beginning anything that you would ask an echo or a dot or your other devices you can ask her but she also is your media player what’s a media player well it’s a device that you plug into your television and you can now stream over half a million over 500, 000 movies and television shows songs music games the whole bit in fact she comes with a remote as well a really really simple to use remote so you can talk to the remote or you can use the remote to control you see what we’ve got on the television here and I’ll show you in a minute how easy it is to hook it up Alice I need a favorite actor or actress from you please how about Tom Hanks okay that’s easy so I’m actually instead of saying the key word there’s a little microphone button on here I can just go Hank’s when you see that in about 0.

2 seconds she goes oh Tom Hanks does that mean you want to watch the post or she want to watch Forrest Gump or do you want to watch The Green Mile or do you want to watch Saving Private Ryan incredible right what if I said Christmas movies so now we have at our disposal home alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas or frozen or love at the Christmas table or Christmas at the Kranks or elf or you get the idea right or you could ask for any of these specific movies now a lot of people ask do I have to have a subscription the answer is no if you have a Netflix subscription or if you have a prime subscription or if you have a Hulu subscription all the better for example I could say something like trolls Patrol do you know that really cute movie that Justin Timberlake I’m trying to think of some of the other famous voices and oh there’s the movie trolls so I can go yep let’s watch trolls right now and it knows see we have Netflix so we can watch it for free on Netflix the very first thing it does is it says look we can watch it right now for free on Netflix if you didn’t have Netflix it would give you the option to rent it for $2.

99 or 399 but I love that it always takes you to the least expensive way to watch whatever you want to watch first that’s a quick overview I have a ton more demonstration to show you all but this is basically the best of both world the best of a fire TV and the best of a lack of Alexa or your echo device or your dot device all in one I want to show everybody how easy it is to set up so my question is you guys asked questions too we’re broadcasting live on Facebook so we’d love to answer your questions so you’re using the remote now so I can use remote you can if I didn’t want to use the remote for my streaming for example could I could I just say Alexa Tom Hanks movies here’s what I found so I can’t thank you just answered your own question now it becomes so much easier because it’s the best I don’t even have to pick up a remote if I don’t want you ready to really freak out okay Alexa switch to home so we’re back at the home screen so you walk in the door right you got groceries in your hand you got the kids the dogs running around you but you want to turn the TV on and see what’s going on you can say I’m Alexa turn TV off here are my hands I do not have any remotes in my hands Alexa turn TV on okay this is this is one of the keys is that you can turn your television on and off just with your voice now you can also control the volume you can tell it to turn the volume up or down this will really freak out if you have cable you can say switch over to cable it’ll switch to cable and it what you can actually tune to channels and cable using your voice now what I don’t have to do the inputs or you don’t have to you can do all you can do all of that just by asking and there’s actually there’s a help video Alexa open help you see that there’s help videos here if you wanted to know for example I was just telling you about connecting your cable if I go down here to like equipment control setup or you want to know how to set up cable or a satellite with your fire TV here’s a two-minute video cable or satellite with fire to you anyway we don’t have time to watch the whole thing but this is gonna this is gonna walk through how to do it for you and it just as voice I can change channels I can do all of that on my TV and they’re crazy just sitting there talking to my friend I think I mean whoa you would expect that to be like a five hundred dollar device not only sixty seventy dollars right hey just for a media streamer that does one thing and again it’s that’s got to use the remote now you’re getting your whatever you want to call it the echo or the echo dot I have the echo dot that controls but it’s separate from my fire TV right so to don’t play together now you have everybody all in one I hook up one thing I can use my voice I can use remote I can go back and forth I can change the TV oh that was my other question does the TV have to be on for me to ask a question Alexa Alexa turn TV off so the television the television is off right so I can say something like Alexa play Christmas in Barcelona so you can do anything with the TV off I could have asked it a question but I wanted to show you that you can play music too now sometimes it’ll actually turn it back on to use the better speakers that are on the TV but the TV does not have to be on because there are built-in speakers in the fire cave as well can I show you guys how easy it is to set up real quick I want you to show how to set it up and then I’m going to show you again what’s included here because this is a great how about that so your this is it it’s a cube it’s like what three inches okay that’s it it’s so small you’re gonna get this I soon this is so too the TV you don’t have to this is if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your house you can plug this into an ethernet cable and this is an adapter for that 90 plus percent of people won’t even use this but you can if you don’t have Wi-Fi you can use that go ahead this is called an IR blaster this is if you’re hooking this up with your cable this is a little R blaster that you might need okay and then we’re gonna include for you again you’re gonna get a girl girl fitness sling TV and three months of Pandora premium very nice for flex payment 1750 free shipping and handling again we are very limited now in our quantity we’re in the final quantities for the entire year with this what an amazing gift to give the gift of a media streamer that is completely operated by your voice because it’s the echo or echo dot combined with your fire TV all wrapped up in one simple to use package that the affordability at less than $70 is the lowest price absolutely anywhere okay this has really become one of my favorite things to present because it just knocks everybody socks off I mean you’ve never seen it before it’s pretty wild right like and again it’s the simplicity and the sophistication of what it can do I think so I don’t even have to have a smart plug at now to turn on my TV and turn off don’t you this this kind of it’s multifunction so yeah I bought my first media streamer probably seven or eight years ago I’m going to say it was $300 and when I bought it and that’s what everybody in the world just you got to go buy one of these this is the coolest thing I’ve ever had to think how inexpensive it is now to bring access to 500, 000 movies and television shows into your home and to be able to have all the great Alexa technology built in it’s just it’s a no-brainer it’s why it’s been so popular it’s why we’ve sold would you say 35, 000 or something like that and we’ve only had this on we’ve had it’s only been in stock from thinking since October 31st yeah that was the day that we started selling these so what is with us today November 10th or stuff like 11 days and people have just been been wild for it I’m so I’m so glad so here’s how you set it up here’s the other reason it’s been a customer pick in fact it is a customer pick on hsn.

com you take the box and you plug in an HDMI cable now you we do not send an HDMI cable with this most people have about ten of them laying around their house anyway you take an HDMI cable you plug the there’s only one place you can plug it in the back of the box and then you plug it into the television it goes into the HDMI port on your TV most people have three or four HDMI ports on their television then the only other thing that most people will do is plug in to power that’s it and once you do that you can follow the setup instructions if it weren’t simple to set up if it weren’t incredibly easy to use it wouldn’t be a customer pick I’ll tell you that I can do all these cool demonstrations all day long if people get a home and they’re frustrated with it it does not become a customer pick this has come on over here and I’ll show you all some other really cool things that you might not expect questions so many of you still trying to buy our today’s special the 2-pack of your Amazon fire tablet Express ordering while you’re there ask for this item number if you can hear me six five five six nine eight this is something you are going to want it is so simple so smart and and just is going to open up this world of opportunities for you okay some people are asking what TVs is this compatible that’s a great question so it’s compatible with most TVs if you go on there’s a website sorry to kind of jump in and out of the shot it’s either right no I’m sorry let me correct that it’s compatible with all TVs any television that has an HD my port you need an HDMI port and you need Wi-Fi that’s what I was thinking there for a minute for some reason it will make it makes it a smart TV you don’t have to I’m sorry any television that has an HDMI port and as long as you have Wi-Fi in your house you’re good to go channels I my brain got confused for a minute the channels that you can watch or channels like stars view Spotify direct now Fox now NBC Sports Sony crackle VEVO HBO CBS NBC Netflix Food Channel prime video who sling ESPN PBS ABC prime music that’s just an example okay Greg is asking a great question Thank You Craig because Craig wants to know if you could have multiples because a lot of times you’ll put your your media streamers on different television I mean oh yeah you can you in silk-épil in your house and of course you’re gonna I would recommend it I mean oh look a lot of people are tired of paying a monthly fee to use their TV and to have all kinds of great movies and shows available maybe you do that in the main room but maybe in the basement and in the guest room you want to have a streamer you can buy as many of the and why not at this price you can buy a couple of them and have them all throughout your house okay when all of your sorry I should just say you can sync them together so all of your video that you’ve downloaded and stuff will be available on all of them and somebody was asking if you need cable you don’t need cable no you don’t know you can use this with cable you can switch back and forth between this and cable you can do it really simply but you don’t need cable a lot of people will buy this and a satellite yeah and that’s a good solution for a lot of people so I can play my music through my TV now again of what if I wanted to have a to read a book an audible book so I was just about to show you guys this yes you can you definitely can read audible books through this this it’s a you can listen to audible books is what I meant to say if I go over here to apps this is just where I was headed so here are featured apps if you want to go to game you can actually download games and play games on here so if you wanted to play pac-man or you want to play snowboard party or you wanted to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire this would be really fun at Christmas you know after everybody has eaten and they’re just we all just lay around in a food coma around the burger living room playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire that would be a really fun thing to do that actually a deputy or right fun right fun stuff and then up here if you want to go into category so what is it that you love games or health and fitness things for kid things for lifestyle I know over the years Alice and I Alice has a daughter who’s now in college but over the years we’ve talked a lot about how technology has informed her education right how helpful it’s been I know and preparing for the SAT and doing all of that there’s a lot of great apps educational apps here for adults things like TED Talks you can watch all your TED Talks right there or curiosity stream look with TED Talks feed your curiosity expand your world with TED Talks more than 3000 TED Talks and that’s free you don’t pay for that those are free then there’s things like great courses plus there’s a little math program over there these are all things that you can download and enjoy on your fire cube as well all right we only have a couple of minutes left so what I’d love for you to do because since a lot of us are just seeing this for the very first time here will you just Robert yeah what this does how it works and who is it for I would love to so this basically takes the if you’re familiar with Amazon echo or dot or those kind of devices that you can talk to them and ask them questions this takes that technology and the technology of fire streaming which puts about half a million television shows and movies at your disposal on your television it puts them together into one really kind of well-designed little box so now this is your entertainment system it hooks into your television it talks to your television this is for anybody who wants to have instant access to all of their favorite television shows for example and wants to have easy access with their voice if I say Alexa play tumble leaf getting tumble leaf from prime video you don’t ever you don’t have to use a remote you don’t have to search through four different remotes you don’t have to find your TV remote and your Alexa remote and it’s really all one if I wanted to play any video like that I can pod that I think Alexa.



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