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What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz Tech reviews.

Today I’ve got my hands on the Entmate 8 Android TV box.

Now this box is running the S905X2 Quad-core CPU with 4GB of RAM and 32GB ofinternal storage you have dual band Wi-Fi AC with the 2 x 2 MIMO so this hasdual antennas and dual band Wi-Fi you’ve got a Gigabit LAN Bluetooth version 4you’ve got full Android 8.

1 Oreo supports 4k HDR at 60 frames per secondwith HDMI version 2.

1 surround sound now the box itself surprisinglyenough is made completely from metal the front sides and top and is finished inblack you’ve got an an iminium trim going all the way around and I have tosay the build quality does look pretty top-notch now you got the intimate logoon the top and LED display on the front on the side we have a micro SD card slota full size USB 2 and a full size USB 3 on the back we have a AV port GigabitLAN HDMI out optical art power socket and an external Wi-Fi antenna if we keepgoing there is nothing on this side and that brings us back to the front andthis is what the bottom of the box looks like now inside the box you will find auser manual an HDMI cable UK power adapter and I’ll tell you the voltageit’s DC 5 volts 2 a now this does come with a standard remote control there’sno voice search functions it’s a standard remote but you have the abilityto control your television and this is powered by two triple A batteries notonly that this package also comes with an air voice remote it’s quite popularremote control powered by two triple A batteries so there’s no Bluetooth thisfunctions with a wireless USB dongle and this one does support voice searchfunctions and with that being said let’s go ahead and get this all hooked up tomy TV and capture card and find out how good it really is I’ll be right back sofirst of all I run a boot up speed test and this TV box took exactly 31Ekans to fully load the homescreen from a cold start and here is the home screenfor this TV box we have a simple layout here now in the top left hand corner youhave your voice search functions and on the right you have information for yourWi-Fi Bluetooth and your local time now the first row of icons you see a plussign under collections now over here you can go ahead and add your favorite appsjust below that you will see all the apps installed on this box as standardnow right at the bottom we have some shortcuts for main system settings yourWi-Fi information system app drawer and your droid settings now let’s quicklyhead over to the main settings and check out our system storage information nowthis box has 32 gigs of internal storage from which we have 25 gigs for you touse and if we have a quick looking about you will see that we are running androidversion 8.

1 oreo now we’re gonna have a quick look at droid settings now in thissection you will see a number of advanced options such as displayresolution hdmi cec controls playback settings audio output and this one doessupport DTS and 5.

1 surround sound you also have power key definition followedby Bluetooth settings you also got a picture section where you can adjust thepicture quality for your videos and finally you have more settings at thebottom which will take you to the full tablet style Android settings page nowlet’s go ahead and check out the system app drawer here are all the appsinstalled on this box as standard I have not installed anything yet and you dohave quite a few apps to get you started and of course the full version of theGoogle Play Store now the first thing I want to test is screen mirroring now youdo have air screen installed as standard and you can download air screen as afree app from the Play Store on any of these type of TV boxes so I was able tosuccessfully screen mirror my iPhone running iOS 12 and as you can see thescreen mirroring experience was seamless there was no lag whatsoever it was agreat experience so now I’m going to play some 4k video samples from a USBDrive and I will be doing this from the included Kady player which is basicallythe Kodi Media Player so let’s go ahead and play the first video so as expected 4k at 60 frames persecond plays ultra smooth now let’s move on to the YouTube performance test andwe can stream a maximum of 4k on YouTube we are everyone and we are invisiblewoke up with a heavy case of amnesia in the middle of nowhere the only clue tomy past is Harry’s name and an address inside you built all this oh my thistime but I am the moving on now to a quick gaming test and we are gonna beplaying asphalt 8 airborne for you advanced users DRM info showsGoogle Widevine level three and here is cpu-zwhere you can check out the clock speeds and you can see it’s the malli g3 1 andthis box does come routed as standard now in the Wi-Fi speed test we gotdownload speeds of 66 megabits per second and upload speeds of 18 megabitsper second and the top speeds we currently get in this office is between66 to 70 megabits per second so that brings us to our benchmarks beginningwith Geekbench multi score of 21 75 and in the antutu benchmark test we got atotal score of 58 K so let’s see how this compares to the others so here ismy top android TV box chart of 2019 showing you the latest TV boxes andseeing how they compare with each other and as you can see the new end mate 8has taken position 15 on this chart with a rating of eight point six out of tennow you can see the full versions of all my charts online at chick’s tech command read them at your leisure so there you have it guys that was the new intmate 8 so here are my thoughts on this TV box you have a great metal buildquality supports smooth 4k 60 playback from USB drives and on YouTube now thebox also supports USB 3 Bluetooth and has a Gigabit LAN port with very goodWi-Fi speeds to go with it performance is also quite good with the s90 5 X 2chip combined with android version 8.

1 Orio however there is no miracast forandroid no drop down status menu and you are limited to 480p on Netflix andAmazon Prime video due to lack of HD licensing bottom line for the price thisis still a pretty decent box offering generally a good performance gaming isalso quite good and the box does not overheat as you dohave quite a decent build quality and with that being said I will leave thelinks in the description in case you want to check this box out that’s allfor this video thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have abrilliant day see you in the next one guys.



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