you know I look 25 from the neck up I feel 85 from the top down you know how they say business in the front party in the back it’s vice-versa for me and not in a good way Aaron Berger you got some splainin to do I know what my fire off of Amazon I really did because I didn’t know that we’re gonna be doing the fires and here’s what’s so sad I spent more for the non 4k version that I really did yeah I know I got it because I didn’t know we were gonna do that this is Aaron Berger by the way fine you don’t need to know about my personal problems of which there are too many to list minutes in it so Aaron Berger is we’re actually going to enhance your day we’ve got great electronic gift giving ideas over the course of the next hour I I really did I love the fire and first of all I love the concept of it because I have got to cut the cable or at least trim the bill and quite frankly my cable bill and right now and I realize I’m I’m a situation a lot of different ways my cable billiard I how much $300 mo was $300 mind around to I you know I I allegedly cut some services and to get it down to 280 and a chata I don’t know and then of course can’t get an itemized thing and you don’t want i still go home every night and i say i have nothing but yeah well we can change that okay okay so we can fix it with or without cable quite if you want to keep cable fantastic absolutely great if you don’t this works with or without this is the brand-new never ever before seen first time ever on HSN this is the new fire stick what do we love about the new fire stick well this is a media player okay so you put this into your television all you need is a television with an HDMI port which is any high-def TV you’re gonna need an HDMI port this plugs right into the HDMI port and you need to have Wi-Fi in your house and all of the sudden your television becomes the smartest television in the world and what’s new with this is it actually streams 4k content if your video if your TV is 1080p or 720p that’s fine as well look this kind of run just through it all the brand-new fire TV stick 4k Prime video ESPN HBO I love that when Jack Reacher is what you’re watching looking out there that was so good now with dedicated power volume and voice remotes user voice to easily find and launch content which is awesome oh you can even control your smart home devices you can view camera feed you can order a pizza you could open HSN you can go to Facebook you can do all of this now on your television so again here’s what you do you plug it into the TV it makes any TV a smart TV if you already have a smart TV it makes your TV a smart TV and this is what you see this is the interface that comes up so you have access to over 500, 000 shows do you need to have any subscriptions absolutely not if you have Prime video or if you have Netflix or if you have Hulu can you watch them absolutely and I want to show you right away how easy it is for up that train for a minute she’s no current errand I did not talk about this particular feature so I might want something be it okay so let’s say I want to watch something something but I got this thing and I got that thing and I got the other thing and I had this problem for years I just pick let’s just say Netflix sure let’s just say Netflix but then I also have Amazon Prime for years I would go from site looks like to site thinking oh and then I just got a heck with it I’ll pay $2.

99 and rinse it right this is smart I call it agnostic so if you asked to watch a movie for example so and this is the voice thing we were getting to the movie trolls trolls which is so cute by the way have you seen it it’s I watched it with my niece’s every time I go see him in Sandwich this guy just loved it okay look so there’s trolls so we’re gonna say we’re gonna watch trolls now this thing is so daggone smart I this price for the device to be this smart to be a quite has a quad-core computer basically inside this little stick it knows that we have Netflix so the first thing it says is let’s watch this right now by Netflix now if you didn’t have Netflix because again you don’t have to have any subscriptions the trees there’s Netflix is like eight bucks a month you know who I don’t know 7 or 10 bucks a month like it’s it’s really inexpensive to have a couple subscriptions but if you did it you could rent this right now on Amazon for 3 or 4 dollars now and vine could have just made money off Yahoo they could have just driven you right here and said sure we can watch trolls for $4 and not told you right but that’s not how they do business that’s not their business practice one of the best things about this it always takes you to the least expensive way to watch anything you want and now for the first time you can you don’t need to find the remote control for your television you need one remote what did you know that did I mention this to you right you see I just turned the TV off using this remote you’ve not been able to do that before this remote I do not have this generation I don’t need that around again perfectly honest with you I went for this price point and I thought oh gosh I really would like to get to the 4k what I mean I wanted to get the upgrade but it was it was a little more money than that yeah so I actually bought it off Amazon by the way we are doing the upgraded version with the new remote and all the extra features for less than me than Amazon you know I can pull up my account on you know probably on the screen that’s right show me what I paid did you know you get six pay flex pay on this oh that is right right did they just do that it’s it’s yeah it’s six dollars and 67 cents they actually what I guess it because see they told me it wasn’t gonna be a they didn’t know I actually looked on my flowsheet had three I know actually on my flute sheet it says three four yeah that’s what I saw on the screen so dollars and change so here’s what you’re getting folks not only the fire stick it’s it’s the 4k I did not get the 4k and I actually spent more money you also get Fitness Service your sling and I’ll have Erin speak to that Plus three months of your Pandora Pandora premium I will say this has been wildly wildly popular there’s an extended holiday return policy oh yeah I just want to speak to the elephant in the room real quickly to do this people are gonna say what do I need to do this you know I gotta be missing something there’s got to be some kind of I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop so what do I need basically to make this work can I show you all right here I set it up for this purpose you need a television okay because you’re gonna plug this into a television your television and any hi-def television whether it’s 4k or not if the TV is 4k it will stream content available in 4k if it’s not 4k it’ll just stream as high as your television is able to playback so any high def TV and you need Wi-Fi okay that’s it there’s nothing else than that yeah yeah that’s it here’s what you do you plug it in to your television okay so I’m plugging this into my television right that’s simple and then the other thing we include this cable as well this has to be powered as well so you can either power it by plugging it into this is plugged into the USB port on your computer I mean excuse me on your television if you don’t have a USB port on your television you can plug it into the wall and we include this as well oh nice guys when I say that’s it I mean a hundred percent no exceptions no holds barred no this that and the other that’s it that is the extent of setting this up and now you have access whether this is in your living room whether this is on your boat whether it’s in your RV whether this is in the kids room in the sewing or any TV in your house you have access to over 500, 000 television shows and also I want to actually read this number to you I won’t say this is exactly where tens of thousands of channels apps and Alexis skills I haven’t even shown you that yet so if you just want to watch something you can go you can go you know what it’s because I turned this to the sounds like because I haven’t because I have a I can go play tumble leaf I want you to see how fat like if you want to watch something if you wanted to turn something on for the kids or you wanted to watch you know on Christmas musical or you wanted to watch holiday in or you wanna you see this is this is instant right but it’s not just watching movie – all of the Alexus skills you know that are on so maybe Shannon’s watching this and she starts thinking about Pat back in Minnesota and she says to herself or actually she says to Alexis she goes what’s the weather in Herman Minnesota and it’s gonna tell us in fact it’s 9 degrees and you’re like wait a minute he was just watching the movie how did oh no that’s okay we’ll just go right back to it as soon as this is over it’s just gonna go right back to the movie go back to home you can go right back to home for the for what you pay for this it really is like turning your great big television right into a quad-core computer elephant in the room we do this people are like well that’s all fine and good but what if I want to watch my regular stuff I love that I love network TV basically right well there’s a couple of options of course this works with your cable it works with an antenna we have Roku we have an top which is out of this world we have RCA antennas you could use an antenna but there’s also there are a lot of apps to actually play live for example do you see right here this is HSN oops let me go back to home HSN shop by remote you can also download for free most of these ABC or NBC or Fox or any of these if I go to HSN shop by remote you know we’re gonna do right now we are watching live HSN so no I don’t mean to suggest that this is the same as live TV it’s not but you can watch a lot of things live whatever it’s your jam right now because I mean for me so let’s say for example I could cut the premium things because because I am an amazon prime subscriber and it’s so funny every time I go into my movies they’ve got Showtime they’ve got HBO I’m like what then why am I paying for him twice so what I could do and I’m just taking myself as an example I could get rid of the premium channels my regular Network TV so you know stop making okay could you probably don’t have to have a box in every room right and by the way here’s the other elephant in the room for me is no I do not have a smart TV however you do I get one of those plugs yeah one of those plugs every hi-def TV has one of those plugs but they all have an HDMI input on instead of so I hadn’t alternate I need to upgrade some stuff in my house the the quote on the TV that you know the company that helps me huh it was you’re gonna believe this it was $4, 000 oh my god it was 4, 000 I don’t even know I kept errantly it makes you breakfast in the morning it’ll give you a pedicure every third week every day I don’t know what it does for $4, 000 I couldn’t tell you I can’t usually didn’t buy her so instead of that yeah smart me I bought I bought a fire stick from Amazon I love the fire stick but I got to tell you I bought the basic unit I spent more money this is the upgraded version Susan handed out for maybe a week maybe I’m just gonna obvious question even I’m so I’m gonna play devil’s advocate the that poor little old dome TV that I got yeah not only is it not a market it’s not a for kick okay it doesn’t matter if you have a 4k TV that’s great you do not need a 4k TV if you have the cool thing about this because it’s the latest version if you have a 4k TV it’ll play 4k content which is pretty extraordinary when you think about it for this price right but if you have a 720p or a 1080p or whatever kind of high-definition television it will simply play the content as high as your television is able to play back it’s really it’s quite that simple if you by the way just a couple other things if you want to watch YouTube or you want to get on the internet this has a full internet browser that will frankly we just will never have time to show you one of my other favorite things that we also won’t have time to show you you can download games you can play Pat using your little remote you can play pac-man you can play all these games you can also download again tens of thousands of apps some of my favorite I love the education apps there look you can watch TED Talks tons of those for free you can take great courses plus if you’ve got kids baby first videos this is a really cool one down here for $0.

99 you can download this and these a math card so the Shannon and I when I say we scratch the surface I mean we absolutely scratch a little tiny bit of the surface this is the kind of device that will surprise and delight you that I think you will be so surprised indeed and don’t forget unconditional money-back guarantee until the end of January it’s it’s a huge it’s a bigger deal it’s a better savings a better price than Amazon present and you know once you get this I hope and I don’t say this to you know to be alarmist or pushy if you’re getting it as a gift you might want to consider one for yourself you might want to consider more you don’t want for each TV and the whole I’m just I’m putting it out there it’s I’m actually considering taking mine with me to Las Vegas I seriously am because the hotel that I’m staying in they actually discontinued they because so many people have online services they don’t have like the movies on demand and things like that in the room in Vegas you can pay 40 bucks to watch the Alexa functionality alone do you know Alexa is already in my suitcase you want to have that technology are you everywhere you go impact all my work gear yet but Alexis already am I said I travel I have an echo at home and I have a dot that I travel with I’m just gonna take this one last really cool thing yeah Alexa what movies are playing I don’t know why I said of Lex I didn’t have to because I was up as precedent but never look here’s all the local movies that are playing you want information I love you on IMDB info on them it’s really it’s all at your finger I mean it really is it’s just it’s it’s I know it sounds crazy because we’re talking about electronics it really is life-changing I mean III and I paid more I did I paid more and you don’t think that’s funny about that I actually did want to get it for more I have two TVs in my home and I wanted one for the upstairs were throw up man it was like 50 bucks sudden told for the you know the model at that time you got six dollars in six of that one didn’t have an unconditional money-back guarantee until the end of January one does so if you think oh I can’t figure it out or you know if you don’t love it you can absolutely send it back pay our HSN card we’re running a special offer right now up to $20 off on that single item purchase so you can check with your service representatives for details and honestly did you you’re all VIP shoppers here at HSN but this is a wonderful way to I don’t know kind of join the team we’re always doing special incentives for all of our HSN card holders okay by the way we would love it if you would take a moment stop.



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