you should be it’s such a great deal we’re the best deal anywhere on the Amazon fire TV 4k ultra media streamers and of course with that magical voice remote control with our good friend Alexa who takes us everywhere we need to go let me tell you what this is gonna do for you quickly and then Aaron will do a much better job of doing that as well but this is gonna take your TV and turn it into an incredibly smart TV now maybe you were to have a TV that’s got some smart features to it and it’s gonna be nothing like Amazon fire these guys are absolutely amazing I this Amazon’s best selling device and good reason so really quickly let me tell you what we have we have either your choice of one or your choice of two whether you buy one or two you’re gonna get the great supporting stuff and fun bonuses that we’re gonna give you because we’re gonna give you Pandora music for a few months we’re gonna give you sling TV for a month and they’re gonna give you a grill core fitness for three months that’s two separate for each one of the if you get the 2-pack you get those on both or you get those on one if you buy the single the price you can see is 59.

95 for the single it’s $10 off good deal right you really want to steal it away get the 2-pack for 99.

95 that’s $40 off what our regular price will be and you get two of them what do you do to set it up he’d plug it in that’s it and all of a sudden you wait and you watch your TV and you make sure you’re sitting down because what’s going to appear on your TV is more entertainment that you can handle it’s a lifetime’s worth of entertainment the best part is you don’t need a cable box for this all you need is Wi-Fi so if you have a computer and a Wi-Fi signal this looks up to your Wi-Fi which means you’re not gonna get a monthly bill unless you want a monthly bill unless you want to pay for Netflix or whatever it is you’re in control of your TV times to the best deal is the 2-pack my good friend Aaron Berger is here I am loving this deal today this is this is too good to be true for even people that work here cuz I’m like I always wanted one put 2 get 2 for under a hundred bucks what that’s crazy it’s not too good to be true though here’s the thing about it and as you listen to us you’ll probably think it’s too good to be true read the reviews on hsn.

com that is my biggest piece of advice to you this is nearly a perfect five star review product over a hundred review what people had to say about it is out of this world what is a media streamer you might be asking yourself what is this 4k Ultra High Definition well this is what it is this is an Amazon TV by the way some of you were asking this is the third edition so if you’re wondering which Edition this is it’s the Amazon fire TV 4k third edition you plug this into the back of your television so it just goes right into your um to any open HDMI port boom right in you need that and you need Wi-Fi in your house like a Wi-Fi in your house and what you’re doing is you are now streaming to your television with access to five hundred thousand movies and television shows five hundred that half a million movies and television shows are now immediately available at your convenience at your fingertips so let me show you what I mean taking a look at the screen here for a minute you can download apps and you can download channels is over 17, 000 channels that you can download talking about things like Netflix if if you’re a Netflix subscriber you can down like Netflix and Hulu and prime video music we’re including sling television a month of sling which has great sports and great all kinds of great programming YouTube you can now watch on your television and again the difference is here you’re watching in 4k you’re watching an HDR which means high dynamic range I mean there’s more colors available on your TV now download Pandora we’re actually including a free month of Pandora as well you can play games like all those adventures a really fun game PBS KIDS Spotify showing you some others if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member you have access to the whole world of amazon prime T Prime programming sneaky pete and Bausch and the marvelous miss Mazal that’s a new one I just finished watching Goliath a couple of days that’s great if you haven’t seen it Mozart in the jungle if you’re a sports fan how about you FC or HBO GO or Showtime those are available Hulu TBS TNT again you love sports Major League Baseball television all of these things are now available at your convenience when you want in the highest quality available I’ll show you one other thing here real quick I’m going to move over to apps in terms of a lot of people ask well you know what channel what kind of things can i watch you can really watch anything I’ve got into categories here if you wanna watch about business or education or customization or health and fitness I’m just gonna go down here to movies and TV to show you that now at the in the palm of your hand do you love the History Channel if you love NBC or CBS or HBO or stars or if you want to watch HDTV all the time home and garden television or the CW life time YouTube Showtime vh1 ABC OH my point is yours the opposite of limited you have just you know almost infinite varieties of things you can watch Western mania do you love westerns there’s one up here earlier there’s a 24/7 here 24/7 horror channel um all of these available to you this is what streaming is it’s watching what you want when you want on your terms leave absolutely no contracts or no fees whatsoever unless you want to buy something see that’s the thing about cable and and I’m not hey listen I’m not pull cable we’re on cable in a lot of places there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just it’s expensive and you wind up watching a lot of stuff that you’ve maybe seen over and over again you you have very little control now there are some there are some control devices where you can sign a screen and look for things but you gotta type in numbers you got to type in titles you’re searching right this there’s a very magical part of this that we love that Aaron’s gonna talk about which is the remote control are gonna go there I will tell you it is the reason for me to buy it because I know my mom my mom’s 80 years old she cannot use her work her cable controller she’s like there’s a hundred buttons on here not you don’t even use 90% of them but they’re there and they confuse you with this when you want to watch a TV show you talk to the remote you tell it what you want it could be a name of a movie a show category baseball game whatever it is this is how you do it play Manchester by the sea there’s a little button here that has a microphone you press that you talk to them microphone Manchester by the sea is but and you see how quick this is it happens in essentially instantly because this is a quad-core yeah streamer that’s a big deal so it is a lot of our computer the thousand dollar computers we saw at HSN are quad-core so you can and you could ask this not just like an actor or an actress okay so who do you like let’s do we did last time let’s do Jennifer Lawrence so we go Jennifer Lawrence this is one of the best things about it is that you the ability to I think we just let me try their own time Jennifer Lawrence the ability to talk to your television and a different Winter’s Bone read sparrow joy a house at the end of the street so maybe your favorite actors Bradley Cooper so we’ll go Bradley Cooper and now we can watch New York I love you or the place beyond the pines are limitless or bending although you know what believe it or not I’m in that movie long sore in that so the words reality of love all about Steve you name it and how about you love it maybe you love a certain genre maybe it’s you know it’s holiday time so what Sarah or it will be holiday them how about holiday movies and you see I mean this is quick there’s a certain kind of movie certain type of movie you like this we could watch home alone we could watch Yo Gabba Gabba we could watch diehard we could watch you understand right I think you understand it’s the simplicity it’s the convenient it’s all of these things available to you at one time over 500 thousand movies and television shows tons of free stuff but a lot of people ask do I have to have Amazon Prime no you certainly don’t Amazon Prime is great and if you have Amazon Prime then you’ll have access to all the great Amazon Prime programming as well but you don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member you don’t have to be a Netflix member you know maybe a hulu member if you are any of those things though certainly it just makes the device that much better for you and one of the things that it does that I love I’m so proud to sell this device because it does this yes like for me I definitely put them and Amazon Prime member Emma on Netflix member sometimes I don’t want to watch a shell I don’t know if maybe I’d have to rent it on one but maybe it’s free on the other I don’t always just automatically know this knows for you so for example maybe we want to watch um trolls so if you want to trolls with your kids it’s a cute movie see trolls comes up right here okay and I’m gonna go okay let’s watch trolls and it’s gonna find the least expensive way for me to watch it so it says right here watch now with Netflix the first thing it’s doing is telling me cuz it knows I have Netflix I have it installed I’ve gone App Store and just downloaded it I’ve downloaded it for free watch now with Netflix so that’s what I’m going to do if I didn’t have Netflix if you don’t have Netflix and go to more ways to watch and it would pop up you could rent this right from Amazon as well so it’s totally up to you some movies that aren’t you know free on a certain service you can rent them or you can buy them or whatever but what I think is so important and so so very very customer friendly of Amazon is they show you the least expensive way to watch it first there again it is is about giving you the most options and the most choice but at the best price and that’s what’s so great about this and like I said before you don’t spend a lot of your downtime scrolling through menu after menu after me like you do with cable again you know like I said I’m telling you get rid of your cable you get this with addition your cable your you’re going crazy and I’ll tell you this too if you’re not a big TV watcher don’t get it if you’re happy just watching regular TV and watching the news and what then maybe this isn’t for you but if you’re one of those folks that says you know what I I feel like watching a Western tonight I feel like watching a scary movie tonight or I want to watch one of my favorite series or I want to watch the Mets play I mean you have you you don’t have those options with regular TV all right and not only that let me give you an example all right oh this is a year ago my cable bill got up to $240 a month it’s crazy 90% of that I wasn’t watching I was paying for stuff I wasn’t gonna watch when you own this system you pay for what you want to watch you you decide okay I want Netflix for 10 bucks a month or whatever it is and I won’t have access to all that stuff I want sling TV by the way we’re gonna give you a month to sling for free I’m gonna get three months of Pandora and three months ago Cerf ignant a fitness to start you off right that comes with each unit that you buy really quickly while I’ve got the mic here let me just tell you to we’re showing you the price for the 2-pack because we know that’s the best value you are very totally go ahead and grab the single if that’s all you want the single also comes with all the great bonuses but the double is great because you can keep one give one put one downstairs in your finished basement put one up in your finished attic put one in your bedroom I need enough to move them around you can still take them with you right Erin yeah they’re portable right that’s one of the best things about it you know maybe there’s a business traveler or yeah maybe your kids go from your house to Grandma’s house on the weekend credit-card a little it’s totally portable all you need is a television in which to plug this so it go from the HDMI port which is a port that almost every television certainly every television in the past 10 or 12 years have you plug that right in and you’re good to go and in fact this kind of walk walks it through for you you plug the amplifier TV into your television and then you plug it into a wall outlet as well you connect to the internet and you enjoy you need to have a Wi-Fi television I’m sorry you need to have a television and you need to have Wi-Fi in your house if your TV isn’t a smart TV this makes it a smart TV if your TV is a smart television already this makes it the smartest television on the block mostly because this interface is so easy to use so you will play game for example you can cross erodes and one of the things you’ll notice is that I’m not pointing the remote at the television in fact I’m talking to you guys the television is behind me but I’m still able to do I’m still able to for example I’m going to go into crossroads so able to control it this is a point anywhere remote so you don’t have to have a lot of times when you have a device in fact this was the last Amazon TV but before the third generation this was the last one it’s at under the TV and you had to have a direct line-of-sight to control it you don’t have to have a direct line of sight so that’s a really cool thing I’ve opened up my game here just just to make the quick little point that if you want to do a little gaming with your device you certainly can do that as well there’s some great games lots of free games built in actually oh man I’m gonna go early here I think if I don’t there we go pop it across the road so great games for you great games for kids and grandkids speaking of kids and grandkids it’s so easy to use they can walk right up to it and say let’s see I’m gonna hop home maybe they want to watch a movie maybe they want to watch how about play tumble leaf it’s kind of amazing to me that this kind of turns your big screen into a computer I mean not only does it make so many movies and so much music and all of that available to you but because it has that quad-core processor you can talk to it you could ask a question maybe your kids are watching tumble leaf and you’re about to walk out the door and you need to know you know do I need to grab an umbrella or not what’s the weather in Tampa you see this has full Alexa look at that I mean can you imagine doing this on your TV full Alexa capability built into it so you’re watching the show yeah you want to know what the weather is or you want to check on I don’t know a flight that’s coming in or you want to know what traffic’s like you can ask any other questions that you would ask anything that’s on the Internet you could pop up on your TV I mean that is that is just amazing thank you right you know I mean you know we sit there we offer tablets and things like that where you can check it out on a little screen this big it’s great perfect for travel you’re not gonna take this with you but when you’re at home why not make this your computer screen make this the way that you shop for a trip and make this the way you shop online at HSN or QVC wherever else you like to shop why not do it right here and do it on your own TV this special of 99.

95 is just for today the price goes up to one hundred and thirty nine ninety five if you’d like a single version it’s 59.

95 see 59.

95 is a $10 off special we’re doing for our today’s special but if you get the 2-pack it’s $40 off it’s a much better deal and you still get all the extras to go along with it speaking of going online I just wouldn’t want me to show you guys so what I’ve done here is I’ve actually gone to hsn.

com you can open up a web browser so and let me back out and show you guys how I did that so here’s a menu right if I go down to the silk web browser and then I’m just gonna enter it you can open up a web browser and go to any of your favorite web pages that’s another thing that this does is give you a full web browser so if you’re just joining us or here in our last couple of minutes this is the Amazon fire the Amazon fire TV a couple things about it that the set it above many other streaming devices it’s 4k and it has HDR 4k of course means that you go from about two million pixels with 1080p high definition to about 8 million pixels with 4k so you’re able to stream incredibly rich and vivid content HDR means that there are more colors that are available so you’re able to watch more visually rich more visually stimulating television as well this also has Dolby Atmos which is a really high-grade South which streams great sound and great video it puts 500, 000 movies and television shows at your disposal and it’s incredibly incredibly simple to use I cannot recommend enough read the reviews on hsn.

com is one of the best reviewed electronic products I’ve ever seen Oh what I like too is you don’t have to make any appointments you know what to have somebody come into your house and try to rewire your house and do all that stuff you don’t have anybody selling anything you don’t need and that’s really what your notice and I’m not just going to try to keep beating up the cable companies you ever knows that you can call them at any time and threaten to leave in the lower your price crazy business we’re all in the business if we’re all trying to make money I get all that stuff but this is a way for you to be a real smart shopper it’s a it’s basically smart entertainment there’s a reason that they call this a smart TV because now your TV you have control of your TV so you can make decisions that are gonna save you money I don’t need to watch the same movie in the same timeframe every day for a week and a half right and that’s what that’s what the regular cable does you can either decide to keep your cable or you can get rid of it we don’t have cable up north in my brother’s ski house because we’re not up there all the time why pay for when you’re not there this is a great reason to buy to you know if you have a ski house or if you have kids in a dorm if there’s certainly two houses in your family or two TVs in your family you want to have all your entertainment when you want to have it we’re including a month of Slingbox IRF sling excuse me the sling app these are some of the things that you can watch on sling the jungle book Big Bang Theory The Hobbit the last og fixer-upper I know a lot of people really like that so I’m just a ton a ton of stuff at your fingertips okay Valerie your favorite actor or actress [Music].



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