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If it’s going to be the Apple TV 4k versus the Amazon Fire Stick 4k, look, I love almosteverything about this product, it is fantastic, it’s just that I also love feeding my kids.

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So if we’re talking AppleTV versus Amazon Fire we want to talk aboutthe devices available and the costs for each of them.

So, on the Apple TV sidewe’ve got the 4k version that retails for about $160 to $170 depending on the retailer.

You can get it for $200if you’re foolish enough to actually shop at apple.

com or you can get it for about $130 or $140 if you want the non 4K version.

On the Amazon side, the Fire Stick 4k that Ihave right here is about $50, or for $10 less you can getthe non 4k version of that.

There’s also the AmazonFire TV Cube which is $120 and that’s basically this plus an Echo Dot kind of mashed together.

So you do have those options.

So which device should we compare? Intuitively you might want to compare the most expensive options from each since they’re naturally the best, right? So it would be the Apple TV 4k versus the Amazon Fire TV Cube, right? Well, hold your horses because the closest comparison is actually between the Apple TV 4k and the Fire Stick 4k.

Which, as we just noted isn’treally a comparison at all if you’re just talking about price.

I mean, $50 for this oneversus $160 for this one.

All you fast math people outthere already figured this out but that’s more than three times the cost for the Apple device.

It’s unsurprising, maybeconsidering it’s Apple, but still kind of shocking.

But if price is your onlycriteria then problem solved, you can go ahead and shut off this video just grab the Amazon one you’re done.

But, price might not beyour only consideration.

The next thing to think about is which ecosystem you want to live in.

Because either way, once youplug in one of these devices some of your future choices have basically already been made.

If I utilize the voice searchfeature on the Apple TV to rent Police Academy or whatever, it’ll send me to iTunesto make that purchase, or whatever the successor to iTunes is, I know it’s going to be new but we don’t know enough about that yet.

Anyway, point it, on the converse side, the Fire Stick willsend me to Amazon Prime to make that same rental.

Now yes, there areworkarounds in either case, like you can limit yoursearch to certain apps, but these devices are designed to work most smoothly and easilywithin their own ecosystems.

So, you want to get themost from your Apple TV? Well then you’d betteralready be an Apple fan with a bunch of their devices, or a new willing convert.

And of course, ditto for the Fire TV.

But these devices have a tonof different apps, right? So which one has the better apps? Well I think generally speaking, we’re pretty even here.

Most of us are going to beusing a streaming box like this to access the big stuff, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, that sort of thing.

And both players performthat function admirably.

Most apps, most big apps, are going to be available on either one.

But let’s scratch thesurface a little bit.

Both devices also do a prettygood job with gaming as well.

They have remotes that let you play great looking games with simple controls, or you can even go theextra mile and install a game emulator and usea bluetooth controller to say play classic gameslike on the NES or SNES.

But when it comes to appsand daily functionality, if we dig just a little bit deeper, I think the Apple TV starts to inch ahead.

Thanks to the TV app on the Apple TV.

I know, it’s kind of a weird name, but it’s just called the TV app.

There’s a lot to dig into with this but I’ll keep it pretty short for now.

The TV app is the simplifiedapplified version of something I wanted for quiet a while.

See, it pulls together your content from various other apps likeHulu, ESPN Plus, HBO, Stars, and yes, even Amazon Prime, and it lets you seeeverything in once place.

Instead of jumping in and out of every app every time you want to switch over.

So, the watch now tab will pull all of the stuff you’rein the middle of watching and put it one list that youcan see across your devices.

Whether it’s the Apple TV or it’s your phone, or yourtablet, or your Mac, it is extremely convenient.

Unfortunately, Netflix isn’tparticipating in this yet, I hope they do somedaybut I guess we’ll see.

Now, while we’re on the subject of apps, I haven’t said anything yetabout the new Apple TV Plus service that’s scheduled tocome out later this year, and that’s on purpose.

We just don’t know enough about it yet.

We’ll have to see how itdoes when it comes out.

For now I do think it’s safeto say it will work best on the Apple TV.

Now, one last thing whereI think the Apple TV comes out a bit ahead, andthat has to do with the remote.

Both remotes are good, don’t get me wrong, and I actually think Iprefer the clickable circle on the Fire TV remote over the track pad on the Apple TV remote when it comes to everyday use.

That track pad is not friendlyto sticky fingered kids, I can tell you that right now.

But, the Apple TV remote has the little microphone button on it that lets you issue commands to Siri, but it also lets you dictateemail addresses and passwords so you don’t have tohunt and peck every time you need to log in to something.

This is especially helpfulduring the initial setup phase, but it comes in handy prettyfrequently even after that, as you can imagine.

Now, with either theApple TV or the Fire TV, you can always connect your phone and just use it for its keyboard.

But, the convenience ofpressing a single button on your remote to take care of all that passwords and email addresses and stuff, is one of my absolute favoritethings about the Apple TV and has been for some time.

So there are a couple areaswhere I think the Apple TV pulls ahead a bit, but for the most partboth are great devices and I really enjoy them both.

They’re easy to use, they display crisp 4k HDR et cetera.

But while I love the Apple TV, it’s hard for me to getpast that price point.

So for the majority of streamers out there I would actually recommendthe $50 Fire Stick 4k over the $160 Apple TV 4k.

But, if I’m talking to an Apple superuser, then I think the Apple TVhas some cross-functionality like with the TV app thatdoes make it a no brainer.

And I figure if you can afford a Mac, and an iPhone, and an iPad, then you can probablyshell out for an Apple TV.

And frankly, you probablyshould, it’s great.

Now, there are a hundred otherareas that I could address, but I don’t want this tobe an hour long video, and I do think thatcovers the broad strokes.

So if there are anyother little things that you love or hate aboutone device or the other, hit the comments below and let me know.

And on your way down give this video a like if you enjoyed it.

Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you next time.

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