office 365 we’ll get to it at the end of the hour if I could I’d take up the whole hour for it we’d sell every last one of them out but we’ve got great huge incredible deals for you Aaron Berger’s gonna join us at the end of the hour for HP and he’s joining us at the top of the hour for one of the best values we’ve ever done on the Amazon fire stick now if you’re shopping for a top-of-the-line media streamer you cannot find a better value a lower price than what we’re offering but it’s not a last year model it’s not a closeout of old technology it’s new it’s a newer upgraded remote control for easier navigation and control and it is a newer system that’s now a 4k stick so now it is the least expensive media streamer in the marketplace today and offers higher quality video easier to navigate remote control technology and voice command all built into it if you are looking to gift one if you’re looking to take one with you to Grandma’s house or to the hotel room instead of renting that twenty dollar movie you never wanted to see in the movie theater to begin with if you want to gift it to kids and grandkids for the TV in their room if you want to make the guest bedroom actual TV work rather than paying Alucard for the DVR this is truly the best value you’ll find anyone better than Amazon’s price better than our price has ever been and Aaron what I love about it Amazon is so easy to navigate and use they have their own huge prime video world that you enter if you’re a Prime customer but they’ve given you the versatility and flexibility with a little stick so you can take it anywhere that’s right and still are delivering 4k voice commands all that kind of stuff at at a price that blows away any DVR rental cost and they have their own world but they also welcome in Netflix and they welcome a new when they welcome in Ruka so anything you want to watch this is what it is by the way this is the little stick that now you plug this into the side of your television everybody ask what do I need you need a high-definition television so that’s a television that has an HDMI port this goes right into the side I’m gonna show you in a minute how to set it up I mean it literally isn’t much more than plugging it into the side of your TV and then this connects to your Wi-Fi you’re off and running and if we take a look at the television screen you’ll see this is what comes up on your screen this really really easy to navigate and easy to use ability to watch over 500 thousand five hundred thousand of your favorite shows did anybody start the new season of Mrs Biggs you started it I have not the new season yet we’re finishing up Jamestown this great show on PBS masterpiece yeah so we’re gonna get to it I only made it through one episode of Jamestown so I’m glad you glad you reminded me of that I gotta go back that all right so here’s the thing now if you want to watch Netflix if you want to watch HSN if you want to use your voice to pull up anything for example we could say play tumble leaf how did I do that there’s a little microphone button right there so you press the microphone you talk to the it’s amazing this has a little quad-core computer inside it which is a extraordinary thing now mazing enough to just be able to call up any movie call up any video cut but if you had a question you know something that basically you would normally ask an Amazon echo or something like that maybe you’re just wondering what the weather’s like while you’re watching television you can say what’s the weather in Tampa because this little stick that is an Alexa device yeah running through your television that’s right that you get for $40 now here’s the thing it is a brand new model it is the first time ever that you can upgrade and get 4k quality and only spend $40 but what you’re getting is a $130 value we’re including a ton of content that’s free and included with your purchase today and it used to be that if you wanted the lower priced lesser expensive portable models these little sticks they weren’t 4k ready now you don’t have to have a 4k TV it’ll work 1080p it’ll work 720p but if and when you upgrade to a 4k TV now your stick is ready to go now it is a little behind the scenes real quick it’s on flex pay for $20 any major debit or credit card that’s all you spend we charge shipping and tax on the first flex pay we ship it to you instantly and immediately we have about 5000 of these that Amazon gave us to sell at a lower price than Amazon themselves are offering it for it is more expensive if you buy it on Amazon than if you buy it from us here at HSN so they gave us about five thousand for the final week of the season we’ve already sold over 1500 of them so we’re gonna work with Amazon to try to allow have them allow us to sell more of them at a lower price than even they’re doing but it’s an opportunity buy and at this price Aaron you can start looking at multiple TVs in your home you can start taking stock in the basement TV the TV at Grandma’s house the guest bedroom TV huh and let them all be Smart TVs with tons of free content a lot of people ask does this work with cable and the answer is yes or no right so in other words yes if you have cable on the television you can use this with cable you can go between do you have to have cable no I mean this can become your total entertainment system do you have to have subscriptions no if you subscribe to prime or you subscribed in Netflix you subscribe to Hulu you can watch all of those and many many many more HBO and Showtime and you know on and on if you you basically you imagine it there but tons of free content YouTube is on there so there’s a bajillion things watching YouTube HSN of course is always watched free to watch lots of great PBS stuff I want to show you quickly how simple it is the setup on it is one of the great pleasures of this device as the guy who sets up electronic kind of all day every day I love setting up this one because it’s so easy here’s what it is this one is set up so I’ll just unplug it and show you this is the stick okay you plug the stick into an HDMI port on your television any any open hdmi port the only other thing you do you plug in this little cable this takes it power so if you have a USB port on your TV you plug this into your USB port and that’ll power it if you don’t we even include a little adapter for to plug it into the wall so either way that’s it and then again this connects to your Wi-Fi and you have instant access to about 500, 000 of your favorite movies and television shows and those kind of thing so here’s just a real quick heads up guys there’s only three more minutes left in our presentation because we are so limited in this stock Amazon is the most highly rated and reviewed like the best selling media streamer technology in the marketplace today it’s the only brand you can buy that also gives you smart assistant speaker technology built in as well and now it’s 20 bucks any major debit or credit card interest in finance free it is the most affordable way to maybe cut down on the DVR rentals for you to be able to make any TV fully functional to show movies and sports and games and all sorts of great content if you’re interested in buying one as a gift for college kid or somebody who’s setting up a new apartment maybe we can’t afford a cable bill every single month if you’ve got TVs at your house and grandma’s house that aren’t really doing anything other than collecting dust you can turn them back into these full function high-definition in demand experiences at the lowest price you can find it anywhere and really ever that’s why already over 1500 have been sold and at this great value I will let you know we’re not limiting quantity so if you want multiples for the multiple TVs in your home or to give us gifts this is a great time to get in on the deal a couple other quick demos as brett said this is fast so I think in my grandparents I don’t know why but I guess as winter comes and I think of my grandpa they’re not with us anymore with my grandfather he used to love to watch westerns and they were always kind of hard to find on television I kinda remember him flipping through television all day long until you know he’d find one every so often with this it’s as easy as saying John Wayne and you know at your fingertips our El Dorado Rio Grande True Grit The Searchers north to Alaska we’re thinking my grandma well my grandmother really liked to watch basketball she liked UK and IU basketball but she loved musicals too so we could go Fred Astaire and it really it is amazing the world of it and you see how easy this is the world of entertainment that’s at your fingertips and that anybody can use this I mean I do think for grandparents for people who are maybe a little more closed in as the winter gets here I think it is a wonderful thing one other just quick thing that kind of takes us to a whole different level we could spend a lot more time on this but yes tons of video but you can also because this is kind of like making your television into a computer you can download tens of thousands of apps on this as well so there’s actual games you can play over the holidays you’ll have a lot of fun with your family playing games like pac-man there’s a really cool game down here called fib egde hangman games that kind of family can play you know after you eat of course eating is the most important thing and the holidays right and then one other thing if you go into categories that’s an area that I like to go kids movies and TV medical novelty magazines the education category is really really cool because there’s a lot of cool stuff for kids and for adults in here first thing everybody says when they see this is watch TED Talks yeah you can watch TED talks if you got a kid oh there’s some great videos baby first so just a quick heads up our clock is gonna go down but we want to give everybody one last moment to continue to see all the entire world that fire offers remember what you’re getting say is their newest model it’s 4k it’s a better upgraded remote with more buttons and easier technology built into it and a ton of extra content this is a $130 value that cost you 20 bucks I mean seriously like one movie theater ticket and hours and hours and hours of movies and TV shows and all sorts of fun content so with over 1, 800 now sold we just wanted to give you one last look at it because it is the last presentation of the day today and we are getting into the big rush to the holidays and of course you get extended holiday returns and flex pay so you’re really only spending $20 right now on a great holiday gift or wonderful way to stay entertained for all the kids and grandkids coming to visit at Holiday it’s time for one more quick demo yes please trolls troll you know the movie really cute movie trolls came out a few years ago right one of the great things about this system so there’s trolls sort of instantly at your fingertips right the first thing it tells me about trolls is I can watch it on Netflix because we have a Netflix subscription and a Hulu subscription so this lets you know if you have it somewhere for free that’s what’s gonna lead you first unlike if you didn’t have it it would tell you you could rent it from Amazon for $2.

99 or for 399 but what’s so nice is it’s it’s kind of agnostic in showing you the least expensive way to watch it first and you know there’s that buy it now and people always say what do you mean by it it means it’ll be permanently in a library which then you go back and access the TV shows in the movies that you buy rather than buying you know blu-rays and discs and storing them all you have a library that holds on to everything that you purchase and that goes with you anywhere and everywhere you bring this great little stick so you buy something and then take it to the hotel room and don’t pay all a cart for those lousy mediocre movies that you didn’t want to see when they were in the theaters in the hotel wants 20 bucks to let you rent it your money goes a long way with it alright so Erin we’ll see you back in in a little bit HP HP consider coming up at the end of the hour so stay with us continue to shop for really some of our most exciting holiday gifts and the thing about our gadget store is that we are getting them the final.



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