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well first and foremost I love everyone to know right off the bat huge customer pick at the regular price on our website 4.

8 stars there were hundred reviews 83 of those reviews are perfect five-star reviews but what’s happening today you have never seen before and you literally cannot find anywhere else we have the lowest price anywhere in the industry so you see what I’m holding and like well why is she holding – well you have two amazing options I am going to start here because in terms of the value it’s ridiculous a hundred and 39.

95 today we are going to give you two of them $40 off at only 99.

95 now you also have the opportunity to shop for just one and one we have a $10 savings on from 69 to 59.

95 but you’re not only getting the amazon firetv we are also going to give you with this three months extra great goodies you’re getting three months to Pandora sling and more but here’s the bottom line you have the opportunity to have access today to literally hundreds of thousands about over 500, 000 apps and channels and different programs and the opportunity as you can see to not only stream to 4k high dynamic range support Universal Alexa voice I love Alexa and you also have 3d dolby atmos you have a quad-core processor 8 gigabytes of internal storage this is where it gets exciting for all of us watch over 500, 000 movies and TV episodes you can access Netflix prime Hulu and so much more and mr.

Aaron Berger I will not have to look at another 273 dollar cable bill that I looked at yesterday you don’t have to know get rid of your cable and that’s an option some people will get rid of their cable a lot of people use this in addition quite frankly you know absolutely I mean because we want on demand immediate entertainment whatever movie we want to watch whatever television show we want to watch whatever games we want to watch whatever genre we want to watch what is a streaming device what is this what is a fire TV and why is it so darn popular this is the fire TV the little device that you plug into your television one of the nice things is you plug it into the back of your television and it just kind of dangles there that’s it so you never have to look at it so as long as you have this and Wi-Fi you can now stream television just as a comparison this is what the old Wow fire TV looked like so you see how much smaller so this had to sit out in front of the TV this plugged in behind the television the remote does not have to have direct access to it it’s a use anywhere remote and what it means is take a look at the screen for a minute now with this plugged into the back and using your Wi-Fi you can watch Netflix you can watch Prime video you can listen to music you can look at all your photos will stream to here Hulu we’re including swing television for a month you can watch YouTube you can even go online so the browser for example is something that’s built in here you see we’re on hsn.

com and we’re taking a look at our mo whoo very quick overview this is a beautiful high-definition antenna it used to be the the mo who’s that we had you had to hang them on the wall this can sit beautifully right in front of your television and now now you really can’t cut your cord now you can get all of your cable out of the air so we’ll talk about that more right off the bat you take an additional $10 off marks it down to like 69.

95 today and by the way we only have 900 of those left because it has been so popular it really has so how do you do this how do you watch movies how do you watch well that’s the thing that you know the reason that this is a almost perfect five star I’ve never seen a better reviewed item on hsn.

com is how easy it is to use I want to show you the voice right away so miss Bobby who is your favorite actor or Driss Oh actor sure hands down there we go hugh jackman oh that’s easy alright you take your remote you press the little microphone button and you go hugh jackman now i want you to see how fast this it’s immediate immediate here’s hugh jackman movies right away we can watch deception or we can watch slay ms or we can watch the greatest showman or we can watch mountain or we can watch prisoners and in general or week or even oklahoma we could did you know that he was Kurosawa yeah did you know did a lot on Broadway early now to that point Bobby likes Broadway musicals so I could instead of asking for specific actor actors actress I could just go movie musicals see here’s the thing you have five hundred again the greatest showman Mamma Mia Milana Phantom of the Opera Beauty and the Beast do you want to watch sing do you wanna watch Glee do you wanna watch frozen all of these things instantly at your fingertips and today since we’re doing it to package our best value is to to pack you’ve got one for the bedroom one for the living room one for the dorm room one for home one for traveling with because this can travel with you this can go to Grandma’s house this could go to hotels you know instead of spending whatever you spend for one movie in a hotel for the night for goodness sake this plugs in to any television that has an HDMI out port and now you can watch over 500, 000 movies television shows your favorite sports programming your favorite news programming whenever you want wherever you went in the simplest way again this is why this is a pretty near perfect five-star customer pick miss Erin knows I always say I am the most electronically illiterate human being on the planet I can do this it’s so easy you have the remote you have a Lexus you have the voice recognition I have to just quickly again remind everyone because you are going for the 2-pack for the most part you know and I want to you know go over the value because what’s happening here today at HSN this is the best value of the day it will change your whole television experience but if you look I mean this is just the 2-pack a hundred and thirty nine ninety eight but that’s not counting the extra involved in all of the extras you’re getting totaling almost $300 and you have a one-time purchase today remember one time purchase you own it 99.

95 free shipping five flex pay payments and then to your point aaron you really want to for me i want one downstairs I want one upstairs absolutely I do a little bit of holiday shopping what I buy them now put them away you have kids that are going off to college you know I think about my mom and I would speak for myself as well it is such a challenge number one half the time I can’t see the remote okay then there’s that and then you’re kind of like looking for Broadway musicals it takes me forever if you’ve ever gone to the search you know how that taken you got to pipe up the one letter and the other letter and scroll down I’m exhausted by the end of it this is fast it’s easy it’s immersive and it is an experience it will change the way you watch television and there in most of us I guess I should speak for myself but I spend way more time watching movies at home and certainly television than I ever do out of the theater well we love I mean I think we love that experience of nesting of bringing everybody together of having all the entertainment available and now when you want to watch a movie say I know the movie I want to watch you don’t even you don’t have to search for it you don’t have to type it in you just go play Manchester by the sea and because this has a quad-core processor and this is something I haven’t mentioned yet this particular and I’m gonna hold it up again this is the Amazon TV this has a quad-core processor in it it streams 4k which is something that forget with a fire stick you were asking me some of the superlatives are this streams in 4k and an HDR high dynamic range so higher quality and something called Dolby Atmos sound it’s the highest sound quality and you see how immediate is it sits fort I’m just gonna hit my little home button here it’s 40% faster 40% faster than the fire stick fire stick is a wonderful wonderful device but just giving you an example of how this is very much a step up in a streaming device another thing you might mention is that so I’m holding this remote in my hands a super simple remote I can point it anywhere so watch I’m pointing this literally away from this I’m putting this at you not at the vision and you see that they’re still controlling the TV behind me it is a what’s called a point anywhere remote so that means you could point it anywhere because remember this is plugged in behind your television you do not have to have a direct line-of-sight that’s not how they work like the way you know often with your cable box or that sort of thing you need to have you can see there you simply plug it into a high-def TV and start streaming it turns your dumb TV smart it makes your Smart TV smarter the easiest interface you’ve ever used all of this wonderful built-in voice technology over 17, 000 channels over 500, 000 just movies and television shows we haven’t even got into music and Amazon Prime you do not and I’m so glad you asked that question so let’s talk about buying things versus free things here for a minute when you get this home we like free crew works good so and then there’s free when you get this home and plug it in you do not have to have a member it be a member of Amazon Prime you do not have to be a member of Netflix you do not have to be a member of Hulu or any of those things that said if you are a member of any of those streaming services you’re going to have that much more content available to you Amazon Prime for example produces extraordinary proprietary content now and they have a lot of stuff additional things available for free so no you don’t have to be a member of anything and you’ll still you mean you could download for free the PBS app the BBC app the YouTube app it has you know lots of movies and those sort of things available there something else I want to point out is so as I’m going through menus here you can see this shows recent things I’ve done so I’ve gone into my silk browser I’ve gone to shot bar this has the HSN shop by remote app that I’ve downloaded I’ll show you that more in a minute we’re including four for a month a sling television so your news and your sports and all that are there netflix these are places that I’ve been crossing roads it’s a game we’ll play that in a little bit I’m gonna go down a little bit more this shows some more of my apps and channels this I love this it shows Prime original series in 4k Ultra cuz a lot of times people have trouble finding content in 4k here’s all this great content that’s ready for you and this streamed you know beautifully in 4k featured apps and games UFC so if a lot of people think well what about my sports UFC HBO speaking of your sports Major League Baseball these are all featured apps that you can download you could download from the Amazon App Store that’s on here but one of the things specifically that I wanted to show you if you have a cable subscription and if you keep your cable subscription a lot of people don’t know this so I want to point this out things you can watch with your cable subscription for free so Fox now Sundance TV do you like to watch any history but see it’s not just watching these things it’s having all of their content on demand so when you want to watch lifetime or when you want to watch the DIY Network or you want to watch the Food Network or you want to watch the Travel Channel or HGTV or AMC or BBC America if you have cable basically when you download these you set you’ll sign in using information that you have from your cable company and so all of those it’s not like you have to buy those in a distance no photos are included I’ve tried to do that on my Apple TV and it’s not easy it’s so easy so if someone wants to you would like to not have all of their cable bills and would love to do I there still it can still access like saying your favorites you’re absolutely port channels and your main networks that you want so let’s talk about that for a minute if you really want to do that yes you absolutely can in fact read the reviews on hsn.

com absolutely read the reviews read the reviews read the reviews so many people they’re talking about how whether they’re using it in addition to their cable or whether they’re getting rid of their cable many people are getting rid and then you might decide well what what I really you know but between Netflix and Hulu and prime I don’t ever turn on live television personally I just don’t ever do it and then you might go oh but I really really really love masterpiece theater as well well then you get the masterpiece theater app and you pay a couple bucks a month or you just watch the free stuff that’s available in there it’s totally up to you and one of the things I love the best and I think it is so fair and so decent and so smart on the part of Amazon to do it this way many of us pay for a couple services so maybe we have Amazon Prime maybe we have Netflix and a lot of times one movie will be free on one but not the other that’s Health Services work what this does for you is it automatically always finds the least expensive way for you to watch so for example maybe we want to watch the movie trolls okay so I’m just gonna go trolls okay so that was easy enough right and it’s gonna search here’s trolls and now so we’re gonna watch this I’m just gonna we’re gonna watch it notice that it tells me we’re gonna watch this now on Netflix now Netflix is not owned by Amazon you could it knows this device that’s plugged into the back of your TV knows that I have Netflix on here so it knows that I could watch this now for free from Netflix now if you didn’t subscribe to Netflix that’s fine you don’t have to subscribe to Netflix it would show you more ways to watch you could rent this right now from Amazon for $2.

99 standard-definition or 399 high-definition but it no but the first thing it does isn’t try to sell you something yes see the first thing that does is it looks through the programs that you have or the apps that you have to which you subscribing good so Aaron you collect that for free right now here boom there it is it’s a built-in user interface that makes it easier and less expensive free to use exactly but easy easy easy I mean easy to operate and again today the best value we literally have the lowest price anywhere and I’m holding two of them because I definitely suggest if you can do it the greatest savings is here if you buy just one and you can buy one from 69 it’s $10 off at 59.

95 but if you go for the 2-pack not only you’re saving $40 we are shipping it to you for free no matter where you live but flex pay is $19.

99 I tell you what you rent two movies and you pay for it right here you have the access of again of taking that television you have for years making it a smart TV but not just that the ability via alexa to speak to your remote and you saw how quick the response was to watch anything i mean over 500, 000 we said a programs and shows and channels it’s quick it’s easy and I would say to anyone out there that today when you can take advantage of a value like this think ahead and think of the reason for – I mean here’s my mom again my mom has a difficult time running a remote is like a lot of us do with this you can speak to the remote I can’t I keep going back to that because to me that feature Aaron is one of the best features it takes any challenge that I’ve had in trying to find the show I want to find yeah it takes it all the way because you just basically can ask for it kids can hear it yes kids can do it children can do it younger anyone the kids can walk in and they can go play tumble leaf and you know what will happen we will play here’s tumble leaf not only the tumble leaf it’s tumble leaf in 4k with high dynamic range um people are asking about playing all different kinds of channels so one of the things I want to say is there are over five a hundred thousand half-a-million movies and television shows at your fingertips just about everything is available here and a couple of things I want to delve in a little further with that if we go over here to apps now we’re on the Amazon App Store now from the Amazon App Store we can do all kinds of things we can download things that have to do with entertainment we can download sports March Madness NBA live UFC MLB Fox Sports to go things no cable required you don’t have to have cable if you want to watch CBS all access hulu HPL now crackles showtime sling stars the CW Netflix NBA app just about everything is at your fingertips if there wasn’t something at your fingertips but maybe there’s something that you would stream online usually well another thing that you can do is you can open the silk browser the silk browser is a full internet browser full internet browser so it’s like opening up your computer on your television because remember this has a quad core processor inside it just like a computer does so what I’m saying is if you go to a certain channel like we’re on hsn.

com right now and we are we’re shopping on hsn.

com right now but I could just as easily go to HSN live from our site so I’m doing this not on our app but actually on hsn.

com and and from this site we could watch live we could stream live here and you can do this with any you know any web site so my point is anything that you could normally watch see we’re so now we’re live streaming you see you guys understand what I just did so somebody with asking and relay because they watch something on I think a Korean program or something like that if it’s available anywhere on the computer it’s you could always do it this way as well if there wasn’t specifically an app for it for every major channel every major category there’s going to be an app but when you get into some really specific things you can also always just kind of use this like a computer to find things to stream you access a lot of shows in art you can’t normally access also oh my god like a regular television because I think it’s hard to really for us as viewers to comprehend exactly what this is going to give you you talk about having a total experience watching television on your schedule your time is great but it’s watching a variety of I don’t care whether you’re looking for cooking shows westerns you love dramas you love comedy like me you love Broadway musicals you have access to all of this without having to sit down look at a brochure figure out how to use it so I’ve gone into the apps area for movies and TV and I’ll just you know point out some History Channel NBC stars Cartoon Network PBS discovered in and again these are available not just like whenever they’re showing something but whatever it is you want to watch do you love comedy there’s Comedy Central there’s MTV there’s the movies anywhere network the Travel Network Disney Junior BT BBC America Animal Planet and then we start to get into things that are I think a little less common like 24/7 horror you can’t find 24/7 horror for the most part on your television to go Halloween right Western mania do you love westerns you can watch westerns all the time drama you and I DramaFever right there I mean Vimeo Motor Trend you like to watch shows about cars classic cartoons 24/7 comedy so I think you’re getting the idea drama 24/7 have this these are everyone gets that everybody gets this I mean these are all available to you these are all access points to watch my gosh I mean just about big star Latino so people were asking about that Bollywood movie so you love to watch Bollywood well great go over here and download the Bollywood app Bollywood movie so what really whatever it is is that your fingertips and without what I want to show you again because I don’t want to overwhelm anybody is this is so simple to you so maybe you’re like my mom and you want to just always watch Cary Grant let’s go into Cary Grant and now we can watch them Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn we can watch the pajama game we can watch his girl Friday we can watch that touch of mink we go on or you know if it’s obviously something more contemporary maybe your favorite is Julia Roberts and now we’re gonna have all the great Julia Roberts movies at our fingertips ready to go and again if you have a Hulu subscription or if you have a net subscription or a prime subscription and they’re free there they’re gonna be available to you some of them you can rent for a couple of dollars another thing I should take a moment to mention this does have all the power of Alexa built in so I think this will blow your mind yes your your watching your movies your doing those kind of things but you think oh you know what later today I won’t do want to go for a jog so what’s the weather in Tampa because remember this is a computer so not only does this give you access not only does this give you access to all of your entertainment and all of your games and all of your music oh speaking of music you could do something like um play you were the rain by Ryan beaver we haven’t mentioned that this is basically the world’s biggest shoe box on top of it can I access my shopping list yeah that’s my favorite thing with Amazon oh I mean with Alexa by the way Father’s Day dollars Express shipping if you ask for a $5 shipping you we’ll get this home for Father’s Day and I want to say thank you we have hundreds of people that are calling you know I very seldom hear over 35 years have had the chance to present anything electronic world I was so looking forward to this because I made my purchase before the show anything anything in the electronic world is going to be quick and simple and easy give me the opportunity to use it anywhere to know that I can give it to my daughter I can give it to my mom I can give it to my friends and they are going to have that same ability sky is a limit in terms of the world of entertainment and today to know also out about you but I always want a great Buy we have the lowest price anywhere in the entire country holding the 2-pack because the 2-pack is a $40 savings now mind you that is today and today only yes we’ll ship it to you for free five flex pay that is on any credit card debit card PayPal no interest whatsoever and go to our website and read the reviews you mention the beginning 4.

8 stars there are 100 reviews but 83 of those are perfect 5 star reviews and I want to also talk a little bit can we talk a little bit about the fabulous boho in a second horse again because that is our bonus buy today and it’s something I tell you we sold like 1500 of these oh we have a presentation on it that’s right I forgot we did we’re gonna do it so we are gonna do a little presentation super so we will talk about that and I will mention it again just after I do this quick demonstration as well will kind of get it all in together you know I just wanted to show you you see what I’m doing right now right I’m doing a little bit of well gaming I’m playing again this cross heroes you can game with this but really is I have to say I don’t know of any other device in this sort of price range that gives you this wide range us wide breadth of things that you can do grandson I’ll be in heaven oh there’s so many so there’s one called here here I’ll do this I’m not I’m not as good at this one I’m pretty good but I don’t do this one as much Altos adventure let’s see I don’t think I did that one right let me try that one more time Batman Altos adventure we probably could download pac-man that’s not one that I’ve looked for here we go here’s out those adventure so this is I was just I actually have to say congratulations to my godson who lives in Utah and just graduated from high school and when I saw him last week it was it was just a beautiful day out there and anyway I think of him when I play this because he’s like this crazy good skier my nieces and nephews who live in in Utah they absolutely love to ski and they’re these crazy good skiers and this is this ski game but it’s really fun to play I want you to just look at these graphics I mean these are really extraordinary graphics one of the things that you have to remember see I’m gonna jump right now see there we go the reindeer but you don’t want to hit the rocks in I’m always best I mean look how beautiful that is and there are thousands and thousands of games and and and those sort of things you see once again I’m jumping here and I can even do ready I’m gonna do a backflip for all the parents and all the grandparents out there this is awesome I didn’t even realize I could do that the whole it doesn’t it do you’re just right right the whole Amazon Appstore is at your fingertips let’s let’s take a minute here we’re getting into our last few minutes let’s spend just a minute or two with mo whoo and then there’s a couple more things I want to show you guys for sure we sadly with the fire stick as well mo who do you see this yes so here’s what you have to understand you you have seen or heard us talk about high definition tennis before like you know think of rabbit ears basically this these are the new rabbit ears except it has a 50 mile range is 4k so you get all of your high-definition signals here jut you just you simply plug this into your television and set it up we see how beautiful it is you set this up in front of your television if you want you can set it over to the side this will mount on the wall it will mount outside so wherever you’re getting the best the best reception but the key is you’re getting a fork a strum signals from out of the air a lot of people don’t realize that you know it’s the law actually that all of your channels have to be broadcasts so it’s they’re not just coming in through cable all of your local channels all of your news and your sports and those kind of things are broadcast into the air and they’re free to receive you just have to have the device to receive them that’s what this mo most people are getting between 40 and 60 channels watch local news watch local sports and I’m going to show you what all those channels look like in in a minute or two but you put these two together this becomes a cutting the cord bundle for sure when you talk about mo whoo and getting you when you do buy the today’s special you take ten more dollars off so it’s marked from 99 to 79 you pay 69.

95 and there’s only quantities like 900 only remaining all right there is a clock up on the screen we have only about four more minutes remaining for everyone I know about you but I have one so impressed I am so excited to get this home and if it’s something you’ve thought about before don’t don’t think anymore and if you can do it go for the 2-pack because clearly the savings is the best and it’s interesting because it’s 99.

95 for two of them so that’s $40 off with a retail of 130 9.

95 single at 59 the free shipping the flex and it is an HSN exclusive bundle with a lot of great extras that come right along with it but in the Matt a time remaining and of course we would love to hear from you also I mean definitely give us a call go to our website read the reviews but Aaron can you walk me through from the very beginning for someone who maybe is like me he’s like okay what do I do with it where do I start and what’s it gonna give me you never give yourself enough credit I always tell Bobby I mean you know she’s been selling electronics for years but we get to do it together about twice a year right so she asked me questions because I feel like they’re often the questions that you would ask so I’m gonna I’m gonna do this kind of the way I did it with Bobby this morning okay this is called fire TV fire TV is a device that lets you stream over 500, 000 movies have access to streaming over 500, 000 movies and television shows to your television here’s how it works you plug it into the back of your TV this is a little HDMI port so most TVs in the past 12 years or so have an HDMI port on them you plug this in that hangs on the back of your television and I want to show you a comparison you see how it just hangs there out of the out of view which is so nice unlike many devices and in fact this is the old fire TV you’d have to set this in front of your device you have to have a direct line of sight for it to work this just hangs in the back of your television you have to have Wi-Fi in your house and it streams all of your favorite channels and movies and music and those kind of things to your TV so if you don’t have a smart TV it makes your TV smart if you have a smart TV it makes your TV smarter it has this interface which lets you watch your videos and movies and TV shows and apps and settings with this point anywhere remote you can I can literally I’m gonna point this remote at the ceiling okay I’m not pointing this at the television in any way but you see that I’m still controlling the television it’s extra you point anywhere to me what’s the coolest thing is what’s built into this is all kinds of voice control so if you want to watch a movie I can say play Manchester by the sea I don’t have to search for the movie I don’t have to type the movie in I don’t have to any of those things I happen to own it and it’s a movie that is with one of the services to which I subscribe if you didn’t it would just give you the opportunity to rent it another thing fight you know from me a lot it there’s there’s so much that’s out in it now just finding new things or finding things that have my favorite artists I’m gonna ask Bobby a question that I didn’t warn her who’s your favorite actress or one of your favorite actresses don’t okay oh it’s you wonderful she just says charming she’s so good I’m a stone so now here’s what we’re gonna do Emma Stone’s movies and Emma so let me do that one more time Emma Stone Emma Stone’s movies and Emmys Emma Stone’s television shows and all of those things are at our or the help oh my gosh yeah to help you dear a few years ago so I hope you get the idea if you don’t if you’re just thinking about it what I would encourage you to do spend them in and on hsn.

com read the reviews over a hundred reviews make this a near-perfect probably the best reviewed electronics item I personally have ever had the opportunity that says a lot doesn’t it yeah and honest to God’s truth on that and with free shipping handing and oh by the way if you would also like to take advantage of our protection plus why not one plan covers both items you can get hassle-free protection 24/7 customer service I love that one and no deductible so that is also available for everyone as you’re staying right with us and oh I also wanted to mention I saw.



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