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spectacularly well it goes perfect very good viejuners! welcome ami canalllll !! JARL in previous chapters of your tuberviejuner showed that a 15 euro tv boxwas able to be a video game person retro in fact was comparable to araspberry pi but for much less money In that video I also showed you thatthere were models after that well they had more power than they couldget to do more things well today I bring you one of those modelspowerful worth more than double that of 15 euros and well let’s see if reallyfor double the price it gives us double of benefits come let’s go thereremember the tie box that I showed you was a tic box that had an amd processorlogic s 900 5w with a giga of ram had 8 gigabytes of internal storage and itsprice was about 15 euros on it and express at least at the moment that II bought it for a little more we can have others convert tv box into retro console with amlogic s905 chip and emuelecx2 or with another more current 905×3 than It is the one that I have brought you to try asyou see the express is full of you and box of many prices and many modelsI take the opportunity to recommend or if you are going to buy in express area the service oflady shocks who is the sponsor of this video that you buy the civivox into l’express if you use the extension of xbox browser and also activate thecash back at the time of purchase part of the money you pay on aliexpressit will be returned so we can save to buy us more things oryou can have your money refunded in the bank account is a goodway to recover part of what invested in our old projectswe think not but little by little it goes recovering a little money and being able to arriveto reinvest it in things like by example has box that you areteaching and another I really recommend I leave you links the decision of the video fordownload the extension and more service information looks likeyou can see is already nominating the box looks a bit morepremium that does not the 905 w let’s see what featureshas the model a little above is the x 96 is the one that got toexpress her many changes and with 905 x 3 quad core is a much more shockcurrent than the one with tv boxee 15 euros that was a 905 w supports 8ksupports h 2 365 hvc carries ethernet and wi-fi the green one it carries is gigabyte ofthis model is not like the ldtv box it was 100 megabytes then it takes usb 3 0 thatwell it can be more or less interesting depending on thefunctionality that we are going to give this kind of box to me sincerely the usb 3 0it’s indifferent but hey there are others people that may interest them and thencarries ddr3 memory iván 4 gigas este model as rom with internal memoryIt takes the mmc memory and goes 32 GB apart we can put the micro sd as not thatit’s the interesting thing to make furniture as already without following the tutorial that youI leave up here on the video card and finally we can see what it takesandroid 9.

0 a much more version current than in which he has altibox of 15euros in fact thanks to it being a fairly current version of android iscan install some applications then we see itin the box the civivox comes the command distance that would help us to giveuse as a normal tv and box with the system which comes standard also carries a5 volt power supply and 2 amps and little else all thisIt cost the price you see in screen about 37 euros but eye theremodels that with a little less ram and without bluetooth they go down in price asyou see and they can be a better option it he chose the 4-gigabyte something he wearsbluetooth in fact this i comment on The product description itself isyou can see the whole range of tibet box that there is if we go up ram memoryas you see and storage as they carry the same processor but they have thingsextra bluetooth sig a bit if you are looking for something economic like us is interested in havingso many things or if you prefer to have bluetooth and it comes from 4 or 5 euroswell, it might be worth it I bought the truth that it doesn’t take mea lot in coming home to the warm box given that the express seller wherewhat I could buy from Spain is this is why I have been able to bring it fastI leave the link in the description of the video just in case you want to buy thepot in question we can see that takes a power outlet outletdigital audio hdmi port for connect it to the TV network portgigabit ethernet video output compound that also carries the buttonhidden for tuning or with the stick like You knowalso a 2 0 usb port arrived in this another side we can see another port +usb 2 0 the microsd slot to put an alternative operating system thatas you know and also a usb port 3 0as it happened with him has box of 15 euros this asset that I show you todaycan be transformed into one thing different for which it was designedoriginally with the tutorial that you I leave here below in the description ofvideo and emelec you can transform it then in a retro video game console byexample have some fringes to polish but the basis what is emulationit works quite well so good is what I’m going to show you in this video tosee how far you can go after a while trying this is the result ofthe tests that I have been able to do to start there are platforms that I couldstart as for example p esp in the civivox barateros I showed them noripped in this guy is over 30 euros and that I could start but asyou can see what gives us well enough to beplayable your games set the frame rate and how goodstopping we are going to be impracticable takes us some levelsacceptable although yes that in some psp games yes you can behavein a decent way because in most which are 3d well enough8 and 16 bit platforms move perfectly as they retain in thetypical cheap even cases overcome is that they have special guysthe hue quite well formed to playstation 1 the most demanding modessuch as blood and steal 2 works perfectly of course yeswe tried with the simplest to emulate such as campus andy cut theemulation is still perfect as it happened in the tee box barattero of 15euros it’s funny that this is tv box run the playstation games better 1that the playstation classic as It came from the factory if we go to Nintendo64 works in a way more than correct I would even say a little morefluid that the civivox barattero I’ve tried also jump and I notice alittle more fluid than with active box cheap although regulation could gobetter is quite playable and here it comes the surprise i tried sega saturn andfreaked out because it surprised me quite several there are in that that weshould spectacularly well go perfect if we go to a game that always butwhich is heavier to emulate than is the dragon bread and moves it quite welleye because as you can see it is not going perfectly fluid the emulation is ofgame but think it’s from the games more demanding than just tryingis that in many more I’ve been testing ambulation works quite well againsttours and of course yields a lot better in this regard cons I repeat3 of plus reached this midpoint for the tvi box channel with android which isthe operating system that comes from factory with the little pot I’ve triedsome emulators and the truth is that it note some improvement somelink simulators a little better by example the nintendo 64 shows morefluid more loose although you don’t see a frame rate much more beast than withemelec it shows a little better drink so I see it almost the same aswith emelec this tv box has something else interesting that the baratero had noafter having been doing tests for a while it will set a temperature thatwell enough if we do the same with the economic type the temperature isquite superior so you refrigerates a lot I take you that cheap orwell we are going to a superior model with the 900 5 x 2 chip or the 900 5 x 3 almostthat for now I would recommend the x2 since the emelec system with the x 3they are not polishing yet and well there fringes that have to fix although tolevel of emulators have it practically ready as you couldhave done more tests for example with bat or wax with lacquer and has not ripped me offthis one has box those systems at the moment it seems thatIt is not compatible with the x3 although these systems on the web you can’t see it yeswhich are compatible as of the 905 inferior by the way also I have notcould avoid opening the tv box to see what’s insideand well look at the system cooling carries a kind ofthermal duck a sponge stuck a metal piece is a very very heatsinkfreak and very peculiar here we can see the analog chip the 905 x 3 here nextbecause ram memory and more would circuit the it’s really the size of thisinsert could be mounted with it a portable console perfectly of amore or less acceptable size many of you have asked me to bringtibi box to the channel that are more powerful than the ones I’ve shown you so farwell, if you get alaix this video and you give him a lot of love I promise youok bring some tips that you are going to freak out about put a lot of cane to those that I havetaught until today because nothing to give love to like and see you inthe next video see you later lucas.



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