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What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz Tech Review.

Today I’ve got my hands on the latest A95X Max Plus.

Now they are calling this the video game box it’s got some impressive specs and this comes with a wireless game controller and also two different remote controls so firstof all inside the box you will find your user manuals HDMI cable a power adapterand I’ll tell you the voltage it’s 12 volts 2500 ma you’re getting a USBC toUSB a charger cable for the game controllerso you do get a wireless game controller included with this package and it’s notan average generic style controller this is actually very niceyou’ve got your four trigger buttons a very ergonomic and comfortable in thehands you’ve got this grippy texture here dual joysticks and a d-pad you’vegot a plus and minus button so that’s going to be for volume control homebutton a button which says T and a button with it zero on it so we’ll findout what all of that does a bit later now another unique thing is you canchoose what type of d-pad you want so they basically slot on top so you canhave traditional d-pad or you can have something that looks like that or thisone here so you’ve got three different styles I think I’m just going to gotraditional and just keep the standard d-pad or some stuff really liking thiscontroller so far and I’m impressed that it’s not a cheapy generic style one soyes we will be testing this out very shortly if that’s not enough you’regetting your standard remote control and you can’t control your television withthis remote control instructions on the back and this is powered by two triple Abatteries you’re also getting a Nintendo Wii style remote so they’re calling thisthe sensor remote it’s nearly the same and you’re going to be able to wavethings around and hopefully play games so you do have your d-pad home button amouse button ok back volume control you’ve got a menu button in the middleand a speaker and I’m hoping that’s not a dummy I’m hoping that is an actualspeaker X a B Y and a single trigger button on the back now this sensorcontroller is powered by two double-a batteries anddo you have a USB dongle to connect it to the box last but certainly not leastthe TV box itself so here it is guys the a9 5x Max Plus this box is madecompletely from a metal body it’s Space Gray all the way around itlooks and feels absolutely amazing now quickly talk about the dimensions it’stwelve point five centimeters in height and seven point five centimeters inwidth on the front of the box you have been infrared sensor for the remotecontrol you also have two full-sized USB 3 ports two standard USB 2 ports microSDcard slot and a physical power button so it’s nice that you bought all of yourports at the front of the box now if we go over to the back of the box you haveyour power socket Gigabit LAN HDMI out your s/pdif optical in and an AV port onthe top you do have a lot of insulation and the vents are also made from metaland this is what the bottom of the box looks like and again the stand is madefrom metal as well but you do have rubber feet to keep the TV box still sothis box is all about gaming it’s called the a9 5 X Max Plus video gaming box soI’m hoping the system will be running nice and cool and I look forward totesting this out so let’s quickly go over the specs I’ve put the specs on thescreen so you guys can have a quick read now we have the s 922 hexa core CPU orif the Mallee g5 – 4 gigs of DDR for RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage now youdo have a micro SD card slot for expansion you’ve got dual band Wi-Fi ACGigabit LAN Bluetooth version 4.

2 this is running full Android version 9 PIsupports 4k HD are at 60 frames per second this supports HDR 10 with HDMIversion 2.

1 and 5.

1 surround sound so without any further ado let’s go aheadand get this beast of a TV box hooked up and find out exactly what it’s capableof you know I can’t wait to test this one out so let’s get cracking so firstof all I run a boot up speed test and this TV box took 30three seconds to fully load the homescreen from a cold start and here isthe home screen for this box you have a clean and simple layout with your searchicon on the top left with connection info and local time on the rightfollowed by a customizable favorite section so you can select your favoriteapps to appear in this top row the next row is dedicated to games and the firstlarge icon is called action games and these are exclusive games especiallydesigned for this TV box which you’re going to be using the Nintendo Wii typeof sensor controller and we will be testing this out later and the next tworows will show you all your apps and finally at the bottom you have an appdrawer main settings and Wi-Fi connection info now if we head over tomain settings go to device preferences and check out the system storage infothis box has 64 gigs of internal storage from which you have 54 gigs free to useand if we have a quick looking about you will see that we are running fullAndroid version 9 pi now let’s have a look at the complete system apps hereare all the apps available on this box as standard I have not installedanything yet and you do have quite a few apps to get you started including airscreen sectors play you’ve got some games pre-installed Netflix Amazon Primevideo you even have a PSP emulator pre-installed and ready to use which wewill test a little bit later in this video and of course the full version ofthe Google Play Store where you can download all your favorite games andapps now the first thing I tested was screen mirroring with the included airscreen app and unfortunately I was unable to connect with either my iOS orAndroid smartphone so this box apparently does not support screenmirroring so now I’m going to play some 4k video samples from a USB Drive and Iwill be doing this with the included TV MC media player which is basically thesame as Kodi Media Player but if you wanted the official version of Kodisimply uninstall the TV MC and install the official version of Kodi from thePlay Store so the first video is a 4k high bitrate jellyfish demo and this oneis 160 megabits per second and playback is nice and smooth as expectedso now we’re going to jump straight to the 400 megabits per second file andagain you can see the playback is super smooth with no issues at all so this boxplays high bitrate 4k files with no issues so moving on now to the YouTube test andyou can stream a maximum of 4k on YouTube can’t see us you just told them we’rehere what was that I think that was a rifle it’s 1985 whywhy do you think of this 20th 2010 a see Bostick time of the yearValerie it’s late four-wheeler for you kids I’ll be right back I guess we startwithout him I’m sorry now Netflix and Amazon Prime is working absolutely finebut unfortunately the maximum resolution supported is 480p they thought it was agame the cop said it was the wrong house moving on to the gaming test beginningwith Real Racing 3 so I’m pleased to see that pub t-mobiledetected the highest HDR graphical settings for this TV box so now we’regoing to test out the sensor controller or the Nintendo Wii style controller soit does work like a standard infrared wireless remote but you also got a airmouse if you press the mouse button you got air mouse control there you can turnoff the mouse by pressing the mouse button again you then have a home buttonvolume control so what we’re going to do now is test out the brand new actiongames so they’re designed for this controller so let’s see let’s open upthe action games folder so here are all the games you can play with thisincluded sensor remote so you got ascii salam bowling curling and so on so forthso quite an extensive range of games so we’re gonna try something out let’s goahead and play tennis love so next up we are testing out the PSPemulator so I downloaded two PSP games I put them on a USB Driveand I was able to access those games directly from the USB and the PSP gamesplayed absolutely fine with no issues at all so for your advanced users DRM infoshows Google Widevine level 3 and here is cpu-z where you can check out theclock speeds and you can see this is running the Mallee g52 furthermore thisbox is running Android version 9 and does come routed as standard and in theWi-Fi speed test we’ve got download speeds of 58 and upload speeds of 18megabits per second so that brings us to our benchmarks beginning with Geekbenchmulti score of three thousand two hundred and seven and in the antutubenchmark test we achieved a hundred and nine k so let’s see how that compareswith the others so here is my top android TV box chart of 2019 and as youcan see the a nine five x max plus has taken position seven on this chart nowyou can view the full versions of all my charts online at chick’s techcom andread them at your leisure so there you have it guys that was the new a9 5 x maxplus so here are my thoughts on this device this is one of the most powerfulTV boxes after the Nvidia shield TV gaming performance is great you can playany game from the Play Store on the highest settings this box also has thepower to play emulators such as PSP dreamcast and many more nice and smoothyou can play high bitrate 4k HDR from a USB Drive 4k 60 frames per second fromYouTube however Netflix and Amazon Prime are limited to 480p max and that is ofcourse due to the lack of licensing furthermore I could not get screenmirroring to work and I did test both miracast and airplay also do bear inmind that this TV box is not slim and low profile it’s a 12 centimeter high TVbox so you would need to consider your setup and how it would look bottom linethis is a super Android TV box great if you’re looking for a custom box whichalready comes rooted and has the power to do pretty much anything you like butat 164 dollars you might ask yourself should I add 40 to $50 more and get anNvidia shield TV instead now I personallylove what this company has produced a dedicated gaming TV box somethingdifferent offering great power and performance along with some exclusiveaction games which are only available on this box this is certainly aninteresting box which should gain quite a bit of interest and with that beingsaid I will leave the links in the description so you guys can check thisproduct out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have abrilliant day I’ll see you guys in the next one.



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