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What’s up guys Chigz here from ChigzTech Reviews.

Today I got my hands on the brand new X2 Pro.

NNow this is a new mini full Android TV box with a very unique design very portable and small insize but it’s powered by my favorite s9 0 5 X 2 quad-core CPU with a mallet g3 1you’ve got 4 gigs of DDR 4 RAM 32 gigs of internal storage with dual band Wi-FiAC you have a Gigabit LAN a Bluetooth version 4.

2 this is running full Androidversion 9 PI supports 4k HDR at 60 frames per second with HDMI version 2.

0and 5.

1 surround sound now the box itself has a shiny finish on the topwith chrome bezels looks quite nice x2 Pro logo on the top now on the frontof the box you got micro SD card slot a standard USB port and a USB 3 port and Ido like the convenience of having expansion ports on the front of the boxnow if we keep going and on the side we have a micro USB power port an AV outinfrared port and looks like a power indicator just there on the back we’vegot a reset hole a plugin for your antenna and I’ll show you you’ve got asmall antenna which I’m just going to plug in so we’ve got an external Wi-Fiantenna it’s kind of tiny but we will see how it performs in a bit Gigabit LANvery happy to see that you’ve got your optical in for your audio someventilation and HDMI is on the side so that brings us back to the front totallydifferent design quite excited to see how this one performs now inside the boxyou will find user manual a short HDMI cable here is your infrared cable forthe remote control now this is an optional cable as the TV box already hasan infrared port built in for the remote control micro USB power socket and I’llgive you the voltage it’s 5 volts 2500 M a European socket and here is yourremote control standard remote here powered by two triple A batteries sowithout further ado let’s go ahead and get this hooked up to my TV and capturecard and find out exactly how good this boxreally is I’ll be right back so first of all I run a boot up speed test and thisTV box took 28 seconds to fully load the home screen from a cold start and hereis the home screen for this box we have full Android version 9 desktop setup asyou would find on a tablet and the first good thing to mention is you do haveyour drop down status menu at the top and bottom now let’s quickly go over tothe main settings and check-out system storage info so this box has 32 gigs ofinternal storage from which you have 27 gigs free to use and if we have a quicklooking about you will see that we are running Android version 9 pi so let’shave a quick look at some of the new features you’ve got USB mode where youcan change the USB to host OTG MTP etc you can also customize how the devicepowers on so you have the option to allow it to go automatically to standbyuntil the user wakes it up now here are the X 2 settings beginning with the rootswitch so you can actually install and uninstall route as you wish and you canalso see the route status on the status bar at the top you also have a fileserver client option where you can configure a Samba NFS or CFS you gotplayback settings thereafter which will give you automatic framerate you alsohave hardware monitor which is one of my recent favorite options it allows you tosee on the status bar at the top information on your network IP addressMAC addresses CPU temperatures and lots more and these switches are very simpleto turn on and off as required there is also a wireless assistant app whichallows you to control the TV box from your smartphone and if that’s not enoughyou also have your gamepad settings along with debug and user scripts and anoption to add and remove the system bars and finally input device settings nowlet’s have a look at the complete system apps here are all the apps available onthis box as standard and there aren’t many popular apps to begin with but youdo have the most important full version of the Google Play Store where you cango ahead download any app or game you like nowthis TV box does not come with any option for screen mirroring but you dohave the option to download air screen which is a free app available from thePlay Store so now I’m going to play some 4k video samples from a USB Drive and Iwill be doing this with Kodi media player which I am about to download andinstall from the Play Store so let’s jump straight to the 4k video test andfirst of all we’re going to begin with a high bitrate 4k jellyfish demo and thisone is a hundred and sixty megabits per second and as you can see the playbackis very smooth as expected now this TV box comes pre-installed withthe standard tablet version of YouTube it’s basically limited to 1080p at 60frames per second and this is what the quality looks like now if you want YouTube 4k and alsoNetflix which is not available from the Play Store then you need to downloadaptoide TV app and then you need to go ahead and install YouTube TV and Netflixand when installing Netflix you do need to install an older version which is6.

25 dated February 6 so first of all we’re going to test out the YouTube TVversion we just downloaded which supports 4k video the world burns you have no idea of whatmen are capable of is this where it happens welcome America’s favorite game showshould she go Netflix is working absolutely fine but with a maximumresolution of 480p and Amazon Prime video is also workingat a maximum resolution of 480 P so moving on now to the gaming testbeginning with and pub t-mobile’s has detected mediumsettings for this device so for your advanced users DRM info showsgoogle-wide vind level 3 and here is cpu-zwhere you can check out the clock speeds and you can see that this is running theMallee g3 1 and this box does have a route switch so it’s up to you to decidewhether your box is routed or not and in the Wi-Fi speed test we’ve got downloadspeeds of 65 and upload speeds of 18 megabits per second and the top speedswe currently get in our office is between 67 to 70 megabits per second sothat brings us to our benchmarks beginning with a Geekbench multi scoreof 21 21 and in the antutu benchmark test we achieved 61 K so let’s see howthis compares with the others so here is my top performing android TV box chartof 2019 showing you the latest TV boxes and seeing how they compare with eachother and as you can see the new x2 Pro has taken position 6 on this chart witha rating of eight point nine out of ten now the top 10 of this chart has beenslightly reshuffled if you have a box which would give you a licensed Netflix4k experience that box definitely deserves to be ranked higher and theseboxes are Nvidia shield TV the Shamy box S and the fire TV stick 4k these boxeswill give you a licensed official experience for Netflix 4k YouTube andAmazon Prime video now you can view the full versions of all my charts online atchick’s techcom and read them at your leisure so there you have it guys thatwas the new x2 Pro so this is another solid performing s90 5 X 2 box now usingthe default apps this box will give you 1080p YouTube no Netflix support anAmazon Prime video at 480p after downloading aptoide TV and installingthe necess apps you can then have 4k streaming onYouTube which was very nice and smooth and working Netflix and Amazon Primevideo at 480p max gaming wise you can play any game you like nice and smoothwith no lag or frame drops you also have very good Wi-Fi and land speeds supportsUSB 3 micro SD and bluetooth version 4.

2 bottom line a newly designed compact TVbox which offers a great performance with great Wi-Fi speeds lots ofcustomization options such as roots which auto framerate hardware statusmonitor full Android version 9 desktop mode and lots more and with that beingsaid I’ll leave the links in the description so you guys can check thisproduct out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have abrilliant day I’ll see you guys in the next one you.



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