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WILL WILLIS: What you have thereare two stacks of high carbon high quality steel.

The red is 15n20.

The yellow, 1095.

Now, I’m sure you knowthat you’re probably gonna have to combine those intosome kind of Damascus pattern.

It’s time to find outabout our parameters.

Your tang must be athrough-threaded tang.

Keep in mind that in the secondround, you’ll be attaching handles to thoseblades to turn them into fully functional weapons.

Your three hour forgetime starts now.

DWIGHT: Everybodyasks, well, how long did it take you to make that? I don’t know.

I made it till it was right.

The challenge inDamascus steel is just making sure that you’vegot a good [inaudible] from the start.

–it’s gonna gethot enough or not.

What you want to dois get your layers, and get them heatedup hot enough.

It looks just like youfrying grease in a skillet.

A lot of people thinkthat it melts together.

No, that’s not true.

They’re wanting to gotogether, but you’ve got to put pressure on it.

And when they do, they’ll bond.

[hammering] MARK: So, in the first hour, I want to make sure that I get my twist pattern Damascus made.

That’s going to be the hardestpart of this challenge.

Want to make sure the billet’sstacked, get it drawn out, put it in the vise, and twist it up.

Making Damascus isdifficult, because you’re forge welding, which isa very ancient technique.

There’s a lot of things thatcan go wrong with a Damascus, so it’s pretty tricky.

WILL WILLIS: You thinkMark’s worried right now? Well, I mean, he’s upagainst three master smiths.

I’d be pissing my pants.

MARK: I’m somebodywho enjoys challenges.

Crossing that point of noreturn, I really enjoy.

I fought an MMA fight.

I rode a bull once, also.

If you look for a reasonto say yes to something, life will be more fun.

BILLY BOB: After cuttingthe bar into four pieces and stacking it up, pressing itdown, and drawing it out again, I think I may have bittenoff more I could chew.

But one good thing aboutmaking shark’s tooth is you know you’vegot good welds in it, because you havetested them severely.

[clang] 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Bladesmiths, shut down yourmachines, drop your tools, this round is over.

[music playing] [bleep] I’m not feeling reallygood right now, because I forgot to thread the tang.

It’s a disaster.

All right, bladesmiths, the first round of our pick-your-patternDamascus challenge is over.

Now it’s time forthe judges to take a closer look at your work.

Mark, you’re up first.

Please present yourblade to the judges.

DOUG MARCAIDA: So whatI like about your design is that you have a false edgethat should back up the tip.

And you cut the thread in.

Good job.

Thank you.

I like the fact that I cansee the pattern in your blade, all the way across.

There’s a just abit of a warp, it’s more pronounced on the blade.

It will be interesting tosee if it moves forward.

Thank you.

WILL WILLIS: BillyBob, you’re up next.


BEN ABBOTT: It’s got a reallynice shape to it, Billy Bob.

I like the fine point.

It should be a nice stabber.

I like the patternyou put in there, it’s very easy tosee the raindrop.

Biggest thing with this wouldbe, you know, just getting that tang straightened out.

But, good job.

Thank you.

Dwight, you’re up.

DOUG MARCAIDA: Well, Dwight, overall it’s a fine looking blade.

I can see the pattern ofyour ladder pattern Damascus, it looks good.

Thank you.

It kills me thatthat’s not threaded.

What happened? Just focused ontrying to get it done, and just ran out of time.

This is, in my opinion, the best finished blade here.

I mean, that’sjust a really good all-around knife shape there.

Thank you.

WILL WILLIS: Steve, you’re up.

BEN ABBOTT: First and foremost, amazing kudos for trying such a difficult pattern.

STEVE: Thank you.

The pattern isn’t quite asvisible as I would have liked.

But there’s no threadingon this one, either.


You do understand that thisis one of the parameters, and not having it issomething that’s serious.

I absolutely understood.

Bladesmiths, ina competition where failure to meet a singleone of our parameters is grounds for immediateelimination, two of you are on the chopping block.

It’s time for one ofyou to leave the forge.

[music playing] Steve, your bladedid not make the cut.

David Baker will explain.

Steve, we’ve put theseparameters in place so we can judgethe knives equally.

Two of you did notmeet those parameters.

Yours was just the leastfinished of the two, and that’s the reasonwe’re sending you home.



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