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now one of the biggest issues whentrying to do any kind of gaming on the 4k fire stick or the second-generationfire TV cube is always the storage now the 4k fire stick comes with eight gigsof storage whilst the second generation fire TV cube comes with 16 gig but inreality

guys once you do install a couple of games especially large romslike on the PSP or the Dreamcast that really does take up your space or fillup your space very very quickly so what can we do well in this video today letme show you a very simple process which

will allow us to extend the storage ofour fire stick or fire TV or fire TV cube by just using a simple USB Drivenow what this means is I can now play all of these games direct from the USBDrive I don’t need to copy anything to the internal storage

of my device whichwill then greatly free up that space coming up right after this if you needto the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorialsthe latest forests take Android and Android TV tips and tricks then pleasedo subscribe to the notification barrel

it’s a small click from you but it makesa big difference to me thank you ok so for this process to work whenyou’d have a couple of things firstly we’d have a small OTG cable which youcan pick up either from Amazon or from eBay this is a very small

cable and thisplugs directly into your fire TV cube or into your fire stick and it then givesyou access to a full size USB port now in this USB port you can add in a hublike I was using or you can directly plug in a USB keyboard or a

USB mousewhen my example I’m going to use just a standard USB Drive a USB 3 flash drivewhich I’m going to format on my computer and then copy games across there now ifyou want you can also use the drive for internal applications but I’ve actuallyalready covered that in my

last two videos in those videos I should have todo that on a fire stick but the process is exactly the same whether you doing ona fire stick or the fire TV cube but in the interest of simplicity we’re goingto just use a standard USB Drive and use all

of it for our games and last youneed to have some kind of controller to play these games so in this video I’mgoing to use an Xbox one controller but really any controller that you can pairup with your fire stick will work absolutely fine ok if I step 1

let’s goUSB Drive plug this into a computer I’ll show you how you can format that wellthen click folder structure for our games and we’llcopy across the rooms we want to play okay so my computer I’ve just plugged inthat standard USB 3 Drive let’s now give that quick format

so right-click selectthe option to format make sure fat32 is selected and we can leave the option forquick format enabled and click on start click on OKthis shouldn’t take a few seconds ok that’s now done ok so this is now astandard USB Drive we can create folders we can

copy across stuff but becausewe’re interested in gaming and specifically retro gaming let’s createsome folders for our different consoles that were going to play so in this videoI’m going to focus on a PSP a Dreamcast and also a bit off in 10 to 64 so let’screate those three new

folders so this will be for my PSP games this will befor my Dreamcast games and lastly this will be for the n64 games now I’m notgoing to go into details and how you can find these roms yourself but normallyjust came to Google and typing in your console name

and then space and thenroms you can pretty much find all the stuff out there but in this example asone be focusing on these three consoles let’s copy across a couple of games solet’s go to my PlayStation repository or PSP repository let me copy across someof these games so

let me not just copy all of these onto my USB Drive and let’sjump back into my 40v cube ok there is a USB drive that we just set up with allof those games in those three separate folders let’s now plug this into the OTGcable like so and let’s

now plug this into our fire TV cube now if you aredoing this on the 4k fire stick once you have plugged this into the port wherenormally the power goes you don’t have to plug in the power cable into thisport here but on the second generation fire TV cube

because it has a dedicatedport for power all we need to do on this device is just plug this into themicroUSB port so let me do that now okay that’s now gone in in fact let me justdo it with the USB hub just to show you that both options

are available so youcan plug it directly into the single USB port or you can use any USB hub that youlike and plug this into that so let me now plug that in like so ok that’s nowgone in ok so you make it as much as saying that there’s

limited deviceaccess and it’s all skee that you may want to format it butin our case we don’t format this USB drug because if you format it thenyou’ll only be able to use this drive for internal applications or to installapplications too but in our case because we want to

use this as a standard USBDrive which has all of our games and roms on there we want to ignore thatmessage ok now that’s done let’s now configure USB controller let’s go overto settings go to remote some Bluetooth devices go to game controllers and clickon add new game control

then whichever game controller you’re using if you areusing a Bluetooth one you can then pair it here and then you’ll be good to golet’s back out for that ok let’s now get the emulator so if you just open updownloader and let’s navigate to my home page which is

just tech dr UK comm let’sclick on that and just for convenience guys you canactually add this as a favorite so when you did get to the home page just pressthe context key and you can see up the option here add the current page tofavorites so you can click

on that and just give it a name like you know thebest slide you’ve ever seen and then and then just click on save so the next timewant to access my site you can just start download or go to the left clickon favorites and you can then access it

from there now when you get to my siteclick on the hamburger mini which is just here let’s select the option fordownload get inside downloads let’s scroll down and there’s actuallydedicated section for retro gaming or just gaming in general so keep scrollingdown now if you don’t see these three

new falls there you basically need tojust reload the page because your device or your web browser is still caching theold page now quickly you can do those just press the contacts here in yourremote and sexy option to disable JavaScript and reload page now thenreload the page and then

if you don’t see the update there but I do recommendyou press the context here again and just make sure that javascript isenabled ok so the first one we need to installtoday is redream which is a dream car simulator so let’s click on that nowlet’s scroll down and let’s

click on the green download buttonok let’s click on install let’s click on done let’s go back one and let’s nowinstall the PSP emulator let’s scroll down againand click on the green download button now just while we’re waiting guys if youare enjoying these videos if you do want to

see more tutorials on the 4k for astake on the second generation 40 V Cube on the brand new Nvidia shield Proor even your standard 100 box is if you do want to see more tutorials on allthese kind of devices then please to hit the like button and also

think aboutsubscribing because that really is the best way to help out my channel and alsoyou pressing like button tells YouTube to recommend more of my videos to youand also potentially other people so once again many thanks for that let’spress the HOME key let’s turn on my xbox controller

ok that’s now connectedok let’s star with redream let’s click on that now this particular mater doesactually give you a choice to upgrade to premium which I think you can do for acouple of dollars or a couple of pounds if you do go for the option you canactually get

enhanced graphics or better or sharp looking graphics but that’stotally up to you but in this demonstration let’s click on the freeoption which is the light mode ok now automatically what’s happened is it’sactually scanned the USB Drive and it’s found these two games in there but let’ssay for example

it didn’t know about those games let’s go to library let’snow remove this path so it doesn’t know about the USB Drive I want to go back togames you can see there’s no games here so you may see it like this on yourdevice so how do we add in

those games what we’re going to do is go over tolibrary select the option to add a directory this now shows you theinternal storage of your fight tvq or whichever device you’re doing this onlet’s scroll down and we’re looking for here is is this storage and this numberwhich is

actually the code or the ID for your USB Drive so let’s click on thatlet’s go to the roms folder and here we can see the folder we createdspecifically for Dreamcast games so let’s click on that and select theoption add this path to the library we can see the

two games in there nowanyway let’s click on a and there we are guys we’ve now added these two games tothe library let’s go over to video and the only thing I’d like to change inhere from the default guys is going to a widescreen aspect ratio which is sixteenby

nine and I also like to show the friend Karen just so we can see how thedevice is performing once you enable its two options will change those twooptions let’s go back to games and let’s now try one of these games and let’s seewhat kind of performance we go

here you can see the friend counter okay let’spress Start ok so let’s go for describe here let’s click on click see what didthat okay all right looking good looking smoothframe rate looking pretty good up there as well let’s see what TD UK can do allright let’s power up

nice walk and could youcould get perfect uh take that and there you go so I’m I’m very impressed thatguys know she’s any kind of lag or stuttering that’s running very smoothlyand that’s all running from that USB Drive and that’s really the key thingguys where we don’t really worried

about any kind of storage issues or spaceissues because all of these games will be running directly from that USB sticklet’s just try Tony Hawk’s there you go this takes a second to warm up and hazeall over it uh okay so I’m definitely happy with the Dreamcast emulation andonce

again all of this has been run from that USB Drive let’s back out of thisokay let’s try a Playstation or PSP sorry now then the Omani changing hereis go over to the settings and just enable the framerate because we knowthat the PSP is quite demanding console to emulate

lets us do show the framecounter show both that’s fine now on my device this is the second generationfire TV cube I’m going to leave the rendering resolution as two times ofwhat the original PSP was depending on your device via deenis on a morepowerful device you can actually increase

this to you know three times orfour times or even five times or maybe on the 4k fire stick you may get betterperformance by just leaving it as auto or even just one time so depending whatyour device is just give that a go and just see what works best

for you but forus let’s leave it on two times PSP let’s back up this back again okay so again wecan see by default as actually second my USB drive but if you hadn’t if I clickon the up arrow so this in the top level of your internal storage

if you click onup arrow again and one more time we can see we get the ID for our USB Drive solet’s select that’s going to ROMs going to PSP andthey have you got those games there guys so let’s start with the bit of burnoutfocus on the top right

we can see that the current frame rate so the max is 30on this particular game let’s see how the second generation fire TV cubehandles there all right looking smooth so far now let’s do some boosting okayso guys I just saw it let me see if this device can

actually handle three timesPSP resolution so went out went into settings scroll down and here we can seeit’s set to three times PSP because the previous one was looking a bit jaggedand we can see looks a lot smoother now and the game is still playing verysmoothly guys let me

do some boosts I’m definitely happy with this now guys Ithink with this particular game that two times didn’t look that good but threetimes is looking a lot sharper and the game is still performing well let’s seeif this game can handle the three times PSP resolution if not we

can drop itdown to two I mean this looks very sharp guys okay look at the frame count on thetop right so this is actually a 60 frames per second game okay let’s seenot damn business sound some wines let’s see if we can do something again ifyou’re going to

be playing this on a a less powerful device like maybe the 4kfire stick then you can you can drop the resolution to maybe two times PSP oreven one times if you find it stuttering a bear or if you find it can’t keep upthen it’s definitely worthwhile doing that

per here guys on the secondgeneration 4 TV cube I’m really happy with that performance but really the keything is no guys now we’ll go access to the USB Drive we can easy just fill thatup with just tons and tons of games from those different emulators and accessthem directly

on our fire TV cube or really any Amazon device now my exampleI just used a 32 gig a USB drive but there’s nothing stopping you getting a64 gig or even 128 gig and really just ramped up the storage fillthe games plug it directly into OTG cable and you

can now start playing allof these games direct from the USB Drive without having any concerns about anystorage issues so it really is just as easy as that well that’s all for thisvideo guys many thanks for watching and many thanks for staying till the end ifyou did find this

video useful then do give it a thumbs up if you want to seemore stuff like this then please do subscribe to the notification barrel asalways I always appreciate your likes your shares your comments so please doshare this video please do leave a comment below and I’ll hopefully catchup

with you guys real soon thanks



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