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our customers who’ve either watched or have heard of fire on the periphery or you’ve heard the wonderful descriptions that aaron has been doing throughout the day now it’s the time that you do have to make that buying decision and it should give you that umbrella safety net to

know there is a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee it will save you money whether you’re going to cut the cable entirely or if you’re looking at this like I am and are frustrated with how much money that you’re spending on your cable I have 1800 channels I still

had nothing to watch last night this has 17,000 but most of those 1800 that I was cycling through because I was so mad first of all there are channels on there that I’m paying for but I don’t not only that many of them were redundant so when I

look at this it’s like okay I’ve already got HBO GO can I can I consolidate some of the things that I’m young painful so if you already have HBO GO what you just download it here and log into it right a lot of people think well I don’t

want to give anything up I’m scared that my channels not gonna be on there well let me just show you okay HBO GO CBS and NBC all access the History Channel CW home and garden television mobile YouTube stars the Cartoon Network FX now yeah hallmark fox ane Adult

Swim USA – it’s all here you got it is YouTube life’s on PBS things that you didn’t even know existed Comedy Central if you love to watch hallmark movies Food Network all of these incredible things Disney Junior Animal Planet that’s a really good cooking channel Nat Geo did

you know there’s a 24/7 look at this 24/7 horror channel so that’s really fun I mean whatever at my point being whatever it is you’re into this is called brown sugar I was on with Marlo earlier watch the largest collection of iconic black movies cooked classics and hit

TV shows on your phone tablet computer or TV so there is just something for absolutely everyone do you love westerns my grandfather gosh pop used to loves or watch westerns Clint Eastwood and all of those stars John Wayne you name it watch western movies TV shows for free

for free classic turn feature films John Wayne movies B westerns talk shows you name it so there I don’t want anyone to think well what you know there’s not going to be enough for me remember there are 17,000 channels here it’s how about 24/7 comedy we all need

a little more laughter in our lives I don’t want anyone to think there there’s not going to be enough for me here there’s gonna be so much for you with 17,000 channels with a thousand different movies and television well and here’s the other thing about this like values

hbl go as an example a lot of times there is content available via the internet that even my regular h l on-demand channels won’t have so this has your most diverse and your most up-to-date entertainment source and that my friends is worth that $20 investment I went to

the movies the other night and I know I told this story in our first hour time together I spent over $40 going by myself and yes there was some popcorn and some concessions involved but the movie itself was almost twenty dollars by the time it was all said

and done the big thing for me is this is so much more than entertainment and certainly yes it’s going to open your eyes to educational great wealth of programming whether it’s classic films or Western or drama or chick flicks or romance or thrillers whatever is in your bailiwick

whatever is enticing you this is you will never say there’s nothing on TV ever again you you just won’t because this finds and accesses resources that whether you’ve got cable or broadcast or satellite it’s accessing them not an immortal not only in a more current way but in

a more varied way I almost defy you to stump it I almost defy you to not love it remember the only thing you need is an HD HDMI input and obviously Wireless and you know Wi-Fi Wi-Fi in your home and that’s it and then you choose you don’t

have like as an example my cable company and i prime really not doing this to be you know harangue a my cable company obviously I wouldn’t be spending 300 ollars a month if I didn’t love cable but they have actually gotten rid of several channels that I loved

that I don’t have access for like true crime I’m a Dateline fanatic I’m not really true and I’m mad they didn’t ask me but guess what my cable bill didn’t go down when they did that and it really yeah so a lot of times they make decisions on

what they want to add on their cable channel that you certainly aren’t you know referenced for and if you have cable yeah paying for cable that’s great but there shows that you want to watch aren’t always available no times at you and what exactly do you want to

go by you know maybe you have cable and maybe you have HBO but their shows that run years ago those are available to you now and this is cool this you see this whole line this is watch with your cable subscription so if you have a cable subscription

you can sign in you’re already paying right for the all right you know you could sign in to Fox and to Sundance and ane in history and lifetime in The Cooking Channel yeah you can sign in to the do-it-yourself Network and Food Network and HGTV and the Travel

Channel you can sign in to AMC and BBC America and Bravo and you know Telemundo and USA and a Hallmark Channel five so there is so much at your fingertips yeah the other thing about all this this has full alexa technology built because that means that is my

favorite so to another just just stop what you’re doing for you know for just a moment everything you know media streamer been there done that heard that by the way you’re buying one and getting one I mean arguably the math isn’t quite correct in that one is $60

but you’re so what I say you know then you know a breadth of how much you would spend for one I actually was gonna spend $100 on a fire stick before Christmas I was gonna get one for myself I’m glad I waited even if you don’t know who

you’re gonna give this to yet remember it’s the only time this year we’re doing it buy one gift one buy one keep one by one wrap one it comes with both of the retail packaging couldn’t be any finer but when I said this is so much more than

just movies or TV or entertainment suddenly you have a life manager this is a lifestyle Manager thanks to the Alexa components so maybe you want to watch a movie let’s start there so you call all the kids together you’re like first turn out the light so you see

this this light or this this lamp that I have over here across my right shoulder I’m just gonna say turn lamp off my lamb so that’s the way that I’m gonna tell you that we’re gonna get ready to watch our movie return by but we’re gonna turn the

air conditioner down we’re all gonna get ready now maybe I’m gonna start so maybe he’s gonna be a kids night we’re gonna watch the kids movie so how about play tumble leaf so we’re gonna watch tumble leaf a disease it you know the kids can do that thinking

that the kids can literally start the movie maybe you’re watching the movie for a little while and you think oh you know what um maybe I’m gonna go take a jog at the end of the movie night I just wanna think a quick look at what the weather

is so how about what’s the weather now tell me another media streamer that you can stop in the middle of your movie and you can just find out what the weather is you can ask this any Alexa questions and then when you’re finished when you’ve got enough information

that you want on the weather you’re right back into your movie or maybe you’re thinking oh I’ve got to go to work but I don’t know is it because sometimes when I go to work it takes fifty minutes yeah sometimes it takes thirty minutes it depends on the

traffic so I’m gonna go what’s the traffic it was gonna take me 27 minutes to wow you understand this is real time full information from the internet and all of the games that you can play with Alexa things like singing the ABCs or playing paper scissor rocks or

just getting there I can say tell me a joke [Music] you know the pre Corning it’s not corny but it was cerebral even I would even ask your questions like Alexa do you like the answers she comes up with and then when you’re done with this of course

remember you’ve still got the best media streamer on the market yeah so you talk about having a lot to do having a lot of fingers it’s so much more than a media streamer and what’s interesting is most media streamers that are only media streamers sell in this price

category I think there’s a real level of confidence that happens I think for most consumers when you hear Amazon and they do so much research whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not and remember you do not have to be an Amazon Prime member in order to access

the wealth of information at your fingertips you just don’t you buy one gift one buy one keep one and I know that’s again the math is not entirely correct it’s pretty close because you couldn’t buy one of these at a today’s special price I will remind you of

sixty dollars right now right here and only for this show because 12:00 midnight when you see Suzanne and Rhonda Shear I am buying that today’s special ready you will spend a lot more than the $99 the big thing for me though is what this is going to do

and it’s so funny I think we especially when the kids are home we all want to enhance not only our lives but our viewing experience and if you’re like me I really treasure that time that I spend with my niece and with my nephew with my dad we

do movie night it’s a big thing when I go home when I go home my my TV is my roommate my TV is my friend so I wasn’t mad at her necessarily but I was mad at my cable because that is how I relax at night and yes

I do cook and yes I do cook with all those crazy meals and the we made a casserole and broasted chicken thighs last night I don’t know why I don’t sleep you know that’s how I relax and I will say for me part of that whole experience you

work hard for your money you want to be able to enjoy what you want to enjoy and not be held hostage in terms of how much you’re spending for your cable or adding another useless channel on that there might randomly be something on once a week I want

to choose what I want to choose when I want to choose it and that could be you know I’m thinking about film new art cuz my producer Adam was naming off some films that I like in the film new are category but when I get home you know

what I might just want to laughs I just want something that cheers me up I might change my mind comedies so this is gonna be easy you tell me you want to watch some comedies and it’ll have about a million for you even you know new things like

Lady Bird or the disaster I mean really fun fun stuff and again I think available oh great fingertips but seat no and again I’m not being disrespectful I’d although it sure sounds like I am I was so frustrated even when I went into the genre and the category

section of my my oh no they’re great movie prime this is a free and watch by the way alright but if you have prime if you have Netflix if you have whoo if you have just a couple of one of the big so for sure it’s kind of

like you know because I’m an Amazon Prime member I love it when they give me suggestions it’s like based on your shopping history etc etc because more often than not there’ll be at least one or two things I would have never thought of so like in this movie

the king of comedy it’s gonna go down here it’s gonna recommend things that other customers watch some of them I’m familiar with some of them I’m not at all and then it’s gonna say okay martin scorsees Scorsese directed that yeah so here’s some other things that Scorsese directed

that you might want to watch yeah Robert De Niro’s in it so maybe you want to watch some other things that Robert De Niro is done Jerry Lewis enjoy the idea it’s it’s really going to you’re never going to look at your television or your free time with

your television in the same way you’re just you’re just not and it is so much more than film and television it just is it’s it’s a lifestyle manager it’s a family manager it’s a multimedia manager I love the fact that it’s not like another device that you have

to figure out how to hook up or you don’t want to interrupt the beautiful clean line display of your big screen picture if you want to cut the cable now if I do my math so I’m spending $300 a month let’s say I do this and as an

adjunct I’m gonna add on you know the modem oh very good that is a really a full cord cutting because this allows



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