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What’s up guys Chigz here from ChigzTech Reviews.

Today I’ve got my hands on the brand new KHADAS VIM 3 PRO Isn’t that an incredible looking device.

Now this is an ultra mini fullAndroid TV box which is designed for advanced users or developers it willallow you to upgrade certain components for example on the motherboard you havea spare slot for an nvme SSD drive you can also connect up dual cameras you canadd on an extension board giving you 4G LTE modules with a nano SIM card slotand there’s plenty more tweaks you can do with this if you have the knowledgeor the know-how but what if you’re just a regular Android TV box user likemyself not a developer you’re just a TV box user you just want to watch TV youjust want to watch your movies well in this video I will show you exactly whatthis box is capable of as standard so without any modification I will show youwhat it can do now this TV box is powered by a brand new SOC it’s the amlogic a 311 D hexakill CPU with the Malleeg5 2 with 4 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage you also havedual band Wi-Fi AC with a Gigabit LAN Bluetooth version 5 you’ve got fullAndroid 9 pi and the supports 4k HD are at 60 frames per second with HDMIversion 2.

1 and 5.

1 surround sound now the TV box itself is beautifullydesigned it’s made from a metal plate on the topand the bottom and it feels super premium to the touch now you’ve got thecard a slow go in the center nothing on the front nothing on the side and on theback we have a full sized USB port a USB C port HDMI out micro SD card just underthat a Gigabit LAN and another full-size USB port now if we keep going on thisside there is nothing and that brings us to the front of the TV box so this iswhat the bottom of the box looks like now inside the box it’s very simple soyou will find only a USBC power cable and that is it there was no remotecontrol included in this package so you would have to hook up a mouse keyboardor use your own USB remote control without any further ado I’m going to getthis hooked up to my TV and capture card and we are going to find out exactly howgood that new SOC is I really look forward to seeing what this box can doI’ll be right back so I got the cadets all connected up and it’s currentlyconnected to the MacBook and I’ve disconnected a standard wirelesskeyboard and mouse plugged in at the back with the USB dongle and it worksabsolutely fine so first of all I ran a boot up speed test and this TV box took32 seconds to fully load the home screen from a cold start and here is the homescreen for this TV box we have full Android version 9 desktop setup as youwould find on a full-featured tablet and the first thing I must mention is you donot have any drop-down status menu on this box at the top or the bottomhowever when you do swipe upwards from the bottom you will see your app drawer so first of all let’s go ahead and checkout the system settings over here you have your droid settings where you cantweak around with your display settings resolutions hdmi cec playback settingsyour audio output power key definition picture and more settings now moresettings will take you to your Wi-Fi and then device preferences you’ll be ableto check out the system storage info now this box has 32 gigs of internal storagefrom which there are 27 gigs free to use and if we have a quick look in about youwill see that this box is running full Android version 9 pi now also underdevice preferences you have a few more options so if you did customize this TVbox and you added a cooling fan you’ll be able to control the fan speeds fromthis section the LED lights that are currently on the box are also manageableyou can activate wake up on land now you also have a toggle to switch between USB3 and PCIe module which means that when it’s on USB 3 mode the USB ports willfunction and the empty slot will be deactivated and when you switch to PCIemode the m2 slot will be activated and the USB ports will still work but onlyin USB 2 mode thereafter you have some options for your sound and then yourusual Android security accessibility and reset settings now let’s have a look atthe complete system apps here are all the apps available on this box asstandard I have not installed anything yet and there are a very few apps to getyou started but the most important one has to be the Google Play Store so youdo have the full version of the Play Store and you’re gonna have to downloadall your apps to get you started so the first thing we’re gonna have to downloadis Kodi Media Player so I did download the Kodi media player YouTube and AmazonPrime video successfully but unfortunately I could not find Netflixanywhere in the Google Play Store so it seems that Netflix is not available butwhere there’s a will there is a way now you do have another App Store includedon this box is called the aptoide TV app store and from there netflix amongstmany other apps is readily available so I did also download YouTube Android TVfrom the aptoide store so let’s begin with our tests first of all I’m gonnaplay some 4k video samples from a USB Drive and I will be doing this with KodiMedia Player that I just downloaded so beginning with a hundred and sixtymegabits per second jellyfish demo and as you can see the video plays backsuper smooth next one is a hundred and eighty megabits per second and again thevideo playback is flawless and finally the biggest file four hundred megabitsper second and as you can see it plays super smooth so we do have a powerfulperformance for 4k video playback moving on now to the youtubes tests andyou can stream a maximum of 4k on YouTube No you ever hit anybody on a job yeah Idon’t think so all right then we don’t have nothing to worry about what is it white jack maybe 400 poundsso amazing YouTube performance from this box so next up we are going to test outNetflix now the Netflix we installed from aptoide TV didn’t actually workit says the device is not supported by the app but I didn’t give up there Idecided to uninstall that version and installed an older version of Netflixfrom the same aptoide TV app and I selected version 6.

25 dated February 62019 so I went ahead and installed this version and it worked absolutely finehowever with only a maximum resolution of 480 P as Netflix HD requireslicensing to work so Amazon Prime video was more straightforward to installedfrom the Play Store but also limited to 480p maximum resolution so moving on now to the gaming testbeginning with asphalt 9 so next up pop G mobile and mediumgraphic settings were automatically detected so for your advanced users DRM infoshows Google Widevine level 3 and here is cpu-zwhere you can check out the clock speeds and you can see it’s running the Malleeg52 and this box does not come rooted as standard and in the Wi-Fi speed testwe’ve got download speeds of 67 megabits per second and upload speeds of 18megabits per second now the top speeds we currently achieve in our office isbetween 67 to 70 megabits per second so that brings us to our benchmarksbeginning with a Geekbench multi score of 4212 and in the antutu benchmarktest we achieved a impressive 88k so let’s see how that compares with theothers so here is my top android TV box chart of 2019 showing you the best TVboxes and seeing how they compare with each other and as you can see the newKhadas VIM3 Pro has taken position 10 on this chart with a rating of eightpoint six out of ten now you can view the full versions of all my chartsonline at chigztech.

com and read them at your leisure.

So there you have it guys that was the new Khadas VIM 3 Pro.

Now this box offers an all-aroundpowerful performance with the new Amlogic A311D CPU now you have a tablet desktop version of Android version 9 pi which is very smooth in operation alongwith a super fast Wi-Fi Gigabit LAN USB 3 and bluetooth version 5 gaming isgreat and you can play more or less any game you like from the Play Store niceand smooth and you can also enjoy gaming emulators now streamingwhy’s 4k on YouTube and a maximum of 480p on Netflix and Amazon Prime videoand you do have to download an older version of Netflix to actually make itwork and you can get that from the included aptoide TV store app now theother drawbacks there is no screen mirroring options but you can downloadair screen from the Play Store for free furthermore there is no drop-down statusmenu and the limitation of 480p max on Netflix and Amazon Prime video and atthis price point one would expect at least a remote control included in thebox bottom line this box is rated high for the performance and power itprovides it offers great Wi-Fi speeds and lots of DIY options to upgrade thecomponents for example you can add a cooling fan dual cameras an nvme SSDdrive and lots more of course this is on a component level so not everyone’sgoing to be able to do that with ease and it doesn’t come with anyinstructions for you to follow to make upgrading easier now the new AM logicchip combined with the Mallee g5 2 offers plenty of power and performanceit simply flies you’ll be able to undertake more or less any task you likewith no lag at all yes like always there are some drawbacks to consider but thisis my overall take on the new beautifully designed Khadas vim 3 proand with that being said I will leave the links in the description so you guyscan check this product out meanwhile do let me know what you guys think of thisbox thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day seeyou the next one guys.



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