well I’ve got lots of wonderful candy this evening you’re probably feeling a little full we’ll sit back relax and get excited think of all the entertainment that you’re gonna be watching and listening to courtesy of the incredible Amazon fire TV cube folks this is more than just a media streamer this is a way to reimagine television and the way your television works is basically gonna give you access to never really needing to use the remote control again you’ve got access to Alexa we’re gonna be doing all sorts of things and quite honestly we’re gonna be showing off tonight with all the wonderful features that this has if you have a fire TV cube at home we would surely love to talk to you by the way before I forget mr.

Aaron Berger electronics guru are you prepared for our sneak peak that’s coming after this it’s another Amazon sneak peak and I am fully prepared I got a message on my cell phone Aaron saying that they had agreed to do a sneak peek of our November the 10th today spelled out about two hours ago so if you’re looking for one of our great November deals we have it after this but this is our final chance to get one of the must-haves the reason why so many thousands of people have jumped on in and we’re talking 26, 000 is because for this one day only or for the final hour now that remains we are half price this is a hundred and twenty dollar product that HSN is offering for fifty nine and we put it on fabulous flex pay this is something that’s gonna bring the whole family together Aaron just my friend media streamers they’ve taken over the way we watch TV and now Amazon where the fire cube has done it even more even bats they’ve turned it on its ear they really so this is what this is this is basically if you’re familiar with the Amazon echo you’re familiar with Alexa devices the Amazon echo or the dot or the show basically the devices that you can talk to you can ask them any question ask them about your calendar ask them about the weather ask them trivia questions ask them to sing your song tell you a joke etc etc this device takes basically the Amazon echo marries it with the fire TV 4k with the fire TV 4k well that’s the streaming part of this the streaming device so when you put these two it when these two have a little Halloween baby it looks like this little guy right here this is called the fire TV cube and what it means is you can control your television now you can stream you’ll be able to stream about 500, 000 I’m in fact I’m gonna put these away ladies any more movies and television shows and all kinds of things that you love to watch and games and apps and you name it it’s all at your fingertips and actually it’s not even just at your fingertips it’s at the end of your voice now for the first time your media control is fully within range of your voice so it’s as simple as saying something like Alexa what’s the weather this is basically using this like an Amazon echo at this point I’ve seen it questions like a swab you know give you a couple other little Gamble’s I’m Alexa how many days until Christmas 55 days until Christmas Day so we’re close we’re less than two months away at this point right now you’re thinking okay so that’s some Alexa stuff unfamiliar with or maybe a lot of people use the shopping list the shopping list is a really cool thing you can say something like Alexa add peaches to my shopping list I’ve been adding fruits all day I’d forgot okay so now I’ve got peaches on there I’ve got cherries I’ve got bananas you know I did candy earlier I don’t cream need any more yeah but of course it’s kind of peaches and cream so now I’m gonna say Alexa switch to home so we’re gonna go at this point if we go back to our media streamer and take a look at what we got now we can watch Netflix now we can watch HSN now we can watch prime video now we can watch over 500, 000 of your favorite television shows and it’s so so easy to do so check this out if you wanted to watch a show you could say something like let me think well I know Alexa play Manchester by the sea getting Manchester by the sea from privacy this is how easy it is to watch your videos that you just tell it what you want to see and it’ll start playing your movie nothing this there’s there’s Manchester by the sea you know right up and ready to go now everyone asks do I need to have any subscription so do I have to pay for anything when I get this home the answer is no if you have Netflix if you have Hulu if you have Prime video all of those things just make it all the better quite frankly you know there you have access to even more getting movies and and that sort of thing but YouTube you have a full Safari browser on here you have all kinds of games there’s tons of different providers where lots of content is free for example we can watch HSN at any time just it’s a good channel they’ve got some issues with their talent but I understand they’re working on it guys we’re excited that you’re loving this as much as we’re enjoying presenting it it’s one of those fabulous holiday deals that we always strive to deliver for this Halloween trick or treat it’s half price we are the lowest price anywhere in the country there’s no retail outlet online or in-store that is beating our deal we are truly 50% off of what you’d pay it’s a hundred and twenty dollar product the pricing expires in 54 minutes from now either that we sell out whichever happens first now if you have multiple televisions in your home where you would like this type of functionality and this type of access to so much good stuff you’d need one for each TV so think about that obviously if you’re buying more than one definitely do the flex pay it’s gonna make it affordable great gadget gift for somebody in your life or anybody in your family that loves watching television and even if you’re thinking about it maybe it’s one for the bedroom one for the living room it really is two for the price of one when you break down the if purchased separately it’s clear to see one of these is 120 dollars now because we love you very much we’re also including tour the bonuses three months of Pandora premium which is 10 bucks Pandora premium is access to great music no commercials three months to grok a fitness as well $45 you could gift that to somebody maybe in the new year if you want to get fit the total retail value is a hundred and seventy-five dollars so think about all of those reasons Aaron when I buy my fire TV cube and I get it home I’m excited this orange box arrived Holi had actually you know I just take a little walk with me you guys come on just just just real quick this will just take a second I want to show you how easy it is to set up and I want to point out a couple things too I’ve before today before we sold 26, 000 of these today we’d only done one airing ever on a fire Q but with a much more expensive device a couple of months ago Bobbi ray Carter a host that’s been HSN for 35 years chose this as her host pick well it’s a customer pick on hsn.

com and everything I think there’s over a dozen reviews every single review with the exception of one every single review is a full five-star customer pick and I think it’s because it’s so easy to set up and so easy to use here’s how you set it up this is the fire cube right so again this is like an echo or a dot or any of the other Alexa devices that you can talk to it has its own speakers built-in and its own microphone built-in so it can hear you it means hands-free media streaming I haven’t shown you this yet you can even turn your television on and off with your voice you can change the channel with your voice if you’re watching cable I’ll get to that in a minute here’s how you play here’s how you you have to plug it in is basically how you set it up so you plug an HDMI cable into the back of the box okay that’s an easy thing to do you take the other end of the HDMI cable and you just plug it into any open HDMI port on your TV this is called your input this is the same thing you did when you plugged in your cable or you plugged in your disc or your dish or if you have any other devices that go to your TV so that’s it that’s step one step two this is a power cable again it’ll only get there two circles back here it’ll only fit into one that’s it once you’ve done that you’re set up there literally is nothing else you turn the TV on you’ll see a screen sort of like the screen that’s by Adam now and it will lead you through a couple things it’ll ask you a couple of questions ask you to set up an account you do not have to spend any money though I mean this is this is what’s key is you do not have to like it who doesn’t I mean that’s one of the great things about it you’re a member of Amazon Prime if you’re a member of Netflix if you’re a member of Hulu or you know maybe you do some of the ones like HBO go I know I’m Game of Thrones is gonna come out early next year or all of those apps you can enjoy all of those on here but the key is you don’t have to have any of those and one of the best things about this one of my favorite favorite things about the interface with specifically with this streaming device is I don’t know where I put my um but it doesn’t really matter because it’s over there I’ll get it later I don’t need my remotes because this is hands-free so it’s really quite easy is if you’re looking for a movie or something like that you don’t have to have your remote you can just ask us so we can go look you know it’s Halloween so let’s say I’m Alexa find scary movies so there we go so take a look it’s gonna find a bunch of scary movies for me and then we can choose from here it’s really easy to decide which movie it is we want to watch will find the movies that we want to watch find the movies that we want to see whether you want to watch it without the hunting of Hill House everybody’s talking about that now our American Horror Story or we can let’s do this let’s go into the chilling Adventures of Sabrina it just so happens we know people are talking to they say it’s great I haven’t watched it I’ve only watched a couple minutes of it but it’s um so it’s it’s based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch but it’s sort of like a retelling or it’s based on like it’s a prequel or sequel I’m not exactly sure what but it has its basis in it so if you have Netflix here’s one of the things if you have Netflix or Hulu or those kind of things it’s always gonna lead you to the least expensive way to watch something so let me give you one other quick example a movie um you have a kid so I’m sure you’ve seen this trolls so it thinks about it for a minute right it’s searching for the movie trolls there’s amazing how fast it is I mean isn’t that just crazy so if we go okay I want to watch trolls the first thing that tells us is we can watch it now on Netflix now what if you didn’t have a Netflix subscription well we could just go over here to more ways to watch and it would let us rent it that would be fun but what I love is the very first option that’s presented to us isn’t here’s how we get another three dollars out of here here’s how we get another four dollars out of you it’s oh you have Netflix so you can watch this for free and I think that’s smart searching is a really great feature I think there’s so many of us who are looking to streamline our expenses cut back and kind of help our budgets maybe you have multiple cable boxes at home or you have lots of different channels and maybe right now you got in from trick-or-treating and you’re just channel surfing over and over again trying to find something to watch and you fed up with that but you know that’s the way we’ve done it for a million years and that’s what we’re used to and I don’t know if this is gonna be good for me you’re gonna go crazy for this when you sit down on that comfy chair or that sofa or you get into bed for a lazy early night when you turn on your Amazon fire cube you’re gonna have access to thousands of TV shows thousands of movies so many of which are gonna be free so many of which are gonna be you know not only wonderful for you but the entire family with no commercials with no channel surfing just everything you want when you want to watch it so for anybody that loves TV you’ve gotta have a media streamer now there are many great media streamers out there for anybody at home who has ever bought an Amazon product we bought a Kindle we bought a fire tablet we bought an echo or a dot we love Amazon products so why not get an Amazon media streamer you’re not getting just a media streamer this is their best media streamer because this is gonna deliver so much more this is about just talking to it if you want to it will listen to your voice understand your voice and even change the channels for you so there’s a lot of benefits to getting it now obviously it’s a hundred and twenty dollar product every day of the week and worth it we are for now the remaining 40 minutes offering this at the lowest price anywhere we didn’t take ten twenty thirty dollars off we half the price so unheard of it’s a but that’s a November holiday yeah he’ll that’s why we’re excited our quantity counter is rolling around like a Las Vegas do you really say that we do a fruit machine a slot machine well good everybody wants to cash in cash out it’s an amazin give you fruit we’re easy to please so we’ll keep on going I know there’s only 15 minutes remaining before we say so long farewell to this today’s special for our presentation if you would just like the experience of trying it be our guest we’ll send your brand-new Farr cube to you and you can use it and enjoy it through October well actually it’s over now November December and January if you decide by the end of January of 2019 that this is not for you and you’re not having a great time send it back and get a full refund of the purchase price so you won’t miss out on anything this would make a great trial run it would also make a great gift last thing from me is this for anybody at home who is thinking okay they kind of captured me with the idea that I could cut down on some of my cable costs maybe the number of channels that I subscribe to but yeah I’m not gonna do because I like my local channels I like my local news I like my local weather I like my local sports how am I gonna get those well we’re gonna answer that question for you with our bonus Buy this is right Q mr.

Berger all right how do I solve that problem so this is the Moho antenna that’s called the mole whoo slide it is the largest in size and in terms of reception antenna that we sell at HSN here’s what’s really cool about this you plug this into your TV and all of your local news all of your local sports all of your local everything your favorite shows in fact 94 out of 100 top rated shows on television come to you for free through the air you don’t have to pay a monthly fee so many people don’t realize a lot of those channels that you’re paying for every month they’re free they’re broadcast not just in high-definition in 4k through the air this receives in 4k it’s 1080p as well if you don’t have a 4k TV you’ll see it in and that’s why if you don’t have 4k TV you’ll see it in 1080p this is what’s called a powered antenna so it has an amplifier on it it’s one of the best signals that you’ll ever see it’s white on one side you can put on the white side or the black side you can also paint this if you want to paint it again 94 out of the top 100 shows are broadcast over the air you don’t have to pay subscription to see them you can just get an intent and it goes beautifully beautifully beautifully with the streaming device with the streaming device you have accessed over 500, 000 television shows at your fingertips but all that local stuff that’s going on the local news and the local sports and the local shows you want to be able to watch you do that with your antenna are you excited about this job I find today’s special the one thing I do like and I always appreciate Aaron demonstrating all of these things is that Amazon make it easy it’s very easy you know there’s I mentioned that a lot of us have spent you know 20 30 years experiencing TV in a certain form and fashion this might seem daunting or a little scary to you as to how you access everything I don’t want you to be nervous it’s such a breeze because Amazon know that’s what they’ve always known that okay the kids they know their way around technology like nobody’s business but mom and dad and grandma and grandpa they’re the ones that we need to look out for they’re the ones that we need to make it easy for and they did there is nothing easier than an Amazon fire cube nothing at all now if you’re gonna buy a media streamer we would recommend this one not just because for the lowest price in the country and 50% or off and all that good stuff but because this media streamer is gonna give you more you won’t just be able to do you know kind of the basics you’ll be able to take full advantage of it with this one you can just talk to it right this is the media streamer that you sit down on your couch and have it again you fall asleep and your cake okay that’s talking about so you just go Alexa turn turn TV off bye bye good night and then keep egos way or you just go Alexa turn TV on and that’s something good I do you know for there we go and pretty much first thing in the morning when I get up I’m downstairs I’m cooking eggs I haven’t even made you know I haven’t even made my way over to the to the television yet but I simply turn it on using my voice it’s a just a very very simple thing to do it’s a very easy way to you to use your television and a way that you can do it without any remote so now if you want to have a remote I just want to point out that the there is a remote that comes along and you know people are forever asking this question well is the remote and well the remote absolutely is included this is the Alexa remote it’s extremely extremely simple to use it’s an extremely easy remote because it has that little voice button at the top so if you want to ask a question about your favorite actor or favorite actresses we haven’t done yet we’ll do that in just a minute so you want to go to the home screen if you want to go back if you want to play if you want to Podge you can do all of those things this is one of my favorite things or one of my favorite things about this media streamer so you plug it in you get it set up and setting it up is the easiest thing in the world I showed y’all just a minute ago you plug HDMI port HD it goes HDMI HDMI and you plug it into the wall I want to show you the help but before we do that we want to say a hello first and I think you’ve got some my mind are you waiting on the line and we love calls it sad in Pennsylvania happy Halloween your life with Aaron and Adam how are you tonight if you have a streaming stake you have to deal with like three different remotes now if you want to control the TV volume you have to use the remote for the TV if you want to do something for the cable box you have to use that one and then you have to use the streaming stick remote as well and this seems to be something that I’ll use because I hardly ever do the string because it involves all three we know so you’re right you’re right and this this puts them all together you can actually control you can switch over to your cable box you can control your cable there is one remote and keep watching because in a couple minutes I’m gonna do a demonstration there’s actually a little video that you can watch that shows you how to amalgamate it all together really really simply so you pick up on a on a great awesome thank you for shopping with us we’re going to send straight out to you happy holidays happy holidays thank you Thanks I don’t want to bring this to a close because we loved I mean I could talk about this all night long it the thing is you know you get any media streamer and it just makes everything so much better stop the channel-surfing stop the commercials we send you everything you need it’s not a lock you don’t need a lot to Edd’s point this is the most advanced what does that mean it means it’s the easiest they have cracked the code with this one I hope you get it because you will love it the one thing about buying today okay and people don’t realize this at first normally when you buy electronics from any store if God forbid you send an electronic back they charge of penalty is a restocking fee is the nature of electronics if you buy this from us right now the offers over in 30 minutes as and we get to midnight Eastern than the price goes right back up to 120 if you order it now you can use this and experience this and discover this through the months of November and December and all of January so you get to try it out you get to see and if you don’t love it by January 31st of 2019 you can return and get a refund of the purchase price no restocking fee there’s no penalty there’s no dirty looks there’s you didn’t like it send it back would give you money back if you were ever ever going to buy it you’d buy it today Aaron said we present it’s not that this is the first time on air its we presented this before but at 59 it was designed to be a wow this is 50% off the lowest price anywhere and we encourage you to shop go to amazon.

com go to Google go to Bing search this product nobody even amazon.

com are beating nobody’s beating our price nobody we are by far the lowest anywhere in fact if you google the amazon firetv cube right now Google will actually bring up HSN as one of the top results because this is by far the biggest deal in America I’m conscious that we are running out of time if a couple quick questions answered no matter how many TVs you would use of this on you would obviously buy one for each TV so bear that in mind maybe one in the living room one in the bedroom maybe perhaps one in the kids room if you are getting this home and you concerned about installation and I’m Erin address that again again easy easy what did I say what did I say you didn’t say anything you were smiling your accent makes me laugh just a little bit some it makes me happy plus I’ve been here long my producer I’ll get used to it here’s the thing you know what what that would Adam was saying about valuing this you know versus any anywhere else this feels like a hundred plus dollar gift when you give it to someone and anyone who looks at a price on it there it costs that much anywhere else so whether you’re giving this to yourself or you’re giving this to someone else it is a gift that has such value to it there are so much entertainment value inherent in it wouldn’t you love if you were giving this to a grandmother or grandfather you know maybe someone who doesn’t isn’t able to get out a lot who has some time on their hands at home and as we get into the cold nuts as we get into the winter months wouldn’t it be nice I would have loved well when my grandmother was alive I would have loved to give her device where she could have said Fred Astaire all of my granddaughters daughters were dancers so she loves to watch any movie that had anything to do with dancing so we could do something like Fred Astaire we could watch all kinds of great look we could watch funny face or holiday in or top hat or silk stocking there Finian’s Rainbow I mean some real or she would have loved to watch Ginger Rogers you know or you could search for movie musicals or you could I mean there’s it’s just all up do you look monkey business gold digger there we go Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers so whether it’s classic movies or whether it’s it’s the latest something like Malick what’s Malick’s the guy whose story I was trying to think of current stars and he’s the first guy that came to my mind the guy that’s starring in the new Freddie Mercury movie last name is Malik nobody nobody can help us cool did y’all look it up the guy that started a news Malick yeah that’s his laugh you know not famous Malak okay ariana grande I was just thinking of I was what I was trying to was compare and contrast or like a classic movie star with someone who’s really on the rise really you know big today someone like ariana grande the point is whatever kind of entertainment you like whether it’s British television or American television whether it’s movies or whether it’s ears or whether it’s music listening to music ah yeah rami malek thank you very much Rami Malek is who I was gonna rami malek I’m not sure I’ve never looked him up before I know he’s in he’s in a show called he’s in that’s him actually in mr.

robot so you know the hottest stars that’d a he’s gonna star in the new freight Freddie Mercury movie I was just reading an article about it was while I was thinking that so anyway what is it that you love what is it that interest you or music if you love to listen to music how about something like Alexa play Christmas in Barcelona this is actually something that I do all the time is I’ll be you know I’m cooking dinner or whatever I’ll say play some jazz or play some holiday music or play there’s this great spa app that I have it play a lot so it’s relaxing it’s it’s really fun stuff it’s really good stuff and again I wasn’t using the remote for much of that I have the remote in my hand because I’m using it some but you don’t have okay so I wake up I walk into the kitchen and the kitchen is right next to the living room I want to know the news yeah so you say you so you say Alexa and then you ask well I’m not gonna do the Daily News right now because you never you never know what’s on the news Alexa what’s the weather currently in st.

Petersburg it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies or you can expect more of the same tonight with a low of 71 degrees and you can just easily you know I’m sure you can just say Alexa what’s the news so Alexa what’s the news here’s your flash briefings in here then you’re gonna get some info from NPR news sometimes there’ll be a news clip etc I’m gonna just stop this but you get the idea right what if it was like the Amazon books and everything oh yeah okay you can pull it so if you have audible books on here or you have podcasts on here in fact here’s a great way to sort of address we I think what you’re asking you can say Alexa what can you do oh you can sing remind me to feed the pets senator Warren producer just a list of some of the things that your device does reminder and many more even ask for a flash briefing like I just said what’s the news they actually call it the flash briefing podcasts are a great thing here there’s the planet money podcast which is when I like to listen to wake me up to happy music you know if you set your alarm until you want to wake up the happy music you can and remember there’s only two things you need you need a TV TV and you need Wi-Fi Wi-Fi speaking of Wi-Fi we got we would be remiss if we didn’t spend 30 seconds telling you the best way to make your Wi-Fi faster this is a product that Adam actually launched and his American Dreams series on the Monday night show this is called Annette Risa love this it’s an extraordinary I wish I I wish I had a full 30 minutes to tell you about that reset but in a nutshell this makes your internet 24 percent faster you plug it into the wall you just right there this goes into the wall you plug your mode.



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