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did you all ever want to forget BillyBob Thornton after this performance in which he’s pseudo gay Halle Berry theOscar for being a well I’ve got the show for you you will forget him afterwatching who lose Goliath in this week’s edition of fire stick and shield what towatch on the weekend if you’re just not finding me for the first time please goahead subscribe to the channel click that notification bill so you’re alertedevery time we drop a life games video if you really really like my content joinme on patreon donate to a brother follow me on Instagram and follow me on thegreat great Stardust app it’s an app you can download and upload 30-secondreviews of TV shows and movies just like this one let’s get into the review ofGoliath and I guarantee you you have great TV to watch this whole entireweekend in time you will know what it’s like tolose to feel so desperately that you’re right but to fail read it justice what’s good at YouTube I’ll know what Ilove enough feeling I’m saying our powerful just damn all everything sexeshe’ll hook of mine bringing you guys life gangs fire stick and chill Ibrought it back by popular demand because a lot of people have gottenstumped and trying to figure out what to watch what’s worth their time sometimesyou watch a TV show the first episode which sucks and you don’t even want togo through the next one I’m here to help you get on with it but first I got toput on the plus seven glasses of cinema sexy as hellwork on skilling up my crap bringing you guys a better YouTube experiencesomething better to look at go over to shop life Gamescom read blog buy somegear let’s jump into it Goliath is a hit TV series done by Huluand a lot of people when they think of Hulu probably the only thing they thinkI was a handmaidens tailor which is really good too but Goliath stars BillyBob Thornton and if you ever want to forget his dirty looking ass from whathe did with Halle Berry this’ll make you see him in a different light I read youtoo synopsis and tell you how I feel about ithey once powerful lawyer Billy McBride that’s Billy Bob Thornton is now awashed-up ambulance chaser who spends more time in bars than in the courtroomwhen Billy reluctantly agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against themassive law firm he helped create a vast and deadly conspiracy comes to lightBilly and his team team up in a life-or-death trial against the ultimatefoe which could end up helping Billy by a fire and redemption and exact revengeon this firm and that is all true so if you like the antihero in TV shows andmovies you will love Billy Bob in this think of these kind of antihero like itsaid he ran up on some hard times he lost a loved one he was a big-timelawyer he helped put this firm on the map they did him greasy he lost a lovermy man was up bar hopping bottle chasing stripper chasing hooker chasing you knowhow I go and he’s lost hope but he has awonderful sweet daughter who plays a great role this movie who’s alwaystrying to inspire him to get back going and when this case comes up there’sanother attorney in this whole series who is an outstanding actress herselfwho’s going after this legal firm that Billy Bob started she needs to puttogether a team she needs Billy Bob Thornton on the team because he knowsthe ins and out of this law firm and so you’ve got every element of some of yourgreat TV shows to outline you’ve got elements of poweryou’ve got elements of ray Donovan you’ve got elements of scandal and youalso have elements of a great show called damages that did really reallygood with the people that watched it so it’s not as complex as damages a littlebit more complex than scandal but a great action great chilling thrillingmoments in the series and by the end of the show you will fall in love withBilly Bob Thornton and they’re in season number two and this season picks up butthe lady who is actually playing that he-men a sister empowered and that chickcan add that Latin mama see to his own point she actually becomes Billy BobThornton’s love interest in season two but she has a deadly twist so if youhaven’t checked out Goliath go ahead put that on your fire stick and chill nightto see I will rate this TV series eight out of ten you get your action you getyour story plot you get your depth you get your sex you get your crime boss youget everything you could want in a great TV series that doesn’t have manyepisodes but there’s a whole lot of quality packed in those episodes highlyrecommend your streamed is check them out who lose goliath that’s gonna do itfor this video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go getyourself a life game if you made it this far in my video please consider donatingto my patreon a lot of my videos got demonetized because i used to dounderground streaming videos that’s not something that is accepted on thisplatform anymore and i encourage you that really really love my channel makea donation of $1.

00 here and there they can’t really help go over to shop lifeGamescom read the blog check out what i had to say about this particular TVseries and why you over there see if there’s something in my store you wantto buy and until the next sexiest hell video I’ll see you.



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