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For clone devices from China which are loaded with low-quality ROMs or even a wrong one.

That makes the Android TV project is unstable or even get bricked within the first-week usage.

So you need an intensive method to reflash the ROM via Maskrom mode.

Maskrom or DFU is the ultimate method to recover almost chipset, device brands or even phone/tablets.

“You should choose 6th-7th or 7th-8th pin from NAND bottom on the right side or 6th-7th or 7th-8th pin from first pin (first pin is marked on PCBA with a point or ) and circuit it during plugging to Host PC and powering on (check pin sequence for other devices very clearly)” – ugoos.


ly/maskrom-flash Prerequisites:- Windows 10 machine with no viruses- USB OTG cable with golden-plate- Image ROM firmware with a valid MD5 checksum- Driver and Assistant software latest versionOne of these components is corrupted can render failed firmware upgrading.

Avoid hand-made Male-to-Male cable that can damage the motherboard as well as break data transfer channels silently.

“USB to USB Cable, 2 Pack USB 3.

0 Male to Male Cable USB Type A to A Cable USB Doulbe Port Cord for Data Transfer” – amazon.


ly/male-2-male-USB “Rockchip Driver Assistant is also known as RK Driver Assistant.

It is a small utility that allows you to install the correct Rockchip Driver on your Windows Computer.

Here, on this page we have managed to share all the latest version of Rockchip Driver Assistant.

” – androidmtk.


ly/rk-driver-assit Driver Assistant v4.

5RockUsb DriverAdb DriverInstall DriverUninstall Driver “Using AndroidTool to flash image by partitionDownload AndroidTool from here.

Unzip it the file and double click AndroidTool.


Power down the MarsBoard and connect the MarsBoard to the computer and let the board go to recovery mode then the program will detect it” – hotmcu.


ly/rk-android-tool RKDevTool v2.

58Download Image Upgrade Firmware Advanced FunctionAddress Name Path1 0x00000000 MiniLoaderAll.

bin2 0x00000000 parameter.

txt 3 0x00004000 uboot.

img 4 0x00006000 trust.

img 5 0x00008000 misc.

img 6 OxOOOOAOOO boot.

img 7 0x0001A000 recovery.

img 8 0x0002A000 backup.

img9 0x0003A000 oem.

img10 0x0005A000 rootfs.

img11 0x0075A000 userdata.

imgLoader: Run Switch Dev Partition Clear Firmware Upgrade Switch EraseFlashFw Ver: Loader Ver: Chip Info: Firmware:Boot: Firmware Script: Download Unpack RunReadFlashID ReadFlashInfo ReadChipInfo ReadCapabilityTestDevice ResetDevice Go Maskrom ClearSnExportIDB ExportImageStart: Count: [ Reflashing in MASKROM mode for RockChip devices ] I found myself fail 7 times before this circuit method work and the Android Tool can recognize the device in Maskrom mode.

Furthermore, 8th and 9th pin are the default for not all of NAND/eMMC chip, so you must consult the manufacturer or technical forums.

The worst scenario is Windows does not recognize the Android box aka.

“nothing happened” that so many users complain.

Thankfully, a recent version of RKDevTool v2.

58 can force the device to the DFU mode with the Go Maskrom command directly.

With proper firmware loaded, the Upgrading process will be finished about 10 minutes.

Remember that, a clone device from China have specialized ROM integrated with them, for example, I have a fake MXQ 4K, it does not mean I can install the original ROM for that device, even with the same chipset, Wifi, board ID.

These are so many factors to match for, eMMC versions, Bluetooth brands, etc.

So after try-and-fail with 15+ ROM file and 2+ weeks, I found the ROM for Leelbox KingBox is the only one that correct, phew! Layer<1-5-1>:Wait For Maskrom StartWait For Maskrom SuccessTest Device StartTest Device Success ERROR:ReadCapability–>RKU_ReadCapability failed, err(-8)Check Chip Start Check Chip SuccessGet FlashInfo Start INFO:FlashInfo: 00 00 06 01 00 40 20 3C 20 04 01Get FlashInfo SuccessPrepare IDB Start INFO:CS(1) (8384MB) (MICRON) INFO:FindBackupBuffer–>No Found TagPrepare IDB SuccessDownload IDB StartDownload IDB SuccessReset Device StartReset Device SuccessWait For Loader StartWait For Loader SuccessTest Device StartTest Device SuccessDownload Firmware Start ERROR:ReadCapability–>RKU_ReadCapability failed, err(-8) INFO:FlashInfo: 00 00 06 01 00 40 20 3C 20 04 01 INFO:Start download image, total=1203516012, band=64, DirectLBA=0, First4Access=0, Gpt=0 INFO:Start to download trust, offset=0x4000, size=4194304 INFO:Start to download uboot, offset=0x2000, size=4194304 INFO:Start to download misc, offset=0x8000, size=49152 INFO:Start to download kernel, offset=0x12000, size=7043772 INFO:Start to download resource, offset=0xa800, size=2839040 INFO:Start to download boot, offset=0x18000, size=1472340 INFO:Start to download recovery, offset=0x1e000, size=4994596 INFO:Start to download system, offset=0x98000, size=1178722304Download Firmware SuccessReset Device StartReset Device Success For luckily guys like me, even with wrong device ROM, I found almost functions of the Android box are working well: no Google Play Services crash, WiFi is even better than the stock ROM, good launcher.

You can use Remap Button, System UI Tweak to make it a truly dream Android TV like this one.

[ Download Boot Prepare IDB Wait For Maskrom Success ] Based on my experiences: you have to prepare excellent components before starting, otherwise, you never know why you can’t restore the freak firmware.

I build myself an old A-A USB cable that causes the tool to warns about bad memory chipset blah blah while the true problem is firmware file.

And you have to try the simplest/easy method first before detaching physical component of the Android Box that may cause permanent hardware issues: use Go Maskrom command instead of circuit memory pins.

“This is a common guide for reflashing RockChip based devices.

All RK SoC (RK3066, RK3188, RK3288, RK3229, RK3328, RK3399 and so on) supports the same applications and drivers for Host system, if 3rd party producers do not add any other limitations or special options.

Differences can be in hardware parts, so you need to detect OTG port and recovery buttons correctly” – ugoos.


ly/rockchip-flash It is recommended that you buy a branded device with good warranty and support policy so that you can have the device fix effortlessly.

A good example is this device have a true recovery mode with a convenient method to access it via this Recover hole, all you need is a toothpick.

Compare to my fake MXQ4K from China, the recovery does nothing more than an infinitive logo boot loop, what a shame!http://bit.

ly/best-android-box-TV “If the board powers on and finds a valid IDB (IDentity Block) in the eMMC, it will continue to load the bootloader from the eMMC and pass execution control to it.

If the bootloader checks that the Recovery button is pressed and USB connection is made, then it enters the so-called Rockusb Mode, waiting for further instructions from the host” – readthedocs.


ly/flash-emmc-rkYou can explore under the hood what called MaskRom DFU/Loader mode with ranges of device components: Amlogic, Rockchip chipset, NAND/MMC/eMMC flash storage, SPI/UART debug with these official wikis.

[ How to enter Rockchip USB MASKROM mode ] “In Maskrom mode, the DRAM is not available, so the download size is limit by the internal memory size.

Use db command in rkdeveloptool, system will init the DRAM and run into usbplug(with rockusb driver) mode which have no size limitation in download size” – rock-chips.


ly/rockusb “Maskrom mode(AKA DFU mode) is used to flash boot loader to boot media(used to be eMMC, SPI, Nand, SD card etc) over Rockusb Protocol” – wikidot.


ly/rockusb-maskrom ROM Firmware files and Flash Tools download:rk3229_7.








1-mxq_4k-ota_v0-20160516atvXperience_S905X_V2H_FINALatvXperience_S905W_V2H_FINALMXQ_PRO_4K_p201_android_TV_by cOOLio_V2.















0EMMC IDB Failrk3288loadersAndroidTool_Release_v2.




Rockchip-SD “This firmware is for the MXQ-4K with the 3229 Rockchip processor.

Please install this firmware using Rockchip Recovery Tool.

If your MXQ-4K is bricked you may also use this IMG firmware to recover your device” – mxqproject.


ly/mxq4k-firmware[ Best Android TV Box 4k H265 HDR ].



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