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a is a little extra special because you’re gonna see some of our crew come in and it out as well that’s what we do during 10 faves we get a little wild in the middle of the night but our today’s special today is really great because now you actually have sort of like an assistant in your home when it comes to your entertainment what you’re getting right here is from Amazon it’s the Amazon fire TV sticks and what these are is you’re you know what it does is that it connects your HDTV your HDTV to a world of online entertainment you can stream your media and you can do it even if you don’t have a smart TV because all of the brains all of the smarts are built in to the the USB right here this is where it all happens you’re getting two complete sets so you have an adapter here this is gonna plug into your HDMI port on your TV and you also have your remote control and your mote control is it cool because not only is it easy for you to use you’ll notice that it’s not a whole lot of buttons if you just want to press this one microphone button you can talk to your TV and it will do what you tell it to do and you get two complete sets so if you have two TVs in your home and maybe one for the main TV and then one for the TV in your bedroom you can do that if you want to and you can kind of use them in any way that you want but this price this set is only good for today it’s our today’s special price for $89.

95 for not only the two complete sets but also the really great streaming package where you get a streaming package where you’ve got access to some great apps and other things that you can do with your amazon firetv sticks so you’re gonna get a 2-pack and then you’ll also get a month of the sling orange three months of your daily burn premium so if you want to workout you can do it right there a month of your quello a concert and in three months of your play on TV you get all of that and it really is a great value but the best part about it is now when you want to watch your favorite TV show when you want to watch your sports when you want to watch your movies or maybe it’s a series that you’ve been watching and trying to keep up with and you don’t want to watch it week after week after week you want to sit down and have a marathon of it you don’t have to have a smart TV and a huge cable bill to do it you use your amazon firetv sticks which is gonna be really really great and probably the easiest way that you’ve ever watched watched anything on television so this is a streaming media player and what that means is that streaming media is video or audio content that sent over the internet and you play it immediately rather than waiting for like a large files have to download or anything like that this has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless so it’s gonna be easy for you to work with your router in your home as well as well as your Bluetooth capability there over 4, 000 channels apps and games are included in the capability here over 250, 000 TV episodes and movies so watch what you want to watch not what’s on you’ve got access to Netflix Amazon video HBO Go Hulu Plus and so much more and the best part is that you not only get that with your high-definition content up to 1080p you’ve got your voice search with Alexa now Alexa is your assistant literally is your assistant in your home if you ever wonder well what’s the traffic like today for where you’re going what’s the weather like how do I need to dress in order to be you know have have the appropriately dressed for the day you ask Alexa and Alexa will respond Alexa can also do a lot of other things Alexa can turn the tv up or down Alexa can turn the channel Alexa can find your TV show if you want to watch something in particular and you don’t want to scroll through the the menu or anything like that Alexa can give you the sports scores Alexa can control your music so if you want to listen to a particular song at a particular volume you don’t have to get up and turn anything and twist anything you just tell Alexa and Alexa will do it for you that built-in to the functionality of your amazon firetv sticks they really are not only kinda a new way a new wave but a new age of the way that we have our media and our entertainment in our home and you get to complete sets now we will have a full presentation of this coming up at 5:00 a.


but if you’re saying I already want it I already know this is gonna be you know easy.



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