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Today’s topic is about Fire Tv Stick.

Its Unboxing and tutorial.

So, let’s first unbox its packet.

This is an Amazon Exclusive Product, which is quite neatly packed.

So, its an Orange coloured box, which we are about to open and will have a look inside .

so, its compactly packed and looks bulky.

Let’s Open it now.

It has transparent ribbon at the back of it.

which helps in sealing the packet.

As, you can see it is compactly packed.

Now, we have a black box.

As, soon as we open it.

We see some documentation.

and manual of the fire stick So, lets keep it aside and have a look at other things At, first we have a black cable .

It is a micro USB type Cable not Type C one.

Along with type A USB port at the other end.

It has dongle along with it I will mention its usage in the later part of the video.

Now, we have an adapter which has a amazon branding on it.

It has a marking of 5V 1 Amp charge That means it doesn’t support any fast charge technology as such.

Now, we have the main Device The Fire Tv stick Which has a HDMI port in it.

It a compact and useful product.

So, lets keep it towards the side for now.

Apart from that we get a remote controller Which is quite handy and i will discuss its usage in the later part of the video Along with two cells of amazon branding.

So, lets insert the battery inside the remote first.

So, lets open the remote and pop the battery inside.

Just push a little and the back cover will slide open.

and now we can insert the battery inside it.

After inserting the battery.

We will lock it up and keep to the side So, this is the dongle which is small and compact in design.

and as you look toward the side of it you will find a power port.

where the adaptor will be inserted which was provide inside the box It is recommended to use the external power source instead of the USB port provide in the television So, this is all the equipment present inside the box Which is quite a good deal So, lets now watch the use of this dongle So, this is a dongle which i was talking about previously in the video This acts as an extension to the stick It has a HDMI port at the back of it.

It happens quite frequently that the HDMI port of our TV are at the back of the TV which is not approachable easily.

Then in that case the Extension is quite handy It gets firmly attached to it and the other male port of the dongle will be inserted at the back of the TV Now, I have inserted the dongle on the HDMI port of my Sony Bravia TV.

Now, I am booting it up for the setup.

Although I have configured it previously, but i have factory rested it in order to show you the procedure.

As you, boot up the device you will see the symbol of Fire TV stick Now, i will be asked to enter my amazon account detail its good if you have an amazon account or you can create one on it.

I already have a prime account which i will enter it now All of this can be accessed by your remote and your TV remote automatically get Sync once you have done the setup Now, i have to enter my Email id which i will do with the help of the remote provided Once you are done with entering all the data, it will start registering your device and boot up.

Once you have registered , it will continue further with your name on it.

You have to enter your WiFi password now Because it is necessary to have WiFi connection Either from a Router or from your mobile hotspot which should be of good speed.

It is both is advantage as well as disadvantage, as it will not work without the internet Almost all of its content are online apart from few, which I will tell you some other time So, this is your desktop screen.

Multiple source are available in it.

Its more beneficial if you have a prime account.

its not a problem if you don’t have one, but but it enhances the viewing experience if you have a prime account or Netflix account Its not a problem if you don’t have one but its best if you have one.

As, you can see the List of latest movie in it Don’t expect to get the brand new movies in it.

but you can easily get the 1 or 2 months old movie in it.

Multiple Drama and TV shows are available in it Along with YouTube and other variety of apps are there It has Voice remote inbuilt in it.

Now as I say Perfect and it has searched the video related to perfect which is sung by Ed Sheeran I will tell its other feature in the later part of the video.

The remote of the fire TV has a special the button which has symbol of mic in it the button activates the voice command and through which i was able to search the perfect song .

As, you can see the screen quality is quite good It can support Full HD but not 4K.

and 4K is not necessarily required in India as of now.

because the internet speed in India is not that good and 4K video have limited supply.

So, Full HD video is sufficient for us as of now.

As, you can see the quality of video is phenomenal and it can support a maximum of 1080p.

The video as well as sound clarity is excellent.

so, lets press the home button in the remote and it will take us to the homepage of the fire tv stick As, I have mentioned earlier you can toggle through the menus using this remote and it has a mic symbol on the remote.

which is used to activate the voice command So, there are multiple app in it.

Such as Jio TV.

Jio Tv can’t we installed directly.

I will tell its installation process some other time Jio TV is a very important app.

If you want to watch free Live tv in it.

so, lets now concentrate on some other topic As , i have mentioned earlier the mic button here activates the voice assistant.

So, lets give it a try by saying “raazi” Sometime it doesn’t works accurately but most if the time it works perfectly as i said “raazi” and instead it searched ghazi.

but in the second try it guessed it right if, it understands the command in one go it will directly open it.

else it will show multiple suggestions according to the voice Now, i am saying “house” It will directly search house as it has understood my command Now, I am giving the command to search “dunkirk” it has searched Dunkirk If it understands the command, it will directly open it or, else it will give multiple option as per its understanding.

and consequently play it in amazon prime or Netflix depending on your subscription This search option is quite handy It will stream flawlessly, if you have good quality internet connections it will enhance your viewing experience So, lets watch some other apps available in it This is its setting options.

Here you can enhance and tweak the data, change your WiFi connection etc So, numerous number of apps are there in it such as NDTV, Jio Cinema, Zee5 etc Suppose we want a specific app.

For example we want a app related to weather.

So, we will head in the app store , click on weather box.

It will show all the app in app store related to weather Most of the apps available here are free to download We can download it as per our requirement So, that’s all for today If you have any query regarding the video, do comment down below.

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