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Hey what’s up everyone.

My name is jaywalker and today i will be reviewing AirSquirrels AirParrot 2.

if you haven’t heard of AirParrot 2, thesoftware is best known for its screen mirroring feature, which will allow youto mirror your computer’s screen onto your TV.

AirParrot 2 also allows you towirelessly share your videos, music presentations, and much more on to yourTV.

To get AirParrot 2 to work on your TV, you will need to have an Apple TV or aChromecast.

To avoid any issues with the screen mirroring process, it’s a good idea to check therequirements page for a full list of requirements, needed to run the AirParrot app.

AirSquirrels offers a 7-day trial to give you some time to determine if the software is the right fit for you.

If you don’t have AirParrot installed already, go ahead and click on the download link at the top of the page.

To start yourfree trial choose your operating system from thislist over here, then click on the download button.

I already have it installed on my laptopbut this is the version I’d choose if I needed to start from scratch.

And you’llsee this confirmation page once your download has begun.

You can use this page as reference onhow to get started with AirParrot 2.

once you have AirParrot 2 installed, click on the desktop shortcut and you’ll see this menu pop up at the bottom ofyour screen.

I’ll go ahead and jump right in and showyou how AirParrot’s screen mirroring works on my laptop, using the chromecastthat’s connected to my TV.

and there you go! This is how it lookslike when AirParrot 2 is screen mirroring to my TV.

you can also select an apple TV if youhave one and expect the same result.

The only noticeable difference betweenthe two, is the splash screen you’re seeing on the bottom left.

I didnot notice any major performance improvements between the two devices, soif you’re unable to afford an Apple TV a Chromecast will work perfectly fine.

If Iwant to terminate my screen mirroring session, all i need to do is click on the “closeall connections” button over here or I can click on the pause button if i needto pause my screen mirroring session while I focus on other tasks in thebackground.

When i’m ready to resume, i’ll go ahead and hit the button again and myscreen mirroring session will continue where I left off.

This audio slider willcontrol the master audio that is being broadcasted to your TV.

If your audio isa little low and you need to turn it up some more just make sure to adjust the deviceaudio down in this area as well.

If I don’t want my mouse cursor to show on myTV, I can simply hide it by clicking on this”mouse cursor” button over here I prefer to leave mine visible, so goahead and click on it again, to re-enable my cursor.

This rectangle option allowsyou to focus on one area of the screen and cast only that area to your TV.

Forexample I’ll focus on this area over here, and only that area will show on myTV.

You can always resize this rectangle ifyou need to cast a bigger or smaller area for your viewers to see.

When you’redone with this option, click on the rectangle button again, to restore yourdefault screen mirroring session.

The “Application option” will mirror one ofthe program’s you currently have running on your computer.

So let’s say I want to screen mirror myps4’s remote play for my friends and family to see.

I could do that byclicking on this option over here, and select the app I want to mirror.

The coolthing about this option is that the audio coming through the app, can also betransmitted to my TV.

Unfortunately here’s where I ran into aproblem.

I had some issues trying to utilize the “Application Option” in fullscreen mode.

This could be caused by a number ofdifferent reasons but i think my main issue was the desktop recording softwarei had in the background.

Without it, I was able to use the “Application option” infull screen mode perfectly fine.

Let’s skip ahead to the audio onlyoption.

The “Audio only” option can play back acollection of music you have on your computer.

While the normal screenmirroring feature can do this as well, the AirParrot 2 app normally displays afull screen placeholder image when you select this option.

[Music Playing] The sound you justheard was coming through my TV using the “Audio only” feature.

I’m not able to show you the placeholderimage that is supposed to be showing but Ii believe this is a bug being caused bythe desktop recording software, that i’m using to make this video.

The “Media option” can cast your device’svideo files or movies onto your TV.

It can also cast images but does so oneat a time.

I’m not sure if this option was designedto cast images, but if it was, a slideshow feature to toggle through images, wouldmake this option even better.

One thing to note is that I had someissues loading regular video files that did not play properly or at all.

So just be aware that your results mayvary when using this feature.

Now that we’ve covered the main settingslet’s take a look at what we can find inside the Preferences menu.

In this first tab, the mirroring tab, wecan control the quality of how our screen is being mirrored to the TV.

The maximum frame rate slider makes ahuge difference at 60 frames, versus the lowest option of 10 frames.

To show youan example I’m going to free hand on my OneNote app, where I think the difference is very obvious and noticeable.

So this is my free and drawing at 60frames and I’m going to drop it down to 10 frames to show you what thedifference is.

As you may have noticed, the scrolling ofthe mouse was pretty slow.

So if you can get your maximum frame rate to thehighest level, definitely consider doing that as longas your computer can handle it without any performance issues.

If you want to bereminded that you’re screen mirroring to a TV, just enable this option and the Appleremind you between 15 to 60 minute intervals.

Theforce 720p resolution option may fix some of the over or underscan issues thatyou might be having, while screen mirroring to your TV.

The TV i’m usingfor this demonstration is a Samsung 1080p LED TV, so forcing 720p resolutionisn’t necessary in my scenario.

The first option we see here is toadjust the video quality of the media you are planning to stream.

So if you arecasting a movie, and care more about stability over quality, adjust the slider toa medium to lower level setting.

If you care more about the quality of your movie, do the opposite and adjust the slider toa higher level.

For Subtitles, I assume it will use the subtitle filesthat may be available for your videos.

Unfortunately I don’t have any videoswith subtitles so i can show off how this works.

If you are a subtitle user, you canselect the language in this drop-down menu below.

In the remote tab, you’ll findan option to quickly connect your mobile iOS device to a computer running AirParrot 2.

I don’t have the AirParrot mobile app, but I assume this works similar tohow a Teamviewer or a VNC type program works.

If you want to learn more aboutthis feature, check out the description box below.

Inthe general tab, you’ll find an option to log your AirParrot activity so youcan help the developers fix any bugs that you may encounter along the way.

And finally, the classic desktop captureoption is only to be used by older computers.

According to AirSquirrelssupport, most people won’t have to worry aboutthis option, as it basically disables hardware acceleration that won’t help orbe a hindrance on older computers.

To top it off, AirParrot 2 allows for multi casting ifyou own more than one streaming device.

In other words, if you have an apple TV & Chromecast like I do, you can castanything you just saw to 2 or more TVs at the same time.

As apersonal recommendation, i highly recommend using a modern router to getthe most out of this feature.

I’m currently screen mirroring to myChromecast and to my Apple TV at the same time.

I’m going to disconnect fromthe chromecast really quick then i’ll reconnect to it, just to show you how itworks.

As you can see, both devices are screenmirroring at the same time.

So if you have two streaming devices connected totwo different tv’s, you would see your desktop on those tv’s.

This quick connectbox, is used to enter a quick-connect code, generated by the Reflector 2 software.

For more information regarding Reflector 2, Check out the description box below.

Thank you SO much for sticking around tocheck out this awesome app.

If you are loving the features and all the optionsthat come with it, consider buying it to support thedevelopers and staff that helped make this possible.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review.

Ifyou have any questions about the steps we covered in this video, feel free toleave them in the comments section below.

Subscribe if you haven’t done so alreadyand give this video thumbs up, I’ll talk to you guys in the next one.

Take care.



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