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hey guys welcome back so you just gotyourself a brand new firestick or any of the other Amazon devices and you’rewondering why sometimes the videos seem to take a long time to star or sometimeswhen you’re watching something the video keeps on pausing again and again andagain now this is

actually known as buffering so in this video today let’stalk more about buffering exactly what causes buffering on your device and whatthe key things we can do to fix buffering once and for all now in caseyou’re thinking have actually bought a brand new Apple TV based on thesephenomenal looking

screen savers in the background well look at this guy’sthat’s actually my fire stick and if you want to see that video how you canchange the default screen saver on your 4k 4 stake onto the Apple TV 4kscreensavers then definitely hit that subscribe button guys and hit thenotification bell

because I’m really looking forward to sharing this videowith you and you can get some amazing looking screen savers on your devicecoming up right after this if you new to the channel and you want to stay up todate with the latest tech tutorials the latest forest steak Android and

AndroidTV tips and tricks then please do subscribe to the notification barrelit’s a small click from you but it makes a big difference to me thank youok so what is buffering so when you are trying to watch a movie or a TV show avia a stream now to make

sure your application doesn’t actually stop thevideo what happens is it actually pre loads or it loads some of the video inits memory in advance so if there is a slight blip in the network or ifsomething slightly just goes off for a second because you’re playing it fromthat buffer

it shouldn’t affect your playback so now if your video actuallycatches up to the buffer so there’s nothing else in advance that’s whenyou’ll see that logo which means that you’re now waiting for your applicationor your device to download more of that video before it can serve that to youand

once again that’s when you’ll see that logo ok so what are the mainfactors that could potentially cause buffering on your device well I’ll saythe top 5 in no particular order firstly we have the Internet bandwidth or yourinternet speed that’s available to you and the reason why I say

available toyou like you could have for example a 70 Meg internet connection but because youhave five for the people in your house that meanshave 70 Meg exclusive to you you’re actually showing that amongst the otherfive people so you may need to find out how much you have dedicated

for your owndevice or your own fire stick or where you’re trying to do the streaming fromnext up we have a distance to the server so let’s say for example I’m trying tostream something from a server based in the UK now because I’m based in the UKI will typically

see better performance and less chance of buffering compared tome trying to connect to a server based in China or Russia or Australia becauseof that geographic distance typically I’ll get better performance using aserver local to me next up we have the bandwidth of the server you’re trying toconnect this

so whichever server you’re connecting to for your streaming youhave to see what the actual upload speed is because when you’re serving contentwhen you’re giving out content it’s not your download speed that makes adifference it’s your upload speed now server may have only a hundredconnection or gigabit connection but

if you have so many users all on thatserver or trying to stream content then that serves going to have a hard timeand because of that you’re more likely to get buffering so bandwidth of theserver and how many people are trying to consume that bandwidth is points threeand four

and the last one we have is your device now you trying to streamsomething or high-definition movie or something else on a first or secondgeneration forestay compared to an Nvidia shield or something that’s morepowerful naturally and invariably you’re going to get much better performance andless chance of buffering using

a more powerful device compared to a lesspowerful device like a second-generation firestick so they’re probably the fivemain reasons that can actually cause buffering on your device now let’s talkabout what we can do to actually fix them ok so the first thing we can do toreduce buffering on our

device is to close off our background applicationsbecause the more things you have running in the background the less free memoryyou’re going to have and your device needs a free memory to build up yourcache which helps reduce buffering not to close up these backgroundapplications we can use developer tools

menu which is available from thestandard Amazon App Store once you install this application open it up thenpress the back button on your remote and we what we’re looking for here is is thelist background apps and process list when you click on it for the first timeit will actually

ask you to install it so install it then open it up and youcan now see I have five things running in the background on my device and allof these are consuming of valuable system resources so beforeyou start your streaming session or your movie session going to this applicationclick

on close all apps and scroll down and select the option to four stopsyou’re not terminating that process and that will then free up that memory sodefinitely closed off all background applications before you start your moviesession next up I recommend going to my website and downloading a speed asapplication

now the benefit of this is you can see exactly what kind of speedyou’re getting on your device now if you are using a wireless connection for yourstreaming then depending on how far your device is from the Rooter or router anddepending on you know how many walls are in

place you know what obstructions arein place now all of these factors can actually cause a blip in your networkand if you do get a blip then you’re likely to get buffering on your devicenow one way we can mitigate this is to use a wired connection so on a

4kfirestick you can buy an OTG cable and use an amazon ethernet adapter or anadapter like this which gives you an Ethernet port and multiple USB 3 portsnow using a wired connection means you’re not going to be affected byinterference or distance typically a wired connection will always give you

amuch better and more consistent connection than wireless so if you arehaving any kind of dropouts or any kind of connectivity issues I do recommendusing a wired connection now the next fix is probably going to apply to mostof you and that’s to use a premium service like Rio de

bread now for peoplethat don’t know real debride is a premium service and it gives you accessto premium for lookers now unlike the free servers which are typicallyunderpowered they’re oversubscribed they’re being hammered by loads peopletrying to access free content the service we have a real debride ourpremium servers so

they typically have higher bandwidth more importantly tohave a lot less users so if you do find your side of these applications yourthird-party apks if you find those applications are regularly causingbuffering then I highly recommend triangle real debride and seeing if thatfixes all of your buffering issues and if

you do want to check it out do youhave a look in the pinned comment next up we have quite an obvious one but it’sstill worth mentioning and that’s certain applications will actually showyou the server load so when you do see a bunch of links and the servers arehosting

those links it’s always advisable to choose a server that hasnice load because the least load typically means that you have less usersusing that server which means you typically have less chance of gettingbuffering the more busy and the more users that are on a server the morechance you having

of buffering so it’s always advisable to go for the serverthat has the least load next up we have stream quality now if you find in yourparticular situation that your device your application or your internet if oneof these three or all of these three just cannot keep up with

what you’retrying to stream it may be advisable to actually reduce the stream quality inyour application to let’s say for example 720p so if your device isconstantly buffering with 1080p content then I do advise just dropping that downto 720p now 720p can still look good on the big screen

but in terms of bandwidthit requires less bandwidth than the 1080p content and because of those lowerbandwidth requirements that should hopefully reduce the chance of yourdevice getting buffering the next thing we can do is actually tweak some of thesettings on our device to help improve the performancenow these settings

are all inside settings and in preferences and let’s gointo privacy settings and just make sure all of these are set to OFF because themore things you have on your device are collecting data that are monitoring dataall of these things can actually slow down your device which again couldpotentially

cause you to get buffering so make sure all of these are set to OFFlet’s go back out of this going to data monitoring and make sure this is alsoset to office wall so really what we’re trying to do here is maximize the freememory we have and make sure

there’s no unnecessary processes running in thebackground consuming our valuable resources then if we go over toapplications let’s go into App Store now this option here does not affect any ofyour third-party applications or any of your site loaded herbs but anyapplication that you download it from the official App

Store this process willallow you to automatically update here but again if there’s a process runningin the background which is checking for updates which is then downloading ourplace and then installing a place all these things can actually slow down yourdevice and again the more busy your device is the

greater chance you have ofgetting buffering so I definitely recommend turning this off now even withthis option off you can still install any of the updates for the MS inapplications but you have to do it manually yourself and here we havenotifications so if you’re not really concernedany of the

standard Amazon applications you can also turn yourself that meansyou’re not going to see any more notifications regarding the AmazonAppstore now the last option is if you havemultiple Amazon devices and let’s say on the first device you install anapplication from the Amazon App Store on the second device if

you go to your appslibrary will actually appear in the list so I go to apps we can see here that allthese applications here we can see I’ve actually installed it on a differentfire stick but I can still see the tasks for them here now some of you may

preferthis but I personally prefer to turn this off just to make it a bit neaterand again the way you do that is go back into settings go to applications go tothe App Store and let’s turn that last option to on that means only theapplications i’ve installed on this

particular fire stick will be shown inmy apps library and if i press and hold the home key go to apps and now we cansee only the applications are installed on my device appear in the apps libraryand the other thing i advise you to do at least once a

week is to restart yourdevice now i don’t just mean put the device into sleep by pressing andholding the home key and selecting sleep actually mean go into settings go intomy fire TV and secretary stop because this will properly restart your deviceso if there’s too many things running in

the background or if something was maybein a hung stay doing a full restart will actually fix all of those issues and ifyou really want to take it to the next levelyou could also restart your router or router maybe once a month just to makesure that everything is running

as optimal as possible well that’s all forthis video guys many thanks for watching if you did find this video useful thenplease do give it a thumbs up if you liked the look of that screensaver Imean seriously how nice does that look and just imagine that running on yourfire

stick Oh fight TV I’m hoping for that video to drop in the next few daysbut definitely subscribe guys and hit that Bell so you can see exactly whenit’s dropped also leave me a comment below let me know you talked about thisvideo and I’ll hopefully catch up with you

guys real soon thanks



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