I’m ordering this today why I don’t want to be the only host that didn’t order it today because every single person that works here is taking advantage of what we’re offering today and it’s all the streaming options that you get with fire TV plus the smart speaker with the lovely Alexa all the capabilities at the lowest price anywhere on the planet by 50% you can go to the Amazon website and you can look for this item and you will find it at twice the price if you want to pay for twice the price you go right ahead and do it we’re offering it because we got a wonderful wonderful deal and we’ve worked out a great configuration with them our exclusive configuration also includes three months of Pandora you get Crooker fitness for a cup but for three months you get sling for a month it is truly a once a year type of deal so if you want to get it I suggest you do you’re probably asking well you know why why would I want to buy this form from you at HSN well like I said you’re not gonna find this price anywhere else that you look and when you see the price 5990 that’s crazy that’s insane for everything that you get I mean you could buy you want to pick them both up piecemeal you want to pay three to $300 for that or you can get it for $59 and change today it’s on flexpay for $15 and we’ll ship it right to your house you have this in perfect time just be able to celebrate and enjoy the holidays Aaron Berger my friend is here you know this is truly we don’t get deals like this very often where we’re able to do something better than anybody even the people that create it right well I mean obviously they are working with us very closely today the wonderful partners with us on this yeah great partners on this why has all have all of our hosts all of our backstage guys all of our production is that like everybody bill Duggan our electronics experts are buying this well because we can buy at half price here relative to going on Amazon to buying it and here’s what it if you know technology or even if you don’t what in the heck is all of this excitement why have we sold thousands and thousands already of the fire cube well here’s what do you know Alexa you know Alexa technology where you can talk to your speaker and ask her all kinds of questions about what’s the weather what movies are playing schedule something for me how’s my traffic play music etc it’s I mean to swept the world the fire cube is basically like having an Amazon echo and having a fire stick 4k in one what’s a fire stick 4k this is a streaming device so now basically you take the power of the echo you plug it into your TV you can watch over 500, 000 of your favorite television shows and movies and all kinds of great things and you can do it all hands-free that’s what it all comes out it’s really that simple but when you see how powerful it is you expect this to be $120 device I mean it functions like $120 device so let me show you what I mean this right here this is the fire cube set up is so simple you know I was reading the reviews last night every single review we have except one is a perfect five star review this is why this is how easy it is to do let’s start by just figuring out what we can do you can ask a question so you just say Alexa what can you do you can say remind me to feed the pets II set an alarm for 9 a.


or set a reminder anymore here’s other things you can do you can play your fridge just using your voice telling your you can play a podcast you can tell her wake me up to happy music you can ask about your Flash briefing that’s your news that happens every day because they play the planet money podcasts lots of different things so that is your assistant and again it’s at the end of your voice you can say something like Alexa what’s the weather this takes this incredible Alexa and Amazon technology and it plugs it into your TV so you have a visual going on yeah as well as this is its own speaker with far-field recognition imagine you can walk into the house you can get up in the morning you can you know be cooking breakfast the TV’s out on you go oh wait I want to watch TV so I’ll go on Alexa switch to home and this is your home area and maybe you want to watch a little bit of your favorite show maybe you want to watch a movie maybe maybe the kids or fuller are there and you need to entertain the kids you don’t even want go to the TV you just go Alexa play tumble leaf so I didn’t touch anything I didn’t turn it on I didn’t throw it this is all hands-free and you’ll see in about a second this will start playing back your video now question I have a list of questions I want to go through these are some questions I just asked and it started playing it your favorite shows a start and stop where you left off people asked I’m gonna grab cards because I have all these great questions people ask things like join your Smart TV no what do I need you need to have Wi-Fi in your house and you need to have an HDMI port on your television which is essentially every television on the world has if you do I need to have another Alexa device no what if I have other Alexa devices in my home great they all work together you can use this while you have an echo or you have a spot or you have a dot or you have any of those these were a bunch of questions we got last night Oh what if I have cable great you can actually use your voice like I can say Alexa switch to bluetooth so I have bluetooth plugged in right now you can switch to bluetooth you can switch to cable you can do it and in fact once you get to cable this is really cool if you switch over to oh I think I said I said bluetooth mmm right that’s what hang on Alexa switch to blu-ray okay here we go so now where I know there will be lots of my folks this is what our blu-ray player is playing right now I could have said switch to cable and then I could say play CNN play Fox News by ABC play NBC etc all back and forth all with your boys can get this to do so many different things you can get Alexa to do for you whether it’s turn the lights on in your Christmas tree turn the lights on where you go to bed right and Aaron’s gonna show you all that but I really want to especially talk to those customers out there our customers our senior friends out there that may be you know maybe getting up and turning the Christmas tree lights off as a pain or maybe you know remembering your shopping list all these things it’s so helpful because I wanted to get one of these for my mother I thought my mom is a hard time with remote control having to deal with all that it’d be so nice if she could talk to the TV and tell it what she wot’s if she could talk to Alexa and say what she wants to be reminded of you know I pack I’m I’m so forgetful it’s ridiculous I’m like mom I’m like my dad now I’m writing notes all over the place so you have this personal assistant and you have fire TV you get the best of both worlds yes if you buy it today it’s only $59.

99 can we do can we throw up that little thing that we have there Kyle to show how much you could spend if you tried to get all this somewhere else it’s called our little if purchased separately we’ll put that up for you but while we’re waiting for that look at the flex pay $15 flex pay remember I’m giving you a whole pie I’m just asking you to pay for one slice that’s what flex pay is and they pay for the other slices each month after that so you get the pie you only pay for a little bit so that’s what flex pay is so let me read this for you so 119 is the price for the fire TV cube streaming media player and with the sling the month is sling it’s 120 dollars bertie we already have that you get Pandora my premium that’s it’s three months off for $9.

99 and then grow car fitness which is 40 for the whole thing is 174 if you were to go on the Amazon website which I know you maybe have already done and you’ve checked it today you will see that our price is 50% less there’s no difference in anything else although then we give you we give you some extra bonus a lot of HSN exclusive things but why would you pay I mean if you want to go and pay twice the price because it comes from Amazon that’s fine I don’t know not the right thing to do but if you want to do that where you can shop with us and you can get it for Half Price we worked out this configuration with them everybody’s everybody’s in on it we’re all good with it but you are the one that benefits from it so if you’ve always wanted to be able to tell your TV rather than try to drive your TV with 16 different remotes what to do you can do that and then at the same time you can ask Alexa to do other things for you you know put together play my music collection watch this movie turn this channel on turn the TV off turn the lights on turn off the ceiling fan whatever it is because we have our little smart plug let’s do the lights right now okay so you guys are gonna see the Christmas tree across the studio one of the great things about having so first of all what is Alexa Alexa is your smart assistant that controls your home that controls your smart home devices that lets you ask questions that let you play music that let you check your commute that way it’s almost endless what you can do but I can say something like I’m Alexa turn Christmas tree off did we get it Alexa turn Christmas tree off well I think it’s just called tree I’m sorry that’s my phone again Christmas tree Alexa turn tree off okay yeah there we go goes that time you think Christmas tree now watch Alexa turn tree on no I want to explain something to you you name I actually named that plug tree I could name it light I could name it curling iron I could name it a million different things the one thing you need in order to be able to turn your space heater on before you walk into the bathroom in the morning in order to you know turn anything on and off are these little plugs they’re called DG plugs we’re selling that we have them available as a four patch which is really nice there’s the item number six one two two five three and I think those are for 30 what are they I’m not exactly subtle all right those hey let me tell ya I can’t read it from here what does it say okay 50 on so you get four plugs I would you know you’re saving 50% off get these plugs to go with that turning things on and off in your house with your voice it’s the coolest 90% of why I would want to have this because I like I don’t like having that I have to get up or hit buttons so that if you get the four plugs you can I know you do is attach them to electronics so whether it’s a fan yeah or a light or it or a Christmas tree or a heater or it could be anything at all that you turn off and I and I don’t like social wake up you can’t ask her to turn the heat off or you can ask you to do things like that so so honestly we are about halfway through the presentation if you’re just joining us this is our amazon firetv today’s special we’ve combined it not only a media streamer so you can get all your favorite movies and I mean hundreds and thousands of options I we used to say how many but now there’s so many nad at every single day with streaming and ultra 4k HD it’s not even where we just tell you hundreds and thousands and I’m talking TV shows and movies and news and sports and weather all that stuff is available to you but also this is your voice assistant this is your smart assistant Alexa that can help you to navigate throughout your home and throughout your electronics so it’s like having it’s like having a personal assistant and here it is destination there it is hole to the psychism wearing a dark shirt this is what you get and this is what you get could it be more simple so this is what connects you to everything this is how you navigate or with your voice and are we gonna show you people how to I know my mom knowing I want that you better you little stinker better buy me this but she’s probably wondering how to set it up well and everybody you know when you buy this for someone for Christmas they’re gonna think you spent $120 on it because for one day and one day only it’s not gonna be that bracelet Annie Danny one of the things you like to have to get out of his bed he’ll be able to switch inputs into his game box or switch inputs into his cable but in fact you can even say Alexa turn TV off by by you can turn the TV off and turn the TV on let me show you how it’s so remote anymore Alexa turn TV on I come over here with me so you got some really cool stuff so this is how easy it is to get started you need two things you need a TV with an HDMI port and you need Wi-Fi period so you place the cube about a foot or so away from your TV you connect the cube to your TV’s HDMI port and you follow the prompts on-screen and I’m telling y’all it is the easiest thing in the world to do so let me show you here’s the cube itself you’re gonna take an HDMI cable and you’re just gonna plug an HDMI cable boom into the back and you’re gonna plug the other end of the HDMI cable like this television has three different HDMI ports most have three or four in the back actually I think it has four boom you’re gonna plug it into the TV so that’s number one and then number two this is power so you’re gonna take your power and you’re gonna plug your power in that’s all you do to set it up that’s that’s literally and then when you turn your television on it will detect what poured it on it will come on automatically you can start asking questions you can start you can download the Alexa app to your phone that’s a really cool thing as well and that will allow you to be able to like earlier you saw that we we have this set up with our blu-ray player and we have it set up with our our Christmas tree over there we have all these things come over here I want to show you all something else this is something we have additionally available today that’s really cool if you have a wall-mounted TV or you just want to mount your cube check it out so this is just a little wall mount that we don’t have very many of these available I think we just have a couple hundred of them this shelf yeah it’s a shelf so it goes in there just like that and your wires come out the side so that makes sense right yeah and when I’m up against the back of the wall your wires come out the side so it’s a really nice way to be able to mount your device and again what is this what is this device – this is Amazon’s latest it’s a combination of your echo like an Amazon echo or an Amazon dot or any of that smart Alexa technology it’s that and a media streamer all put together let’s go through the features if you’re just joining us if you’re just waking it up and saying wow they’re saying this is half the price is that yeah it sure is half the prices as on amazon.

com it’s a media player with built-in hands-free Alexa now it’s really really easy to do things like turn the TV on and off you saw me do a minute ago the cube can hear you it has far-field recognition across the room your hands can be full you can be working on something you can change the channel you can change the input you can tell it to rewind you can tell it to fast forward if you want to watch the next episode and it’s always getting smarter so there’s always new things it’s new skills for example you can order a pizza from dominos you can add things to your shopping list you can open the HSN app that’s one of the great things there are tens of thousands of skills and Counting it literally every single day it just gets better and better and I will tell you lowest price anywhere and I mean anywhere I mean I’m talking the state the country any place any place you could possibly shop for this and not just lower 50% less than on the Amazon website so if you tried to pick this up separ because we’re gonna give you we have an exclusive configuration with some other bells whistles that are great we bundled up a sling with this we’ve put some Pandora on there you got a 3-month Pandora premium with a free 60 day trial Rooker fitness all-inclusive 170 495 if you try to pick this up anywhere else it’s gonna be double that price of the 59 so it’s gonna be at least 119 and we have it at half price so you can basically buy two for what you could buy one anywhere else so I don’t know why you wouldn’t do that but let me tell you you can use both features a lot of people love you know lean on one feature more than the other they love the Alexus so they use it more for that other people love the fact that it turns any TV into a smart TV and it’s easy to navigate I love that it take that it’s both and it’s a little tiny little cube footprint so if you’ve seen the other you know I’m the Alexa’s and the other devices that you can buy you’ll notice they’re a little bit larger this is a little bit more compact and small that’s why it’s called the cube but it’s still it’ll do all that you want it to do and it’s so much fun to install it take seconds and then when the first time you talk to it you’re like that really works that’s really cool it’s where we are with technology so we the lowest price anywhere and ice and I said before 50% off any other retailer in the market we give you the exclusive voucher it’s the lowest price we’ve ever offered here at HSN and you can get it home for under 50 or just about $15 I think is what it is so yeah plus tax so get it home and try it remember you have our extended warranty today too and throughout the holidays where you can buy this and you can set it up you can use it for I guess the rest of October which is today you can use it for all of November all of December and all of January no and at the end of January if you want to return it you can do that the reason I like that is if you’re giving this as a gift maybe said hey listen so that’s such a good offer somebody else could possibly buy it for him as well so maybe you’ve got two and you don’t need to you could always return it or whatever reason just didn’t work out for you we don’t care we don’t want you for one product we want you to shop with us forever so just be happy it’s a great way to be able to get at home flex pays $15 flex pay again just means you pay for a portion you get the products not layaway where you got to wait you get the product you have three months or so to try it out and then you can return it because it’s holiday extended holiday returns get it home you’re gonna love it if you if you’re a free of Technology one of the things that I love about modern technologies that it’s it’s it’s as all the people and the manufacturers electronics know that now so they’re like we got to make this easy if there’s seven or eight cords to plug in if there’s things you need to download and and you got to go to a website and you have to get this app for that a lot of our customers won’t do that they’re just like no and my kids are kind of come over and set it up literally a couple of plugs is all you need to deal with the scene honestly your power plug in and your HDMI and this is a really nice thing as well if you’re nervous about setup or if you’re nervous you know how do I do things it’s as easy as saying Alexa open help and we’re gonna get into our help menu here let me try that one more time Alexa open help and you know you’ll notice sometimes the studio is a difficult place quite frankly to pick up sound and sometimes in your home you might even occasionally have to say it twice if it didn’t hear you it’s just not that big of a deal so it’s you know that one of the reasons it’s still the machine and it’s not a human being so it may take for free and especially with your voice my brother has one up in his house in Vermont and I noticed once while he says it twice it’s big because he’s on the other side of the planet or he doesn’t say what he wants correctly like I did earlier I asked for bluetooth instead of instead of Zoo ray but you know what I will tell you this this is my brother’s hat my brother Darren up in Vermont one of his favorite things he’s ever bought he’s like and he just bought the regular Amazon Alexa the echo he bought that and he’s like it doesn’t even controllers in his house and he says turn on lights turn on fans do a turn on music he and he just sits there like it’s them I feel like you see right no I mean that is sort of the way it feels and my point to that was gonna be you know if you go on hsn.

com you’ll see it’s all five-star reviews there’s one review that isn’t a five-star review and that was at a much higher price than love rice and that because it does work so well because of the it functions so well and so consistently and so easily one of the things I wanted to show you so we just went to this little help area there’s all of these help video so for example if you wonder how to set up the setup on it is so easy but here’s a little video this is gonna take you through everything you need to know to set it up it’s gonna talk through you know how you talk to your Lex or the kind of question the things that you can ask your Alexa I just hopped out of there one of the nice things you can do is you could say Alexa open HSN okay so being able to hop right onto HSN there’s an awful lot of live look so that’s us live right now if you wanted to look at what was recently aired look at our today’s special I was just thinking the exact same thing so that’s a really a cool thing to be able to do there’s so many different skills whether you want to order a pizza if there’s a Domino’s skills oh this is one people absolutely love this how about well tell me your favorite actor or actress let’s see I’m trying to think is it’s holiday season now so actually can you forgive her movies yeah let’s do that okay how about how about what’s the classic not the Grinch the other one now I can do it the way I’ve been doing it I can always say her name and ask but also this voice remote if you have the voice remote you can do it this is included by a lot of people windows I get yeah you get the blue even though it’s half the price and the Amazon you get the voice remote too so if you want to do something like a Christmas carol let’s see what comes up let’s see what we can watch right now you see how quick this is now people are always asking you do I have to have any subscriptions the answer is no if you have a Netflix subscription if you have an Amazon Prime subscription if you have a Hulu subscription or any of those things then you can watch all of those as well but what’s really cool it’s in fact let’s look at this this is still this would be great to take a quick look at if you want to look at Prime video or you want to look at Hulu you want to look at Netflix or HBO or the Food Channel or NBC or YouTube or shows up those are all different apps that you can watch and that you can enjoy here’s something else that’s really nice if there’s a movie that you want a lot so maybe I want to watch the troll so I’m gonna just press the little voice button here and I’m gonna say trolls so this is searching and you see it’s a quad-core processor and remember it plays back 4k so this is the best quality TV you have it’ll play as high as your quality can play ok we’re gonna watch the movie trolls right check this out it knows it’s because we’ve gotten into Netflix and we have Netflix loaded it knows that we are that we subscribe to Netflix oh it says watch Netflix now it doesn’t say I’ll read this to you for two or three dollars now you can rent movies if you don’t you know if there’s not a service or it’s not free or whatever in fact I could go over here to more ways to watch and you could rent for 399 or you could rent for $2.

99 you could do those kind of things but it’s nice isn’t it and I think this is one of the most important things is that it’s set up in such a way that it will always lead you to the least expensive way to watch anything based on subscriptions that you might have again you don’t have to have any subscriptions whatsoever but many of us have a Netflix subscription many of us are Hulu or our Prime members all of that content features in as well so like for example if you’re a Prime member and you want to watch a movie on prime you can say something like play Brad status isn’t it nice you don’t have to go search for it you don’t have to find the time for you don’t have to find the channel for it and there’s no monthly fee and I think that’s a really big thing you want and then the movie comes on for you it’s that easy hey listen we just have a handful of minutes left in the presentation so if you need to call somebody or talk to somebody you can go ahead and do that it’s gonna be on the rest of the day so you don’t necessarily have to buy in the show if you want to buy later that’s fine you have you know questions you want to ask maybe you have an electronics person you want to talk to I will tell you this no matter who you talk to no matter who they know or what they think they know nobody has the price that we have that’s just a fact it is 50% off the price anywhere else go to Amazon’s website this is twice the price we got a great deal we got a great offer and only $15 gets at home for you so grab it while you can we have reduced shipping on this and remember it’s so much it opens up so much and none of which you have to pay down the road for if you don’t want to turn your TV into a smart TV you don’t have to I mean you can get what you want you want to get a Netflix account that’s fine you want to get a Hulu you can do that those are all things you had sort of extraneously to what our offer is but we are giving you that basically little magical mer remote control which you can talk to your TV and find anything you also get your Alexa enabled speaker so you can talk to that and you can find whatever it is whether it’s your shopping list or whether we’re you know what maybe you hid your keys somewhere neat and Alexa knows where your keys are it could be turning your lights on your Christmas lights whatever it is remember we have the little four pack of those plug adapters which you plug those in and they connect with the system so that when you talk to Alexa they will turn that appliance off so whether it’s a light or a fan or a Christmas tree or or a heater whatever it is it’ll turn that off for you which is phenomenal so we’ve never offered the bundle with having both so today’s a bad day to be able to kill two birds in one Sun and you will love it it will make a great holiday gift by the way hey Kyle do we still have our $20 off the thing because I’d like to pull that up we can you got that okay how about if I just drop the price for you from 59 to 39 about 39 and all you need to do is get a new HSN credit card and then cost you nothing it’s just a credit card like any other and the ours is better because you get all this great flex pay and VIP treatment and it doesn’t cost you there’s no finance fees or anything like that you just get to break your payment’s up and sometimes longer because you’re on HSN credit card holder so take advantage of that and get it home for a fraction of the price I honestly think this is one of the best gifts if we have if we hadn’t say 10 gifts to give to put as a today’s special as easily in that it’s been knockout gift and everybody loves it who’s already owns it as you said yeah we talked to the customers it’s all five-star reviews we read the customer picks I want to tell you about something for 30 seconds and I make demos this is called net reset you know when you’re streaming video doing anything in your house using your computer your tablet your smartphone using your security cameras which connect with this by the way you want your internet to be fast and this makes your internet you plug this into the wall then you plug your modem in here and your router in here it makes your internet up to 24% faster everything in your house gets faster it also protects your modem and your Wi-Fi from viruses a lot of people didn’t know that they can get invaded but they can this clears the AP address or the IP addresses there’s about every single night and makes your internet up to 24 percent faster so I think that’s sooo anyone in America who owns Wi-Fi you’ll definitely want to check out that reset we’re gonna check out our tree firma now want you guys to see again I’m gonna do just a couple of quick demos here to finish up being able to turn things on and off is one of the cool things you can do with your device so you can say I’m Alexa turn tree off there it goes all right as a Alexa turn tree on and there’s a it’s back on pretty much I just like that another thing you can do that I love is I could say I’m Alexa add tangerines to my shopping list this is cool because this will appear on the Alexa app on your phone now so if you two of you do shopping for the home it’s easy to always add something to your shopping list that’s one of my favorite things that you can do is run something people use all the time I’m gonna switch back to home one of the things I haven’t shown you is the music and how good the speaker is Alexa play Christmas in Barcelona now I’m doing this with the television on that the TV could just as well be off because remember it has its own speaker this is an Alexa plus an Amazon 4k TV so yeah it’s a media streamer but listening to all your music and doing there’s a great spa app to listen to we have scratched the surface yeah and when you and you know what listen it’s having a personal assistant is even even if it reminds you of just a few things a day that are important to you that can make or break your day it’s worth getting this I mean penny more forgetful leaving the coffee machine on things like that remember even appliances you buy those plugs you can turn anything on it off simply by talking to it when you walk out the door isn’t it nice abilities walk into your house and go turn the TV on you know turn on to play this is us or what the lights out things a big deal to lights out they on your way out the door you can simply say turn everything off lock the door and you know everything’s off it makes life so much easier and so much more fun and so much more enjoyable if you’ve always wanted one or the other well today we give you an opportunity to get both for half the price of everywhere else this is a very limited offer we’re never gonna get this back at this price this is pretty much the last day that you’re gonna be able to find this I’m midnight tonight yeah you can probably find it if you pay a hundred and twenty dollars so why not get 50% off and take advantage but we also take advantage of our protection plus plan available in all our electronics you get hassle free protection 24/7 customer service without any deductibles I’ve just didn’t that check it out on protection plus okay so we’re offering you so many different options the next thing we’re gonna talk about when we get back from our break is how to get free TV that’s available everywhere without necessarily having cable so check it out be right back [Music].



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