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hey techdoctor how can i remote controlmy amazon firetv stick my android box my Nvidia shield all from my computer Idon’t want to root my device I don’t want to install anything and I don’twant to pay anything Wow look at this one click and I’m now remote controllingmy fire stick without plugging in any cables without installing thing I havefull access to control my fire stick or really any of the Android devices on mynetwork or for my computer and I can even use my mouse so let me startdownloader I can click on that here’s downloader I can click on her and howcan now use the keyboard and send these commands directly to my Phaistos I cantype in www.

h dr.

UK comm and we can see all of that is being sent directly to myfire stake I can then press the down arrow press ENTER I have full control ofmy Amazon device coming up right after thisif you new to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest techtutorials the latest forests take Android and Android TV tips and tricksthen please do subscribe to the notification barrel it’s a small clickfrom you but it makes a big difference to me thank you okay so let me show youthe steps how you can fully remote control your Amazon fire TV device fromyour computer and once again it doesn’t require you to install anything on toyour device no host application no TeamViewer or VNC nothing on your deviceat all we’re going to store one thing on our computer and I’ll give us fullaccess to our fire stick after that I’ll then show you how you can also remembercontrol your Android box if you have a t95 key or H 96 Mac’s or basically anydevice running Android I’ll show you I can also remote control there and againno installation needed and finally we’ll end on devices running the officialAndroid TV operating system like your Nvidia shield my xiaomi me box s orreally any device running that official operating system so for now let’s startwith the fire stick so the first thing I’m going to do when our fire stick isgo over to settings going to my fire TV and just verify you’ve got these twooptions set to on now the ADB debugging is the key one because that’s how we’regoing to interface with our device now you will see your prompt when we firstmake our connection and you will have to accept that ADB prompt on your device ifwe don’t accept that you will get an error now if for whatever reason youdon’t get that prompt it could be a case that your adbees can like in a hung stay or in a null stay and the way we fixed thatnormally as we switch off a DB and then we switch it back on again but let’s seewhat happens when we do on my device so verify you got these two things is onthen go back and the last you want to do our device is just confirmed whilecurrent IP addresses and the way we do that is go to about and going to networkand there we can see that my current IP address ends in one eight one so make anote of your IP address and then let’s jump onto the computer now for thecomputer we need to download one thing now this process also works on Mac OSand also Linux but for my demonstration I’m going to focus on Windows so we wantto do this now get to my website which is tech doctor in UK comm and let’s nowclick on downloads when you get the downloads page let’s scroll down andwe’re looking for here is an application called SCR CPU oil which basicallyscreen copy now this is a gray application developed by the Gen Ymobile team so awkward to them for creating a fantastic application whichallows us to do this so let’s scroll down and here we can see so at themoment at the time of recording I’ve got just a 64 bit but by the time this videogoes out allowed the 64 bit and also the 32 bit so make sure you get the rightversion depending on which platform you’re currently using so my device I’mgonna go for the 64 bit let’s click on that let’s scroll down and let’s clickon the green at download button and this will then download a zip file onto yourcomputer and once we have the zip file which is normally in your downloadsfolder let’s go to that now and here we can see in the Downloads folder we havethe SCR cpy win 64 version 1.

9 no we want to do then it says double click onthat to see the contents we want to drag out this folder to the root of your CDrive now the easy way we can do that is just right-click the folder click oncopy then go to your computer click on your C Drive and right click and selectpaste so this will basically copy out the contents of the zip file and pasteit into the root of your C Drive the reason why I put it at the root which isbasically top of your C Drive is when you navigate to their using command lineit just makes it easier to find because it’s at the very top level you don’tneed to navigate through subfolders to find it it’s gonna be at the top andhere we can see the folder is there so SCR cpy – 64 ok so now that we can seethe folder is there we now need to open up a command prompt in elevated mode nowthe way we do that is just took one start type in CMD which is charlieMike Delta we see the command prompt there and you have the option there runas administrator we can just right-click the command prompt and select run asadministrator let’s click on OK ok and here is the command prompt first come onwe’re going to type in is your CD backslash press enter this will take usto the top of the C Drive we then type in CD for change directory press spaceI’m going to type in s C and we can not just press tab for completion which willbasically show you all of the folders or files that start SC so let’s press thetab once and here it is so we can see SCR cpy – win 64 so let’s press ENTER onthat and we’re now in that folder we just type in dir which will show you thedirectory contents we can see all of the files in there but two key files areinterested in are the adb DX e and also the scr CP wide or XE XE meansexecutable with the file that you can runso the first come on we’re going to run is adb and tell it to connect to ourfirst egg now the way we do that is we type in a DB space connect because wewant to make a connection so we have adb space connect space and we now type inthe IP address of our device so in the example of my Phi stick we know the IPaddress is 192.



1 8-1 now without pressing space we do a colon because weneed to specify our port number now this port number basically says I want tomake a connection on to this port and ADB port is listening on port double vdouble v so we’re gonna type that same port in here five five five five andwe’re gonna press Enter now one before I press ENTER I’m gonna hope or let’s hopethat we do get the prompt if we don’t get it then I’ll have to do somethingelse but for now keep your hand on the remote control because we need to acceptthat prompt so once again it’s adb space connect space the IP address of whereyou’re trying to connect to : double v double five let’s type that inlet’s press Enter case it’s not going to start running okay we get the promptthere let’s click on OK ok so because of that prompt we now havea connection to our forest a now here although it does say fail toauthenticate if I just press the upper arrow again because I wanna type in thesame command and press ENTER again because he says it is already connectedto my device so except the connection we’ve nowestablished an ADB connection from my laptop onto my fire stake and really nowguys that’s it so if we now want to remote-control my device all I need todo now is just type in the command SCR cpy so let’s do that nowSC o c py let’s press enter within a few seconds we get will he get access to our50 guys and now we can see hey if I press down we can see that moves uplet’s down again now we can see out the box when I press right a few times it’sinstantaneous on the actual fire stick but here on the actual program it takesa few seconds before it refreshes now there is actually a fix for that we canactually reduce the resolution of this window to give us better performance nowthe way we do that is if I just close this down now we want to run the samecommand again which is SCR CPU wire but we’re going to run it with a switchwhich is a parameter before we run it so we’re going to type in the same commandagain space – M for mac size and we’re go for a lower resolution like 640 so 64 o so the command is SCR cpy space – M for max size 640 and there’s no spacebetween minus m and 6 for tears or one word let’s press ENTER now we can see weget a much smaller window but there’s nothing stopping us actually expandingit so as I expand that I bear now the big benefit of this is as we can seehere it’s a lot more responsive so I mean yes it doesn’t look as nice asbefore but if you just want a remote control your device if you’re trying tohelp you know somebody or troubleshoot something it’s more than adequate for usto actually take control and we can now use our keyboard and mouse and manageour fire stick the other thing we can do is actually use the mouse as previouslymentioned if you were to start something you can click on it left click and thatstarts the application now the right button actually functions as the back soif I press that you see press back button again to exit press it again soyou can use a but seriously guys how good is that without actually installinganything onto our device here we can now fully remote controller from ourcomputer I think that’s pretty impressive especially it doesn’t requireany kind of route or special privileges on your device so if you do think it’sgood please do remember to Like share and subscribe because that really is thebest way to help me out ok so we’ve done this on a fire sticklet me now try this on an Android box like the t95 Q ok soto pull Android device the first we’re gonna do is go to settings scroll downgoing to about throw down again click on build a few times until you get themessage that you are now a developer so we can see already done on my device butbasically on enable developer option so keep clicking on that until it says youare now developer then press back on the remote let’s now go to developer optionsinside developer options scroll down and just confirm you have USB debuggingenabled on your device now the last thing we want to do is just confirm whatour current IP address is let’s do that now and here we can you see my currentIP address for my hundred device ends in 170 and that’s all we need guys let’sback out of this back again let’s now go over to my device okay so let’s closethis down first because this is the connection to the forest stake let’sclose that down we now need to make a new ADB connection to my Android devicebecause we previously had the connection for the forest ink we want to nowterminate that connection so we can establish a new one and the command forthat is just adb space kill – server this will then break the connectionbecause that’s now done and we now want to issue a brand new command which isgonna be the same commands before but we’re going to put in the IP address ofour android box so once again that’s adb space connect on a Windows device youcan press the up arrow which will then cycle through the previous commandsyou’ve typed in so here’s a previous command I had which was ADB connect andIP address of my fire stake I’m just going to change the IP address from oneeight one two one seven oh and let’s see if we then get a prompt on our device solet’s type that in and press Enter okay so there’s adb starting okaythere’s a prompt dead you wanna accept that prompted let’s click on OK okay soif not accepted the adb prompt let’s go back here again and again weget the fail to authenticate message but let’s ignore that and let’s now onceagain type in SCR cpy and we’ll use the same switches before which is minus M640 press Enter and within five they were here guys we are now remotecontrolling my t95 q Android box so let me make a bit bigger all right so let’spress write and weekly that’s now moving up there let me press up right let’sclick on the browser that’s now going into my browser I can now click on theweb address up here and I cannot type in a random websitelike I don’t know let’s try a tech doctor UK comm press Enterso we are now fully remote controlling our 100 box from our computer guys andwe can see that’s working absolutely fine I can use the mouse I can scrolldown with the mouse that’s working great so that’s basically the steps you needto follow if you want to do this on an Android box like 1395 Q I can lastlylet’s see what this looks like on an official box like an Nvidia shield or aXiaomi me box ok so here we have official Android TV running let’s backout of this let’s go over to settings at the top let’s scroll down and once againgo into about scroll down again and keep clicking on build until you get themessage you are developer so now we have that confirmed let’s back out this letsgo to developer options and just verify we have USB debugging enabled which wecan see is enabled once you have that confirmation let’s back out of this andhere we can see on my official Android TV box my show me me box as my currentIP address ends in one five seven so now that we have all of that confirmed let’ssee if we can now remote control our Android TV box so let’s go back to mycomputer that’s once again close the previous window to my t95 Kia let’s typein the command adb kill server that’s done let’s not happen a new ADB connectcommand and use the IP address for my Xiaomi me box s which was ending in 1 57 k let’s press enter on that and I see this works first time cases starting adbwe get the debugging prompt there let’s click on allow ok that’s now done andlet’s now type in the remote control command and see if we can now take overour Android TV box so SCRC py- m 640 and voila guys we are now remotecontrolling my shabby me box from my computer I can now use my mouse I canuse my arrow keys and I have full access to do whoever I want all for my computerguys now you can actually use this from the internet which basically means yourAndroid box could be at home or our friend’s house or your partner’s houseor your parents house and you could be remote controlling that from your houseand the way you do that is good forward port 5 5 5 5 on your router on towhatever IP address you want afford that too but that’s gonna be alittle bit too much for today’s video but guys if you’re interested in thathow you can Ford ports and remote control your Android boxes wherever youare on the internet then do leave me a comment below do leave me a like if youfound this video useful let me know what you think and I’ll hopefully catch upwith you guys real soon thanks.



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