my never-ending quest for the perfectchef’s knife continues today I’m gonna be looking at a hobo 8 inch chef’s knifestainless steel a wood looking handle looks pretty sweet this is Jeff withJeff reviews for you and my channels dedicated to reviewing mostlyas-seen-on-tv items I do some consumer gadgets other household items once in awhile I do a little bit of a DIY just cuz I think it’s a lot of fun if thatinterests you I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and clickthat Bell so you notified every time I release a video just like this one nowlet’s see if this hobo knife is any good so not too long ago I reviewed theforged in fire as seen on TV chef’s knife and I’m gonna be using this knifeto compare it to this hobo 8-inch chef’s knife but let’s do a quick unboxing Igot this off of Amazon and so I’ll put a link down in the description below ifyou’re interested in this alright just take a first look it’s actually wrappedup real nice I like the packaging that I came in it’s got a thick heavy-dutyplastic covering so if we slip that off it looks like I have another covering onand then it looks like a safety tip and we’ll just leave that safety tip on fornow so the knife boasts a hammered steel look and that’s pretty similar to theforged in fire knife see how they’re got the hammered steel look this one haswhat’s called a CAPA wood handle or couple would ka PPA andall that means is it’s a wood product it has wood in there and it’s just like aveneer but still look nice it has three rivets similar to the fortune fire knifethe knives are similar size but I will say this one is a little bigger thatactually makes me a little nervous let me see I have my my butcher block herewhere I keep my knife so I keep my fortune fire knife just like that rightso now let’s see this one real quick oh this one looks a little bigger oohit didn’t go in all the way so that’s something I think I should note rightaway it’s a little biggerthen some knives so it may not fit in your butcher block but today what we’regonna do is we’re gonna put this to the test I’m gonna compare it to the forgedin fire knife of any test of a good knife and seeing if it can slice throughsome paper all right so let’s see we got yeah I just got an ordinary sheet ofpaper I’m gonna cut away for myself let’s see what we got that was prettygood popped it right off let’s see what theforge and fire knife does a nice even size let’s say now I have to use thisone longer but let’s see anyway ready oh oh pretty impressive I’ve actually neverdone that before I just researched it and that’s how you’re supposed to tellif it’s a good knife anyway so today we’re gonna cut through some let’s seewe have some olives we have some peppers we have some celery we have some applesso we’re going to put these to the test to see which one’s better if youremember the forged in fire knife came with a little tiny paring knife and itwas about $30 for the two whereas this hobo knife here is about 22 bucks justfor the single knife so depending on what you’re looking for let’s put it tosome test and then we’ll come back and do a final review so I want to check tosee how this thing does on some vegetablesit’s supposed to be looked at pretty sharp pretty effortless it took the cutthat lets chop it up a little bit not bad there let’s try some celery celeryis always easy to cut let’s see oh yeah the weight of the blade is reallyhelpful let’s even get a really thin slice it’s pretty thin when you say youcan almost see through it and it’s funny all right cut this all of up real quicka couple of thin slices it’s really effortless I know you probably never cutan olive like this but it’s still pretty effortlessall right well smells all did pretty good job it’s a little more practicalall right an apple let’s say we’ll get a nice thin slice down it’s not bad youknow what I’m pretty impressed with it let’s see how the forged in fire knifedoes so I would love to hear from you what are your thoughts of this chef’sknife in comparison to know this chef’s knife I would love to know from you downthe comment section below let me know what your thoughts of this knife are ordo you have a knife that you think is the best night let me know in thecomment section below as we test the forged in fire knife I will say I’ve hadthis knife a little longer so let’s see look it still cuts things pretty goodalright let’s chop this up and see pretty good not bad celery or cellar iseasy to cut right let’s even go to really thin one for this one alrightthey’re too thin not bad the olive test alright let’sjust do this it’s a little harder to cut wasn’t as effortless but it still cutsthem pretty good nonetheless alright so I say those tests are all pretty goodwell you know what I forgot I forgot the Apple using the same one couple swipesthing not so bad look at that I thought you’d ever cut it that thinbut you can sow the forged in fire knife and the hobo chef’s knife Wowthose Knights are really sharp and making sure cut through some fruits andvegetables so let’s talk closer alright so this is the knife we’ve beenreviewing today it’s made of a high carbon Japanese steel steel I think it’sa US 10 which is like they consider a super steel so it’sreally really strong this is also made up of a stainless steel and it’s alsoreally really strong I will say the weight of the two they’re pretty muchthe same although I do think this one’s a little heavier what I like about thisone is the actual grip you see how this has a space here for you whereas thisone’s not as far and this one the blade here is thinner and that to me I don’treally like whereas if I look at this one it’s a thicker piece so I feel likeit’s more sturdy right the weight of it is great for chopping things or slicingthings or dicing things for me the price of this one right here sells mana right22 dollars for just this one or I can spend 30 bucks and get this knife withthis one which I never ever even used a con for this one is it was it’s kind ofbig I’m gonna end up getting like a magnet or so to be able to hang thesebut as I’m looking if I say buy or deny on this I would say I would do this oneas a buy it’s a pretty good product it’s heavy duty um it gets the job done and Ilike the way that it looks this is Jeff with Jeff reviews for you as alwaysthanks for stopping by have a great day thanks for stickingaround for my entire review of the forged in fire vs.

hobo 8-inch chef’sknife as you can see I like to both and just depending on your preference if youwant that other little knife I’d say they’re both a great deal and I thinkyou’d like them both anyway recently I did a review of the interior electricsmokeless grills and a seen on TV product I’m gonna link it right up hereI would love it if you would go and check it out and click on this linkright up here I’ll see you over there.



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