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When you’re cutting out cable TV and switching to all streaming services, it’s really all about this saving money that’s from the services. You’re using whether it’s Hulu or Netflix or sling or Playstation view or whatever to the hardware itself. I tell you I’ve always kind of shied away from those $50 dreaming sticks. Because you generally get what you pay for right. This is something I’m gonna use a lot. I don’t mind paying a little extra money for a little extra hardware, but then again, we now have the new amazon fire tv. It’s $69 and I tell you it’s really close to being the perfect dongle for just about anybody.

Let’s go take a look. Okay so here it is the duo amazon fire tv. Here’s what you need to know. It’s a dongle that hides behind your TV, but it still needs a power cord now. I’ve been able to plug mine into the TV itself, but you may need a wall outlet. So it ticks off most of the technical boxes. It does the 4k resolution thing and HDR 10 which makes colors pop even more that does Dolby Atmos for audio. If you’re into that now, the only major miss here is Dolby vision which is a fancier and proprietary version of HDR. The fire TV just doesn’t support it and don’t expect it to be added later at least in this model now two more misses here. There’s no microSD card anymore on this thing. So that means you’re stuck with about five gigabytes of storage onboard for things like apps and movies and games and stuff and maybe the bigger one for a lot of you, is that there’s no Ethernet port built in for that you’re gonna need to buy a $15.00 adapter from Amazon. That’s just one more thing to plug in. Now internet speed is kind of the key to this whole streaming thing. Especially if you’re gonna start doing 4k in HDR, it’s more bytes and bits. You just need faster data now. I get about three times faster when I’m plugged in on my network versus on Wi-Fi. Your network may welt vary the good news. Here is that the different services can have different ideas about how all this works right. Amazon actually has kind of low standards when it comes to speed and HDR and 4k content. Netflix has its own thing. By the way you have to have a special Netflix plan if you want to do HDR in 4k. So your mileage may vary a little bit. You’re gonna have to read the fine print. But at the end of the day, if you want to plug this thing in. You’re gonna need the adapter. How’s that disappointing yeah. But remember this, we’re still expecting another Amazon fire TV box sometime later this year hasn’t been announced yet but I’m willing to bet it’ll have an Ethernet port oh by the way the remote control is almost exactly the same on this new fire TV the internals are a little different but it looks the same it works the same and yes it also controls Amazon Alexa so now your TV can control all the things and answer all your questions because Alexa is everywhere let’s talk software we’ve got a new version of the fire OS here it’s fire OS 6.0. It’s based on Android 7.1.2 which doesn’t really mean a whole lot in the way that you’re gonna use it. Everything looks and acts pretty much the same app. Developers will get some new toys to play with picture, and picture pause rewind things like that. I don’t actually see any of that working yet. So stay tuned. I guess otherwise. You’ve got access to the same old Amazon content movies apps games. I still use HD home run to get my over-the-air antenna in here. And by the way, there’s new version of that out now that has four tutors in it, one, two, three, four tuners. So, you can stream to four different devices in your home at once. That’s a big deal. I’ll have a link down below in the description. If you want to pick one of those up, highly recommend it. I tell you the only real complaint. I have here isn’t actually about fire TV. It has to do with the PlayStation View app itself. It was slow on the old Amazon fire TV. It’s slow on this one is that Play stations fault is it what sahn’s fault. I don’t care somebody needs to fix it. So that’s it in a nutshell. You’ve got a pretty good streaming dongle that the most part does pretty much everything. It’s got 4k resolution. It’s got HDR 10 remember does Dolby Atmos for sound if that’s important to you. It’s got all of the Amazon stuff that you could possibly want. If you don’t want the Amazon stuff, if you have to have Apple stuff, or maybe Google stuff, or whatever then maybe it’ll be time to look elsewhere. So all in all, not a bad little dongle 4k HDR 10 Dolby Atmos. All the Amazon stuff, most of the apps you could ever possibly want. I tell you if you’re really just looking to watch stranger things in a nice easy way with a few of the extra bells and whistles. You could definitely do a lot worse.

That’s it for the new fire TV. If you haven’t already. Let me know down in the comments. If you want to say hi or yell at me or whatever catch you next time.



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