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channels free to watch movies free to watch your favorite television shows well there is a way to do that and we’re gonna show you how to do that right now because we have a package this is another today’s special so just like our auric was the today’s special the Samantha brown is the today’s special today’s special means a limited time price on something it’s a one-day only value so this today’s special number 2 is incorporating two great products you’re going to be learning all about it it’s under $70 unbelievable price for this under it’s already a customer pick we’ve sold this at a much higher price so for under $70 it’s on flex pay you’re doing 1780 on flex pay we’ll send it home to you and you will see it’s super easy to install but most importantly it changes the way you pay for television start there it’sit’sit’s puts money back in your pocket because once you own it you spend your $70 you’re done you don’t have to pay a monthly renewal whatever so you own it and you get to enjoy huge savings and still get to watch your favorite shows and aaron berger’s here to get us all the details on this how nice for $70 for 69.

95 I love this destroying how much entertainment this brings in your house like you said you don’t have to pay to watch TV I mean a lot of people don’t understand and we’ll get to that in a minute with the antenna free local channels 94 out of the top 100 television shows in America are on free broadcast TV every day so if you’re paying to watch television you really don’t have to you certainly don’t have to for every television in your house before we get to that though I want to show you guys the fire TV stick I’ve got to tell you this little product so this allows you acts instant access to over 500, 000 movies and television shows and songs and apps and games basically it takes your your television and not only allows you to watch anything you want to watch any air favorite actors any of your favorite actress it sort of turns it into a tablet as well because there’s so many apps that you can do in your back because of the internet so this is what happened great question you plug this into your TV everybody asks what do I need hmm and by the way you’ll be able to watch ESPN and Netflix and Hulu and all that I mean all of these incredible you need a television that has an HDMI port okay okay and you need Wi-Fi in your house that’s it basically it just streams everything from the Internet to your television and I want to show you how easy it is to use this is one of the keys anybody who doesn’t have isn’t streaming or using a streaming on the television funny I think that I think a lot of young people understand this like Mike my children in their homes they do not have cable boxes in their homes I’m sure they you know they don’t they don’t want to pay too 300 a month you don’t have to understand so they stream they get it so the rest of us kind of it’s like I I’ve only sold this with you once before and I was having a major light bulb I’m like oh wait a minute I don’t need all four we have four boxes boxes it’s expensive it really is we’re spending too much for that when you can actually be getting the same things on your TV for free and you can have instant access to so many things as well so okay Colleen favorite actor/actress or one of your favorite see how about let’s go with Tom Hanks is easy this is all voice-activated so you don’t have to type his name and I can just say Tom Hanks oh this is gonna freak you out okay so now Tom Hanks is one of your favorites great then we can watch the post we can watch the terminal we could watch solely boy that was a great movie we went to Cloud Atlas we can watch the circle we could watch inferno on and we could watch so going back a little while we could watch Turner and hooch or the Larry Crown Affair we could even watch Forrest Gump find out exactly where old Forrest Gump is so we could go right to Forrest Gump you could rent that right now 399 to rent that but here’s one of the things I want to point out many of us have services like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime if you have any of those services this will always lead you to the free way to watch it first so okay sure you pay a couple bucks to watch some movies that sort of thing but there’s so many again if you’re if you subscribe to any of the many many services eight nine ten dollars a month for Netflix so like the Black Panther was a huge one of the biggest movies of last year right Black Panther so Black Panther is gonna come up here you’ll see it any notice how quick it is it’s because it’s made like quad courts it really technology is amazing when you just kinda stick step back in thing so we go okay I want to watch the Black Panther so I hit enter well the very first thing this does it doesn’t say oh okay you can rent that from Amazon for $4 it says you it knows that we have Netflix because Netflix is installed you want to watch right now on Netflix that’s the very first thing we can do let’s watch now on Netflix this is gonna take us to our netflix page and we can watch it for free wow that’s also it always knows the least expensive way for you to watch anything and it’s where it always takes you first you see there isn’t that cool it really you know this is a very special offer today because it’s a new way for all of us to get to watch and enjoy movies television your favorite shows your local news all of that you will now be able to get and once you buy it now obviously the the pay-per-view movies you still have to pay to view the movie but for all intents and purpose you’re not paying for this to be streamed into your home that’s exactly it’s a really good point because there’s hundreds of thousands of free things you can watch all the time like a media streamer but then there’s in the past there’s been one other thing so great and if you’re a Netflix member or Hulu member a Prime member you don’t have to be members of any of that you don’t through members of anything right to really enjoy exactly media stick but then there’s been this other part people said okay but what about my local channels or what about local news what about local sports what about local weather well that’s where the antenna comes in see we put two things together to make this a complete package did you realize that everyday in your home right now there are high-definition ABC high-definition NBC high-definition CBS high-definition Fox all of the major broadcast channels are in most people’s home with this antenna picks up within a 55 mile radius so if there’s a tower within 55 miles of where you live do you realize the things that you’re paying to watch right now if you’re paying for dish or desk or table or whatever you could be watching those things for free every day people are sort of forgotten remember when we used to use antennas right they didn’t look like this did they technology has leaps and bounds literally just a couple of years on your roof or a big contraption on top of your TV right you don’t have to do that any right so the point is this guy right here brings all of those channels into your house for free 94 out of the top 100 shows that Americans watched today 94 of those are on free broadcast channels every week yet so many of us are paying hundreds of dollars to watch any of any of those things are on FOX NBC ABC CBS shows we shouldn’t be paying for that no you just screw this into your television in fact I’m gonna show you in a minute how to set up you literally screw it in to your television put it on the wall or put it above your TV you’re done that’s brilliant it’s absolutely brilliant so if you or someone you love would could be enjoying I mean you get HSN right in order to get HSN QVC you don’t we’ll be there for free if you order this today for $69.

95 you do your first flex payment one of those flex pays here I think we’re coming home for you at $17.

50 so one payment we send both home to you so you get the fire stick included and you get that amazing 55 mile radius antenna also included so to I mean Aaron has you covered here and that’s the beauty of this package is it we get everything we need and air is gonna show us how easy this is to install cuz that’s the key here you showed us a fire stick is basically I get in right right it’s plug-and-play but the antenna also is very easy assembly it’s just as easy in fact I’m gonna show you both really quickly I know it if you’re kind of at home digesting this right now going okay wait a minute I can have access to half a million shows if I watch Netflix I can now watch netflix on my big TV but what to Lou if I watch prime any of my favorite actors and actresses I can say their name I can navigate it all by voice that sounds pretty good and then I can watch ABC CBS NBC for free in high-definition up to 4k I understand that it takes a minute but the reason it’s a customer pick on hsn.

com is people like you have kind of been flipping by and going with this it sounds too good to be true but I wanted to try it anyway you should you the money that you save in the entertainment that’s brought to you is extraordinary in the ease of setup so this is your aunt up antenna on top of the number one manufacturer of antennas in America so they manufacture make more antennas than anybody they’re just extraordinary they’re extraordinary this antenna has a cable on it okay so that’s just a coaxial cable you screw it in to your television okay right you got that so far so good this it’s actually an amplified it’s a powered antenna which is what makes the reception on it’s so great so there’s a little plug that you put in here and you plug this into the wall we include that plug of course and the cool thing about that is if you’ve had trouble receiving signals where you are in the past this boosts what are called your ultra high frequency and very high frequency channels so that even some of the lower numbers on the dial which can not just kind of depending on if you live in the country if you live in the city this will make sure that everything is amplified so you have a clearer picture so that’s your antenna and then here’s how you set up ready for this that’s gonna go real fast here’s how you set up your firestick HD boom you plug it in and then the same thing you’ll also power this there’s a little cable it’ll go right into your USB that’s it now you have all kinds of frequent you have more programs in a higher definition than you could ever watch so is that exciting you know think of right now do you have a TV somewhere in the house that you either you don’t have cable in the room you don’t want to pay for – perhaps somebody come and drill holes through the wall and buy the box and do all of that stuff right and again when you have those boxes you’re renting them actually right you have to get them back and it’s a whole situation I mean this is brilliant because you’re getting both you’re getting everything that you need so you’re getting the amazon firetv stick that’s 4k with Alexa you saw you can now talk to your television and then you’re also getting the 55 mile antenna both items coming home to you for one your first flex payment of $17.

50 so anywhere where you want to be able to watch your shows television in your home and not have to pay for it let’s start there but on top of that or just don’t you know have you don’t have access a lot of people don’t have cable wired to every room in there right you have a guest bedroom or people ask about boats they ask about RVs and vacation homes or carpets people talk about having an air B&B you know and they don’t want to pay to have services all the time I’ve seen a lot of Airbnb ease and a lot of those kind of this is the setup that all of those because it’s the most backyard deck backyard patio give backyard bar and you want to be able to watch sports and watch things out there this is brilliant who’s putting cable boxes out there now this are a hundred percent I mean it is the way that everyone will do their entertain you we’re kind of on the front edge here everyone will enjoy their entertainment this way I think very soon those who don’t already and people ask well do I have to get rid of my cable do I have to get rid of my dish or my desk no you certainly don’t have to you can but this can be extra I mean what I do is I take my stick with me everywhere so like you know even when I travel when I go home to my mom’s it when I plug it in it’s good it has because I’m a member of Netflix and I’m a member of Prime and I’m a member of Hulu I have access to all of those things even when I travel what a great idea that’s one of the really nice thing you don’t leave your entertainment by if you’re gonna be in a hotel room you don’t pay 20 bucks to see a movie you take your stick with you it connects to the Wi-Fi no smart and you’re good to go here’s the other thing you mentioned we talked briefly about I’m this having Alexa built in well that means this answers all your questions too so you can you know something like what’s the weather all the functions you have on the Amazon echo and all the functions that you have on your berries Amazon devices hitting maybe you actually want to leave the house to see a movie after you’ve been I don’t know why you ever would but if you did you could say something like what movies are playing so these are just movies that are playing in this area right now I can get more information on any of them um maybe I want to know I do this a lot in the morning before I go to work I just say what’s my commute it knows where I work I knows where my home is that’s the commute to my home right now there’s two different bridges this tells me which bridge to take we could spend two hours on this and I wouldn’t have time to show you everything on there are all kinds of great apps I think you could enjoy so we can go down here we can go into categories there you can watch TED Talks for free there’s finance apps there’s apps for kids there’s games there’s magazines this is for what you pay today the sort of the amount of things that you can do on this these are extraordinary and it’s never been offered like this I mean it’s for $70 $35 for the Amazon fire you can’t buy that for $35 and then $35 to the 55 mile antenna again these are not $35 items on top of that with when you shop at HSN you get to try it get it home for your first flex payment and what that means to you and that flex pay right now is what $17.

50 so that’s your first installment today we carry the balance these are interest-free monthly payments we only charge a credit card one flex payment at a time one flex payment per month so 1750 we send this home to you both items the 55 mile radius antenna and the Amazon fire stick both come on and test them out use them see what you think use it for a few weeks and get and get a feel for it see how much you like it I think you’re gonna love it it’s brilliant it really is because you have access to everything you want to watch like you said 94 out of the 100 most popular shows on TV right now you now if you’re paying to get that into your home with it with a dish with it whatever you’re doing to watch us and to watch TV right now guess what you’re paying something for that this you’re not you buy this and you own it and all that free programming is available with that anyway that I would just point out again and suggest that you read the reviews on hsn.

com when people button realize hey how much money they save me how much they love their entertainment when they have both of these items I think you’ll love it too I do to our errant thing I’m sure you’ll be back later and I’m sticking around with you for a quick look at a fire that’s right oh don’t go anywhere because the Amazon fire tablet is going to be coming up right around the corner so be on the lookout.



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